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Janet Dailey was a well-established writer who has penned more than 20 novels, which have been featured on the best sellers list of New York Times. Dailey’s books have been translated into more than 15 languages and sold approximately 300 million copies. Exceedingly decisive and strong characters and a strong sense of place and time characterize Janet Dailey’s novels. Janet Dailey used her stories to confront exceedingly controversial and important social issues. Born Janet Haradon, in Storm Lake Ohio, to a hairdresser mother and an elementary school teacher, Janet has always been an avid reader and an aspiring writer. Encouraged by her three sisters, who used to read her stories, she managed to obtain a library card at a very tender age. She was raised in an exceedingly small and rural town in America. A majority of her books have all been set in a rural setting.

Order of Aspen Series

# Read Title Published
1 Aspen Gold 1991
2 Illusions 1997

Order of The Tylers of Texas Series

# Read Title Published
1 Texas True 2014
2 Texas Tough 2015

Order of A Cowboy Christmas Series

# Read Title Published
1 Long, Tall Christmas 2015

Order of New Americana Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sunrise Canyon 2016

Order of Calder Saga Series

Order of Americana Series

# Read Title Published
1 Savage Land 1974
2 Darling Jenny 1974
3 Fire and Ice 1975
4 Land Of Enchantment 1975
5 After The Storm (Short Story) 1975
6 Boss Man from Ogallala 1975
7 Show Me 1976
8 The Homeplace 1976
9 Dangerous Masquerade 1976
10 Valley of the Vapours 1976
11 A Lyon's Share (Short Story) 1976
12 Dangerous Masquerade (Short Story) 1976
13 Night of the Cotillion (Short Story) 1976
14 Valley of the Vapours (Short Story) 1976
15 A Lyon's Share (Short Story) 1976
16 Six White Horses (Short Story) 1977
17 The Widow and the Wastrel 1977
18 Big Sky Country (Short Story) 1977
19 The Matchmakers (Short Story) 1977
20 Reilly's Woman 1977
21 The Indy Man 1977
22 Bluegrass King 1977
23 Big Sky Country (Short Story) 1977
24 The Indy Man (Short Story) 1977
25 To Tell the Truth 1977
26 Sonora Sundown 1978
27 Summer Mahogany (Short Story) 1978
28 The Bride of the Delta Queen 1978
29 Giant of Mesabi (Short Story) 1978
30 Green Mountain Man (Short Story) 1978
31 Beware Of The Stranger (Short Story) 1978
32 Low Country Liar (Short Story) 1978
33 Tidewater Lover 1978
34 Bed of Grass 1979
35 Kona Winds 1979
36 That Boston Man 1979
37 Strange Bedfellow 1979
38 Sentimental Journey (Short Story) 1979
39 A Land Called Deseret (Short Story) 1979
40 For Mike's Sake 1979
41 Heart of Stone (Short Story) 1980
42 Wild and Wonderful 1980
43 The Mating Season 1980
44 Southern Nights 1980
45 Lord Of The High Lonesome 1980
46 Enemy In Camp 1980
47 Southern Nights (Short Story) 1980
48 The Thawing of Mara 1980
49 Difficult Decision (Short Story) 1980
50 That Carolina Summer (Short Story) 1981
51 With a Little Luck 1981
52 A Tradition Of Pride 1981
53 Dakota Dreamin' (Short Story) 1981
54 With a Little Luck (Short Story) 1981
55 The Travelling Kind 1981
56 Northern Magic 1982
57 One of the Boys 1983

Order of Bannon Brothers Series

# Read Title Published
1 Trust 2011
2 Honor 2012
3 Triumph 2013

Order of Cord & Stacy Series

# Read Title Published
1 No Quarter Asked 1974
2 Fiesta San Antonio 1977
3 For Bitter or Worse 1978
4 A Land Called Deseret 1979

