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Elemental Assassin is a series of Urban Fantasy novels written by Jennifer Estep and which follow the exploits of a magical female assassin.

Order of Elemental Assassin Series

1Spider's Bite2010Description / Buy
2Web of Lies2010Description / Buy
3Venom2010Description / Buy
4Tangled Threads2011Description / Buy
5Spider’s Revenge2011Description / Buy
6Thread of Death2012Description / Buy
7By a Thread2012Description / Buy
8Widow's Web2012Description / Buy
9Deadly Sting2013Description / Buy
10Carniepunk (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
11Kiss of Venom2013Description / Buy
12Heart of Venom2013Description / Buy
13The Spider2013Description / Buy
14Poison Promise2014Description / Buy
15Black Widow2014Description / Buy
16Spider's Trap2015Description / Buy
17Bitter Bite2016Description / Buy
18Unwanted2016Description / Buy
19Unraveled2016Description / Buy
20Nice Guys Bite2016Description / Buy
21Snared2017Description / Buy
22Venom in the Veins2018Description / Buy
23Haints and Hobwebs2018Description / Buy
24Winter’s Web (Short Story)2019Description / Buy
25Sharpest Sting2019Description / Buy
26Last Strand2021Description / Buy
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Set in the fictional city of Ashland near Tennessee, the Elemental Assassin series revolves around the character of Gin Blanco, a cold-hearted killer the people have taken to calling the Spider.

It often comes as a surprise for those who know the Spider to learn that she also runs the Pork Pit, a barbecue restaurant where she spends most of her spare time. Gin’s reputation can be imputed to the fact that she is an elemental with the power to control both Ice and Stone.

The world that Gin Blanco inhabits is home to a wide variety of supernatural creatures from dwarves to giants and even vampires. But elementals are the most powerful and the most prominent because they have the power to control aspects such as metal and fire.

Even though Gin has control over two elements, she takes pride in the fact that she makes so many of her kills using her natural abilities. Gin lost her family when she was really young. She did what she could to survive on the streets before a man called Fletcher and his son took her in.

They trained her to become an assassin, helped her hone her magical abilities and unleashed her into the world where she will kill anything that moves and breathes for the right price. Gin is supposed to be cold, unfeeling and ruthless; however, that is proven to be untrue on numerous occasions throughout the series.

In fact, many readers have complained that even though Gin keeps saying that she will kill anything for the right price, she only ever kills people that really deserve it, with her reputation as a merciless assassin only kept alive through her claims and boasts.

Gin spends the Elemental Assassin series taking on jobs that pit her against supernatural threats. A crucial aspect of her character is the pain and guilt she harbors over the death of her family, not to mention the compulsion she feels to find and kill the people responsible.

Fletcher, the man who trained Gin, and his son, play a crucial role in the assassin’s life. There’s also Donovan Caine, an honest detective who technically hates Gin for her murderous ways, even though neither individual can ignore their attraction for one another.

Best Elemental Assassin Books

The Elemental Assassin series has been praised for its unique magic system and intricate world-building, with some of the best titles in the series including:

Web of Lies: Gin Blanco is the Spider, a ruthless assassin feared all across the South. Gin is technically retired. However, she cannot seem to steer clear of trouble. Trouble, in this case, finds her at the Pork Pit, the restaurant she operates.

First, she comes across a pair of punks looking to rob her barbecue joint. If that wasn’t ludicrous enough, a hail of bullets tears into the restaurant. Normally, that would cause Gin to worry.

But the gunfire wasn’t actually meant for her. An evil tycoon has set his sights on Violet and her grandfather’s property. Gin promised to help protect them but she’s starting to realize that accomplishing that objective might involve dipping her toes back into the world she thought she had left behind.

Meanwhile, Detective Donovan Caine doesn’t know what to do with his feelings for Gin. His honor code won’t let him forgive Gin’s murderous ways, and yet he cannot ignore his attraction to her.

Heart of Venom: Gin and Sophia have known each other for a while. Sophia isn’t just Gin’s friend. She’s the person Gin turns to when she needs a body to disappear. So when Sophia is threatened, Gin makes it her mission to keep her safe.

This is as her romance with Owen takes an interesting turn.

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What Is The Next Book in The Elemental Assassin Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Elemental Assassin Series. The newest book is Last Strand and was released on March, 16th 2021.


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