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“Black Blade” is a series of YA fantasy series written by paranormal and urban fantasy author Jennifer Estep. The first novel of the series was the 2015 published “Cold Burn of Magic” that introduced Lila the lead protagonist of the series.

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Order of Black Blade Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Cold Burn of Magic ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2015 Description / Buy
2 Dark Heart of Magic ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Bright Blaze of Magic ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2016 Description / Buy
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Lila Merriweather the lead in the Black Blade series is a seventeen year old thief from Cloudburst Falls. Cloudburst Falls is a haven for tourists who come from all over the globe to see its copper crushers, tree troll monsters, magic themed attractions and shops. Due to its wide variety of beautiful quirky attractions, the town has often been called America’s most magical place. Lila is gifted with transference magic and sight, which means that the more magic she does the stronger she gets. Lila’s town is controlled by the mobs and families which she is always avoiding by staying off the grid. She makes a living by taking on odd jobs her friend a pawn broker will sometimes have.

“Cold Burn or Magic” the first novel of the series introduces Lila who lives in America’s most magical place yet does not think it is. She went to some boring high school but it is the rival families and their feuds and the many monsters that pop up all over town that make it more interesting. She tries to keep out of the way of any conflict living in the basement of the municipal library with her mother’s bloodiron sword as her only weapon. Nonetheless, she has some talents she is keeping hidden that include lock picking and light fingers.

But then a family feud spills over the pawn shop belonging to her friend and she has to make a hard decision – watch her friend die if she does nothing, or get involved. She soon realizes that noble as her choice was, it may just have been the wrong one as she is now stuck trying to help Devon Sinclair and putting herself in danger. She may just end up like her mother that was killed by the Families. “Cold Burn or Magic” is an explosive novel that shows why Jennifer Estep has a reputation as one of the finest paranormal fiction authors to emerge in the recent past.


Dark Heart of Magic: The second novel of the series is an absolute must read title. Lila is sticking to the shadows just as she has always done, until she learns that she is to compete at the Tournament of Blades as ordered by the patriarch of the Sinclair family. It is dangerous to come out like this, but she cannot get out of it. She is competing against Devon Sinclair who believes that she is poised to win what he believes is nothing more than a friendly contest. But then a series of mysterious accidents besets the competition, and soon everyone is thinking that maybe someone is prepared to do anything to win. Lila is starting to realize that humans may at times be more monstrous than the real monsters.

Blaze of Magic: The third novel of the series is another that has become very popular with readers. Lila prides herself on three skills: uncovering secrets, getting in and out unseen, and staying hidden. The Sinclair family have her in their employ helping them run the economic activities of Cloudburst Falls. It is no secret that Victor Draconi is on a quest to conquer all families in town and annihilate the Sinclairs. But Lila is onto the man, and will never let him hurt the people she cares and loves, particularly not since he killed her mother.

Cold Burn of Magic: The first of the series is definitely a must read novel in the Black Blade series. Introducing the lead character and the nasty family feuds that rule her small town, this is one excellent narrative that produces some of the best thrills in the series.


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What Is The Next Book in The Black Blade Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Black Blade Series. The newest book is Bright Blaze of Magic and was released on April, 26th 2016.

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