Order of Janet Dailey Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Sweet Promise 1976
2 Something Extra (Short Story) 1976
3 To Santa With Love 1977
4 The Master Fiddler 1977
5 The Ivory Cane (Short Story) 1977
6 For Mike`s Sake 1979
7 Touch the Wind 1979
8 The Rogue 1979
9 Ride The Thunder 1980
10 Nightway 1980
11 The Hostage Bride 1981
12 For the Love of God 1981
13 The Lancaster Men 1981
14 Eve's Christmas 1982
15 Terms Of Surrender 1982
16 Mistletoe and Holly 1982
17 Wildcatter's Woman 1982
18 The Second Time 1982
19 Boss Man From Ogallala 1982
20 Terms of Surrender 1982
21 The Best Way to Lose 1983
22 Foxfire Light 1983
23 Silver Wings, Santiago Blue 1984
24 The Pride of Hannah Wade 1984
25 Searching For Santa 1984
26 Leftover Love 1984
27 The Glory Game 1985
28 The Great Alone 1986
29 Heiress 1987
30 Travelling Kind 1987
31 Rivals 1988
32 Masquerade 1990
33 Tangled Vines 1992
34 American Dreams 1994
35 Riding High (Short Story) 1994
36 The Proud and the Free 1994
37 Legacies 1995
38 Gousha Pennsylvania roadmap 1996
39 The Healing Touch 1996
40 Notorious 1996
41 A Spring Bouquet 1996
42 Scrooge Wore Spurs 1997
43 A Capital Holiday 2001
44 Can't Say Goodbye 2002
45 Always With Love 2002
46 Because Of You 2002
47 Maybe This Christmas 2003
48 The Not Forgotten War (Short Story) 2003
49 Forever 2004
50 Dance With Me 2004
51 Everything 2004
52 Happily Ever After 2005
53 It Takes Two 2005
54 Going My Way 2005
55 Ranch Dressing 2006
56 Bring the Ring 2006
57 Try To Resist Me 2006
58 Something More 2007
59 With This Kiss 2007
60 Wearing White 2007
61 Man of Mine 2007
62 Mistletoe and Molly 2007
63 Crazy In Love 2008
64 Yes, I Do 2008
65 When You Kiss Me 2009
66 Texas Kiss 2009
67 Lover Man 2009
68 Santa In A Stetson 2009
69 American Destiny 2009
70 That Loving Feeling 2010
71 Close To You 2010
72 A Cowboy Under My Christmas Tree 2012
73 Merry Christmas, Cowboy 2013
74 Christmas in Cowboy Country 2014
75 Long, Tall Christmas 2015
76 Happy Is the Bride 2017
77 Just a Little Christmas 2017

Order of Janet Dailey Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published
1 Happy Holidays 2004


# Read Title Published
1 Marry Me, Cowboy! 1995
2 Unmasked 1997
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After she had completed her high school education in the year 1962, Janet Dailey went on to serve as a construction company secretary. Dailey eventually got married to one Bill Dailey, the owner of the construction firm in the year 1964. In the year 1974, the two sold the construction firm and used the money from the sale to purchase a Silver Steamer Trailer that the used to travel around the United States. It was during this period that Janet Dailey, informed her husband, that she could pen down, a much better romance novel. Her husband, in turn, challenged her to write one. No Quarter Asked was the resultant manuscript and was accepted by Harlequin publishers. Dailey then went ahead to pen more than 50 romance novels for Harlequin publishers and approximately 100 novels in her lifetime. While she was cruising around the world in a trailer home, Dailey penned down the fiftieth novel, which is a part of the Janet Dailey American series, where each of the stories was formulated to represent each of the American states.

This achievement, in turn, earned her a slot in the Guinness Book of records. Janet Dailey’s American series, in turn, placed heroes, courtships, and heroines in the American West. These novels, in turn, introduced the female characters as the main characters normally marginalized in the traditional American Western setting, challenging the traditional societal expectations and confronting the various elements as well. Despite the fact that all the books in this series were set in a contemporary setting, there were so many parallels with traditional western fiction regarding themes and place.

Janet Dailey Awards

Janet Dailey is yet to receive any literary award.

Janet Dailey Books into Movies

When a Spider Bites and Foxfire Light were made into motion pictures. Janet Dailey’s husband, Bill Dailey was the producer of these movies.

Best Janet Dailey Books

Dangerous Masquerade: The first book in the Americana book series. In this book, the author, Janet Dailey introduces the readers to Laurie. The book begins as Laurie is pretending to be her cousin so that she can be able to retain the livelihood and the business that belonged to her aunt and uncle. Thus, when her acting is in a film acting, Laurie is, in turn, sent all the way to Alabama so that she can pose as her cousin, Laraine and also meet with the aunt to her cousin’s fiancée. Upon arriving, Laurie and his aunt end up becoming the best of friends. However, when Rian comes back early than expected, everything begins to go wrong. There is indeed many reasons as to why these two characters to not only engage in conflict but also fail to trust one another. The second novel in the American book series has been set in Alaska, and it is titled Northern Magic. One Shanon Heyes is betrothed to push Rick to Pilot. After she receives a one-way ticket from the pilot, Shannon Heyes heads to the Northern Frontier only to discover that no one has seen the pilot for more than two weeks.

When Shannon eventually discovers that the pilot may have crashed in an unknown location in the wilderness, she thus initiates a search party, and in the process meets with one Cody Steele who pursues Shannon relentlessly.

The Calder Sky: The Calder Saga is also another excellent series by Janet Dailey, and in the first book of the Calder Saga series, the author introduces the readers to Benteen Calder, who happens to be the heir to Seth Calder’s ranch and dream.