Spencer Quinn Books

Spencer Quinn is the pen name of an American penman. The author’s legal name is Peter Abrahams. Quinn, who was born in June 1947 in Massachusetts, is a sexagenarian. He schooled at Williams College. His bountiful writing career was influenced by notable literary figures including Russian-American scribbler Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, American-Canadian author Kenneth Millar, and English novelist Henry Graham Greene.

Order of Chet and Bernie Mystery Series

Order of Echo Falls Series

# Read Title Published
1 Down the Rabbit Hole 2005
2 Behind the Curtain 2006
3 Into the Dark 2008

Order of Bowser and Birdie Series

# Read Title Published
1 Woof 2015
2 Arf 2016

Order of Outlaws of Sherwood Street Series

Order of Spencer Quinn Childrens Books

# Read Title Published
1 Quacky Baseball 2011

Order of Spencer Quinn Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 The Fury of Rachel Monette 1980
2 Tongues Of Fire 1982
3 Their Wildest Dreams 1985
4 Red Message 1986
5 Hard Rain 1988
6 Pressure Drop 1989
7 Revolution #9 1992
8 Lights Out 1994
9 The Fan 1995
10 A Perfect Crime 1998
11 Crying Wolf 2000
12 Last of the Dixie Heroes 2001
13 The Tutor 2002
14 Oblivion 2005
15 End of Story 2006
16 Nerve Damage 2007
17 Delusion 2008
18 Reality Check 2009
19 Bullet Point 2010
20 The Right Side 2017


# Read Title Published
1 Up All Night 2008
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Spencer Quinn’s childhood was instrumental in his writing ambition. For example, he was a voracious reader from a tender age and his grandmother ensured that he had a constant supply of book, especially during summer. Quinn, who has had a stint as a TV producer and is domiciled in Cape Cod, started penning standalone books, then started writing the young readers’ niche, before his work segued into authoring series of books.

Among Spencer Quinn’s earliest books is Lights Out! which was published in 1994. However, Quinn is famed for the Chet and Bernie Mystery series wherein the narrator is a canine. There are more than thirty editions of the first book in the serialized Chet and Bernie Mysteries. The first book’s foremost edition was initially published in 2008, titled Dog on It, and the entire series is shelved as mystery, thriller, humor, and animal fable genres.

The first book in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series, Dog on It, features two protagonists called Chet and Bernie. Incidentally, both main characters are dogs and the book is set in Tucson, Arizona. The former is a canine narrator in the series while the latter is a private detective. Bernie is a divorcee and saddened by the fact that he was not granted his son’s custody rights. He also operates a fledgling organization called Little Detective Agency but business is at all-time low. Fortunately for the duo, they take a leisurely walk at night when they chance upon a distressed neighbor called Cynthia Chambliss whose teenage daughter, Madison, is apparently missing. Chambliss pays them handsomely to find Madison but, surprisingly, the daughter surfaces before disappearing again. With a little sleuthing, they realize that Madison has associated herself with the Russian mafia. And if Chet and Bernie do not tread softly, they may not walk out on a limb.

Spencer Quinn Awards

Books authored by Spence Quinn clinched or have been nominated for prestigious prizes. They have also been praised by equally notable authors. For instance, in 2010, Quinn clinched the Edgar Award in the Best Young Adult category, thanks to his 2009 book entitled Reality Check. In 2005, his 2005 novel called Down the Rabbit Hole clinched the Agatha Award in the Best Children’s category; the said book was also, in 2007, nominated for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award.

Furthermore, his book called Lights Out! secured Spencer Quinn a nomination for the Best Novel section of the Edgar Awards. In 2006, his book called Oblivion was among the nominees for the Shamus Award, specifically in the Best P.I. Hardcover Novel category. Celebrated author Stephen King opined that, in the context of the suspense niche, Spencer Quinn is his preferred American writer.

Spencer Quinn Books into Movies

The Fan, a book which Spencer Quinn published in 1995, has since been adapted for the screen. The crime film, which was directed by Tony Scott, was released in 1996; and starred Robert De Niro, who played as Gil Renard, alongside Wesley Snipes who appeared as Bobby Rayburn.

Best Spencer Quinn Books

These are Spencer Quinn’s best three books by virtue of winning an award or film adaptation.

Reality Check: The first one is Reality Check; it features an intelligent and famed American football star, called Cody, whose life in out-and-out fine until his heartthrob is transferred to a far-flung boarding school, prompting him to stop schooling; then problems come in his train.

Down the Rabbit Hole This book features protagonist Ingrid who is fingered for murder for her ill-timed and ill-fated visits, prompting her to start sleuthing so as to exonerate herself.

The Fan: This book features Bobby Rayburn, who has a bright future at Sox baseball team, and a doomed salesman-cum-divorcee called Gil Renard, who is looking up to Rayburn for what eventually becomes an impossible salvation.

Other Book Series You May Like

Die-hard fans of books authored by Spencer Quinn books also enjoyed reading these ones. The first one is the “Andy Carpenter” series authored by David Rosenfelt. The featured protagonist, Andy Carpenter, is an attorney and has a great love for animals and people, something which sees him, together with a dog called Tara, save them from being sentenced to death. The second one is called “Dog Lover’s Mystery” and is penned by Susan Conant. The main character is Holly Winter, who is a Massachusetts-based journalist-cum-dog trainer.

Another sought-after series is titled “Rachel Alexander & Dash” which is penned by Carol Lea Benjamin. It revolves around Rachel Alexander and her dog named Dashiell, who team up for crime-solving missions. The dog assists Rachel in winning the trust of those she meets in her quest and in solving criminal cases by scenting.