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Cincinnati is a series of three romantic suspense novels written by the prolific American author Karen Rose. The first novel in the Cincinnati series that also happens to be the sixteenth novel in her romantic suspense series of novels is the 2014 published “Closer Than You Think”.

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Order of Cincinnati Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Closer Than You Think ( By: Karen Rose) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Alone in the Dark ( By: Karen Rose) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Every Dark Corner (By: Karen Rose) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Edge of Darkness ( By: Karen Rose) 2017 Description / Buy
5 Into the Dark ( By: Karen Rose) 2019 Description / Buy
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Just like all her other novels, the Cincinnati series of novels is a universe based series that takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to being set in the same universe, the novels also have connections in theme and character backgrounds and motivations. For the most part the characters have similar backstories consisting of men and women scarred by dark pasts. Their turbulent pasts make them valiant protectors of their loved ones and champions of the rights of those who cannot protect themselves.

The first novel in the Cincinnati series, Closer Than You Think follows Faith Corcoran, a psychologist desperately trying to elude a stalker that has made her life hell for the past year. It has gotten so bad that she would rather move to her grandmother’s house in Cincinnati, which has actually provided a nightmarish experience for her since childhood. She hopes to suppress the memories she has of the old house and start a new life far away from the deranged stalker.

But she soon discovers that her fears have followed her to her new home. When two college girls go missing, Deacon Novak, an FBI Special agent is called in to investigate. He stumbles into the brave and beautiful Faith who he just cannot help but fall in love with. They soon find out that the investigation is a complex story that reaches back into the dark history of Faith’s family, giving new meaning to the flesh and blood and shattering all she believed was true.


Two novels of the Cincinnati series of novels were voted top picks in the RT Reviews romantic suspense category. “Closer Than You Think” made the list in 2015, while “Alone in the Dark” was in it in 2016.

BEST Cincinnati BOOKS

Every Dark Corner: The third novel in the Cincinnati series of novels is a nail-biting novel featuring FBI Special Agent Davenport. Davenport wakes up with the feeling that his missing children are in danger and only he can rescue them. Detective extraordinaire that he is, he had aced an investigation and locked up some bad guys only to realize that he had not got everyone, when he got shot without a chance of telling anyone. While he was recuperating in hospital, Special Agent Coppola, a newcomer to Cincinnati gets his case and recordings. Trying to make sense of the whole thing and mysterious past, she knows she is on the right path when someone tries to take out the Special Agent in hospital. They need to hunt down the perpetrators and find the children before anything bad happens to them. But every dark corner portends danger for everyone involved.

Closer Than You Think: The first novel in the series is another highly regarded novel in the series. Featuring Faith and Deacon two of the smartest and strongest heroes you could find in any of Karen Rose’s work, the novel is an entertaining thriller with a spine tingling and pulse pounding plot. Contrasting backstories full of sadness and hard times to the present that has criminal injustice yet promises hope and love, the novel is a master class of romantic suspense.

Alone In The Dark: The second novel in the series is a breathtaking novel that crosses the line between justice and revenge, and desire and danger. Homicide Detective Scarlett Bishop and Former Army Ranger Marcus O’Bannion come together to find justice for victims of vicious criminals. But they never planned for a powerful and dangerous underground ring that traffics humans for profit. Getting themselves in the cross hairs of the shady group, they must be as ruthless and cunning as their quarry, if they are to get out alive.


Cincinnati fans also enjoy the “Barefoot Bay Undercover” series by Roxanne St Clare. These are contemporary romance novels about men and women that fight some bad guys, take risks while working undercover, and most of all set off on a quest for love and personal redemption. Fans of the Cincinnati series also love the “I-Team” series of novels by Pamela Clare. The novels follow an investigative team of women that do their work in the dark recesses of the city, where they run into alpha men that sweep them off their feet.

What Is The Next Book in The Cincinnati Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Cincinnati Series. The newest book is Into the Dark and was released on November, 26th 2019.

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