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Peter Abrahams who goes by his writing name Spencer Quinn was born in 1947in Boston. Before he began his writing career, Abrahams was a TV producer at CBC. He is an American author specialized in crime thrillers. Quinn has written many successful books such as Oblivion, The Fury of Rachel Monette, The Tutor, The Fan, Hard Rain, Last of the Dixie Heroes, Crying Wolf, and many other books. Spencer Quinn is one of the finest suspense novelists as described by his counterpart author Stephen King. He currently lives in Cape Cod with his wife, kids and two dogs. Abrahams was an avid reader as a boy, he enjoyed reading adventure stories like Treasure Island, and Red Pete the Ruthless.

Order of Chet and Bernie Mysteries Series

1Dog On It2008Description / Buy
2Thereby Hangs a Tail2009Description / Buy
3To Fetch a Thief2010Description / Buy
4The Dog Who Knew Too Much2011Description / Buy
5A Fistful of Collars2012Description / Buy
6The Sound and the Furry2013Description / Buy
7Paw and Order2014Description / Buy
8Scents and Sensibility2015Description / Buy
9Heart of Barkness2019Description / Buy
10Of Mutts and Men2020Description / Buy
11Tender is the Bite2021Description / Buy
12It's a Wonderful Woof2021Description / Buy

Order of Chet and Bernie Short Stories/Novellas

1A Cat Was Involved (Short Story)2012Description / Buy
2The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
3Tail of Vengeance (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
4Santa 365 (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
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His most famous literary works include single titles like The Fan, Lights Out, Oblivion, and End of Story. Spencer has written books for a younger audience such as A little later, as well as the Echo Falls series, featuring Ingrid Levin-Hill a thirteen year-old girl. His wife came up with the idea of writing a storyline about dogs. That’s how the detective novel series Chet and Bernie began. After its successful sales, Quinn penned his second dog series, Bowser and Bernie detective trilogy released in May 2015.

Chet and Bernie Awards

Lights Out, nominated for the Best novel Edgar Awards

Chet and Bernie Books into Movies

The Fan has been adapted into a movie

Best Chet and Bernie Books

Dog On ItPeter Abrahams writes as Spencer Quinn in his popular book Chet and Bernie Series. These are stories told from a dog’s point of view, Chet, a canine partner in the Little Detective Agency. This is crime detective mystery came with a twist – narrated from first person narrative, who is a dog, a charming, devoted, shambling and humorous dog with similar traits of a typical dog. Chet adores his mistress, Bernie though he is most inclined to his inner urges, but tries hard to control them. He also shows great friendliness for others by displaying his charming empathy. Chet’s attempts to assist his equally clumsy “partner” Bernie crack the crime mysteries are often entertaining and sometimes moving.

The mystery series offers a thoroughly entertaining and hilarious read, and I would recommend this amazing novel to all detective book lovers. It’s also a great read for teenage children aged twelve years and over. Lots of mystery fun and cheery humor for people of all ages.

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“Woof” is another great dog tale from Spencer Quinn. This time we read about Bowser, the handsome slobbery dog. Trouble’s brewing off in Louisiana swamp – Bowser’s instincts provides sharp senses into the alleged area. He gives pretty accurate smell indications especially when something’s cooking in the kitchen, like sausages and bacon. He loves bacon. He can also feel when humans lie; the different scents make him wildly agitated. Birdie is the eleven-year-old little girl, living with her grandma. She adopted Bowser, they become inseparable, and each other’s keeper. Bowser would put his own life at risk to save his best friend’s life and to keep her safe. When a thief breaks into Bernie’s grandma’s bait shop and gets away with a valuable stuffed Marlin, the two besties must catch the thief.

The brilliant adventures in this book come from a narration from Bowser, the dog. Though too apt for a dog, we find the humor from his interpreter. Birdie Gaux, also knows something is terribly wrong. It’s not just that her grandma’s marlin has gone missing; it’s the developing rumor that the stolen Marlin could be a possible lost treasure. When Birdie and Bowser go hunting for the lost treasure, they face imminent threats that a simple, intelligent dog cannot detect. When the looming threat closes in on his best buddy, Bowser spares no claws in clashing with the potential enemy.

If you want your kids to read amazing yet simple detective stories, Woof is a fantastic start for middle schoolers. Bowser and Bernie love each other from the moment t hey set eyes on each other. The adventure of finding a missing fish and a treasure map will keep you glued to this fantastic novel. Bowser, the narrator, is a classic ludicrous dog and smarter than many people perceive his general sloppiness. He and Bernie enjoy each other’s company all the time. The storyline presents an awesome contemporary read for young and adult readers alike.

What Is The Next Book in The Chet And Bernie Mysteries Series?

The next book in the The Chet And Bernie Mysteries Series by Spencer Quinn is It's a Wonderful Woof and will be released on October, 19th 2021.

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