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Janet Daley was a prolific romance writer, who was widely known for her bestselling novels such as the Calder Saga series. Dailey’s books have been translated into more than 15 languages and have also sold more than 15 million copies. Janet Daley’s novels are characterized by exceedingly strong and decisive characters and also a strong sense of place and time. Like most authors, Janet Dailey used her novels to confront controversial and important social issues.

Order of Calder Saga Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 This Calder Sky 1981 Description / Buy
2 This Calder Range 1982 Description / Buy
3 Stands A Calder Man 1983 Description / Buy
4 Calder Born, Calder Bred 1983 Description / Buy
5 Calder Pride 1999 Description / Buy
6 Green Calder Grass 2002 Description / Buy
7 Shifting Calder Wind 2003 Description / Buy
8 Calder Promise 2004 Description / Buy
9 Lone Calder Star 2005 Description / Buy
10 Calder Storm 2006 Description / Buy
11 Santa In Montana 2010 Description / Buy

Order of Calder Brand Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Calder Brand 2021 Description / Buy
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Born 21 May 1944 in Storm Lake, Iowa, Janet Dailey’s father was an elementary school teacher while her mother was a hairdresser. From a very tender age, Janet Dailey fell in love with books. Her dream was to become a published author. As she was growing up, Janet was encouraged by her three sisters who used to read stories to her. At the age of four, Janet Dailey obtained her very own library card.

After graduating from high school in the year 1962, Janet Dailey, then went ahead to work as a secretary in a construction firm. Later on in the year 1964, Janet got married to the owner of the construction firm. In the year 1974, the couple decided to sell their business and retired. The money that they obtained from selling the construction firm was used to purchase a Silver Steamer Trailer.

Calder Saga Awards

None of the books in the Calder Saga Awards has been nominated for any major literary award.

Calder Saga Books into Movies

None of the books in the Calder Saga Awards has been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Calder Saga Books

The Calder Saga book series is made up of 11 books. One of the best books in the Calder Saga Awards is This Calder Saga.

This Calder Saga: The first book in the Calder Saga book series, a tale of the old west when the cattle were regarded as the king. In this book, the author, Janet Dailey introduces the readers to Benteen Calder, who is the heir to his fathers ran on the vest Montana and his dreams. Lorna, Benteen’s wife, has no option but to rather take the rough way of the land. Just like any other romance novel, this installment has all those exceedingly familiar and do-overs to the putty bride to the Yankee Banker. Benteen’s dream had always been to hold an exceedingly big ranch in Montana. Benteen Calder, the main character was more than determined to make the same mistakes that his father did with one, Judd Boston. Lorna, on the other hand, realized that she should be exceedingly stronger if she were going to be successful in this life.

Bull Giles, on the other hand, wants something that is in Benteen’s possession, his wife. This, in turn, drives Benteen exceedingly crazy. It does not take long before Bull eventually becomes Lorna’s friend, even after learning that he does not feel the same way he did towards him. Lady Crawford is Benteen’s biological mother. She eventually becomes an exceedingly powerful ally in his life. Judd Boston, on the other hand, is more than determined to have what Benteen has in his possession, lost of land and even from time to time, tries to get his hands onto the land.

Stands a Calder Man: Benteen and his wife Lorna are partners, who are in charge of the Calder Cattle Company. Webb, their son, fights in silent with Calder about being the heir. Despite the fact Webb does not want to be like his father, he still understands his point of view, and also what his father stands for. Lorna is hopeful that her son is going to settle down soon with one Ruth Stanton. Webb eventually meets with one, Lillian Reisner, unware that Lillian is married to a farmer. Ever since the day that he met her, Webb could not simply get Lilli out of his mind, irrespective as to how his mother tries to push Lilli towards him. Are the farmers going to succeed? Is Webb going to accept the feeling that he has towards Lilli?

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What Is The Next Book in The Calder Saga Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Calder Saga Series. The newest book is Santa In Montana and was released on January, 1st 2010.

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