Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy Books

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Heather Graham was born in 1953 in Miami, Florida. She is a New York best-selling American author specialized in romance as well as fiction thriller novels. Heather also goes by her pen name Shannon Drake. She has written and published over 100 books translated into nearly 20 languages worldwide. Since she began writing, Heather has sold over 70 million books. She grew up in Florida, and immediately after her high school years, she married Dennis Pozzessere and went to the South Florida University to study theatre arts. After graduating from university, Heather did a few stints in local shows, and soon after, she had her first three kids and was unable to keep up with the work schedules. Heather became a stay-at-home-mom and filled her time with writing romantic and horror stories.

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Order of Camerons Saga: Civil War Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 One Wore Blue ( By: Heather Graham) 1991 Description / Buy
2 And One Wore Gray ( By: Heather Graham) 1992 Description / Buy
3 And One Rode West ( By: Heather Graham) 1992 Description / Buy
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In 1982, she published her first novel, When Next We Love. Since then, she has published numerous books in various categories including historical war fiction, romance and vampire fiction. Heather Graham has been the open author for Silhouette’s Shadows line, Dell’s Ecstasy Supreme line, and for Harlequin’s, Mira Books. She is a Mystery Writers of America member, an International Thriller Writers member, and the Novelists Inc, the Horror Writers Association member and one time Vice President. Heather G. Pozzessere is a founding member of the Romance Writers of America- Florida chapter, and she has hosted the yearly Romantic Times Vampire charity Ball since 1999.

Heather Graham Awards

Heather received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America in 2003.Other notable awards include Waldenbooks. B. Dalton, Affaire de Coeur, Romantic Times, Georgia Romance Writers award, and more.

Best Cameron Saga Books

One Wore Blue: This civil war novel is the first in a series about the Cameron family, a wealthy Virginia plantation household who break out of their family ties at the onset of the civil war.

Kiernan Mackay is a young beautiful and free spirited neighbor of the Camerons. She has loved Jesse Cameron for a long time, and fate has brought them together in the midst of the looming war. However, their love paradise is short-lived when Virginia withdraws from the Union, and the two lovers find themselves on conflicting sides, and neither is willing to sacrifice their beliefs. As an army surgeon, Jesse rides off to the North, leaving Kiernan in Harper’s Ferry, the little town that may collide with the Confederacy and the Union. War separates people, and it has a twisted way of reuniting them back in dramatic fashion. As the bloody conflict rages on, Jesse and Kiernan begin to grasp their feelings for each other, their ideas and loyalties. This is a narrative bordering on historical facts and a sensational human side. It is profoundly researched and deliciously flavored with a beautiful romance story of hardships, compromises and eventual triumphs against all the odds.

Other Books Series You May Like

The “Krewe of Hunters series”. This is the tale of a ghost-hunting syndicate assigned to an old home in New Orleans. The wife of an influential politician in the region is dead, from a fatal fall off the property’s balcony. On discovering the latest series of events, the husband calls in for help claiming that their house is haunted and that ghosts killed his wife. The Krewe of hunters investigates the heinous murder and discovers numerous suspicious activities with the other household residents, which in no way are linked to the alleged ghosts as the sole cause the woman’s death. A love affair soon ensues between two team members, but the author does not dwell on that in the book. Overall, the book has fantastic characters put together in a brilliantly detailed storyline. It is quite an enjoyable read except that the romance is amiss and instead the writer chose to dwell on the horror part of the plot.

Heather did a great job to include multicultural characters, but most of them were stereotypes. Non-realistic movie types but you get the hang of it as you read along. Heather Graham also gives us great graphic locations and places. The overall plot was good and appeals to both young and old readers. I bet the subsequent books provide a lot of entertainment as this one did. All in all, Heather Graham is a brilliant writer, who has the ability to pen down highly entertaining books.

What Is The Next Book in The Camerons Saga: Civil War Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Camerons Saga: Civil War Series. The newest book is And One Rode West and was released on October, 1st 1992.

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