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Chicago is a series of five novels by Karen Rose, the American author known for her setting based novel series. As is common with most of her universe-based novels, all the novels in the Chicago series are set in the city of Chicago. Karen Rose published the first of her Chicago romantic suspense series of novels, “Don’t Tell” in 2003.

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Order of Chicago Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Don't Tell (By: Karen Rose) 2003 Description / Buy
2 Have You Seen Her? ( By: Karen Rose) 2004 Description / Buy
3 I'm Watching You ( By: Karen Rose) 2004 Description / Buy
4 Nothing to Fear ( By: Karen Rose) 2005 Description / Buy
5 You Can't Hide ( By: Karen Rose) 2005 Description / Buy
6 Count to Ten ( By: Karen Rose) 2006 Description / Buy
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The Chicago series of novels introduces new characters in each novel, even as they retain a similar theme of blossoming love in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The novels tell the stories of two people who have a lot of baggage, who are brought together by circumstances only to discover they are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Don’t Tell, the first novel in the Chicago series follows Mary Grace Winters, a woman who finds it necessary to stage-manage her death and that of a child to escape the clutches of an abusive cop husband. With her old identity safely sunk into the bottom of a lake, she settles with her son in a new town, miles from the husband. It is not long before she has forgotten all about her past life and is even considering the advances of Max Hunter, a man who just like her, has some emotional baggage.

But she is not getting away that easy. Her husband had found something fishy with her story, and begun to investigate. He is now on her trail, threatening to unravel the life that she had so valiantly struggled to build in her new home. In an enthralling narrative, Karen Rose documents the husband coming ever closer to the Winters with each passing day. It is an excellent piece of writing that shows just why Rose won a RITA Award in 2005.


“I’m Watching You” the third novel in the Chicago series of novels won the 2005 best romantic suspense at the RITA Awards. Rose’s sixth novel in the series, “Nothing to Fear” also made the shortlist for the 2006 RITA Awards in the best romantic suspense category.


I’m Watching You: The RITA Award winning third novel in the series, “I’m Watching You” is one of the most popular of the Chicago series of novels. It brings together Kristen the star prosecutor and Regan the detective in a suspenseful and tension filled contemporary romance narrative that can be best be described as edge of your seat fun. Kristen Mayhew is a lawyer that has made a name for herself as an effective prosecutor that hardly loses a case. But now she has a secret admirer who seems to know her every move, seemingly reading her thoughts. He creeps her out by sending her anonymous letter and killing criminals that she fails to put away. He also seems to have knowledge of Kristen’s deepest secrets, such as why she rejected the advances of Abe Reagan the police detective even as she is clearly in love with him. Similarly, Reagan has never recovered from losing a loved one. But with a serial killer lurking in the shadows, the two find comfort in each other’s arms, even as the elusive murderer ups the ante on his murders and coded messages.

Nothing to Fear: The fourth novel in the Chicago series is another incredible novel that has proved very popular with Karen Rose’s fans. The lead characters in the novel are Dana Dupinsky who heads up an inner city woman’s shelter, and Ethan Buchanan a security expert. Given the nature of her job, Dupinsky has access to many closely guarded secrets. Given her dedication to the women under her care, she has been reluctant to look for love. On the other hand Ethan, who is an ex Afghan special forces agent is tracking down his godson, who had been kidnapped by a woman with a vendetta against him. With a brutal killer in possession of the boy and a deadly secret at Dana’s shelter, the two never expected to fall in love. But being with each other seems to calm their spirits and arouse their instincts to protect each other in the face of very real threats to what they hold dear.

Count to Ten: The fifth novel is another riveting novel in the Chicago series. Lieutenant Reed Solliday believes that the recent vicious and devastating house fires are unlike anything he has ever seen in his long career in the Chicago Fire Department. He has just been assigned to a new boss the domineering, brash, and uncharacteristically hands-on Detective Mia Mitchell, who insists that the arson attacks have a personal angle. But with each new blaze the two come to respect each other and who knows maybe something concrete may just develop between them.


Many fans of the Chicago series of novels also love the “Mindhunters” series of novels by Kylie Brant. These are detective thrillers featuring a male and female detective who are brought together by their specialized skills needed to solve a case, who discover they have an intense attraction to their partners. Chicago fans also enjoy the “Dead Wrong” series of novels by Jami Alden. These novels feature women and men who suddenly find that the love they felt for long lost lovers is just as strong as it was, when these lovers are unexpectedly thrust back into their lives.

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