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Jefferson Bass is the pseudonym of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, a renowned pathologist and a writer. These two authors have collaborated in two nonfiction books as well as six crime novels. The seventh novel by Jefferson Bass was published in the year 2002. They are best known for the Body Farm series.

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Order of Body Farm Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Carved in Bone ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Flesh and Bone ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2007 Description / Buy
3 The Devil's Bones ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2008 Description / Buy
4 Bones of Betrayal ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2009 Description / Buy
5 The Bone Thief ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2010 Description / Buy
6 The Bone Yard ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2011 Description / Buy
7 The Bones of Avignon / The Inquisitor's Key (By: Jefferson Bass) 2012 Description / Buy
8 Cut to the Bone ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2013 Description / Buy
9 The Breaking Point ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2015 Description / Buy
10 Without Mercy ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Body Farm Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 Madonna and Corpse (Short Story) ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Jordan's Stormy Banks (Short Story) ( By: Jefferson Bass) 2013 Description / Buy
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Body Farm Awards

The Body Farm book series is yet to be nominated for any major literary award.

Body Farm Books into Movies

The Body Farm has been adapted into a television series and features Keith Allen and Tara Fitzgerald.

Best Body Farm Books

Carved to the Bone: This is the first installment in the Patrick Bowers book series, where Deliverance meets CSI. As the first book in the series, carved to the bone not only begins but also ends at the farm, despite the fact that most of the action takes place throughout Tennessee. In this book, we meet with our hero, Dr. Brockton, as he stabs corpse while trying to unsuccessful stab through a corpse, to recreate a wound.

Apart from Dr. Brockton, we also meet one Deputy Williams who encourages Dr. Brockton to accompany him, so that they can go and take a look at a mummified body deep within a cave. The body has remained untouched for more than 25 years. Despite the fact that it was exceedingly easy to identify the sex of the victim, it proved to be hard to establish the identity of the woman as well as the main reason why she was strangled to death.

Instead of solving these mysteries within the safe confines of his lab, Dr. Brockton finds himself at the center of an exceedingly violent whirl of backwoods law, dope smuggling, family feuds, cock fighting, and many others. Furthermore, apart from the outer turmoil, the great doctor is also dealing with his guilt and grief over the death of his beloved wife, which in turn wraps up his relationship with his son and a majority of the women that he works with.

Flesh and Bone: As the second book in the Body Farm book series, Flesh and Bone picks up from where Carved to the Bone, had left off. The book begins as the protagonist, Dr. Bill Brockton goes on with his day to day activities at the farm. As expected, Flesh and Bone is exceedingly interesting especially to readers who may somehow be interested in the grisly aspects of the body. Flesh and Bone has two different plotlines. The first plotline revolves around the murder of an exceedingly young man. In this case, the protagonist believes that hate crime may have led to the killing of the young man. The second plotline was a little bit random. With that being said, Flesh and Bone provide the author, Patrick Bowers with an interesting character development and also illuminates a lot what type of a person he is.

The Devil’s Bone: The third book in the Body Farm book series. The book begins right after a car accident, which claimed the life of a young woman. As usual, the protagonist, Dr. Brockton, begins with his experiments on corpses, to find out exactly how fire can destroy bone and flesh. As this happens, an acquaintance has issues with the ashes of his aunt. Thus, he approaches Dr. Brockton and asks him to assist him in discovering why there were some discrepancies in the remains when compared to that of a normal person. The first step that Dr. Brockton takes is heading to the crematorium where the cremation took place. The main reason why he visits the crematorium is to establish the acceptable way of conducting the procedure.

With that said, the Devils Bone is full of highly interesting forensics information, which relayed through Brockton as well as Miranda, his assistant. Readers might find The Devils Bones a little bit distracting since it moves from one case to the other.

Other Book Series That You Like

The “Temperance Brennan” book series is another exhilarating suspense novel. Speaking in Bones is the first book in the series and introduces the readers to the protagonist, Temperance Brennan, a protagonist who is drawn into the world of dangerous beliefs and dark secrets. Professionally, Temperance Brennan, tests, analyses before identifying. Despite having a highly successful career, Brenan personal life is still in a mess. Detective Andrew Ryan is deeply in love with Brennan, but Brennan, on the other hand, is uncertain as to whether she wants to get married or not. However, before she could even respond to the proposal, she is given a murder case to work on.

What Is The Next Book in The Body Farm Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Body Farm Series. The newest book is Without Mercy and was released on October, 4th 2016.

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