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The Code Red series of books is a series of action thrillers written by the British author Chris Ryan, who has written several other series in the genre, including the popular Geordie Sharp series of books which put Ryan’s name on the map globally. However, unlike the Geordie Sharp series of books, Chris Ryan’s Code Red series is aimed more at the young adult market than some of his other work. It focuses on the character of Ben Tracy, who is 13 at the time of the first book, and who is a young man who finds himself caught up in dangerous situations, where the fate of the nation may just be resting in his young hands. The Code Red series is not Chris Ryan’s first foray into young fiction, having written the Alpha Force series prior to this. In total, there are six books in the Code Red series of books. In 2009, Ryan published a romantic novel under the penname Molly Jackson. Chris Ryan, who is in his mid-fifties, was born in 1961. Ryan’s place of birth is Newcastle though he spent his formative years in Rowlands Gill upon Gateshed.

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Order of Code Red Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Flash Flood ( By: Chris Ryan) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Wildfire ( By: Chris Ryan) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Outbreak ( By: Chris Ryan) 2007 Description / Buy
4 Vortex ( By: Chris Ryan) 2008 Description / Buy
5 Twister ( By: Chris Ryan) 2008 Description / Buy
6 Battleground ( By: Chris Ryan) 2009 Description / Buy
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Chris Ryan had an ill-fated stint in British Army wherein he served in the Special Air Service for over ten years. Ryan was the sole survivor of a reconnaissance team during Operation Desert Shield and he is hailed for covering the biggest distance in the history of his unit in his quest for escaping enemy forces. After a garlanded military service, the penman had an honorable discharge and started writing books based on his military experience. Chris Ryan, who is presently a Florida resident, is a TV personality, military adviser, and security consultant.

Few works of non-fiction aside, Chris Ryan’s bibliography predominantly constitutes of book series. Subsequently, Code Red series is among the literary works produced during Chris Ryan’s post-military writing career. Basically, Code Red series comprises of six books, published between 2006 and 2009. The first book in this sextet has four editions of which the first one was originally published in 2006, titled Flash Flood; and this book is shelved under the thriller, adult and young adult, action, adventure, and fiction genres.

The featured protagonist in the first book in the aforementioned sextet is called Ben Tracey. Meet protagonist Tracey. At the beginning of the series, Tracey, a boy, is aged thirteen. Tracey has a mother whom he is visiting in London. The watershed is the moment a ship knocks off the Thames Barrier, a mobile flood-controlling barrier, leading to a disastrous flooding in London. The ensuing story as Tracey is trapped in the hullabaloo before being rescued, whereas many others perish, coupled with terrorists who take take advantage of the commotion, is relatable in virtue of the flood-prone Britain.

The first book in the Code Red series, which introduces us to the character of Ben Tracy, is Flash Flood, which was published in 2006. We first meet Ben as he is on a trip to London and is meeting his mother in the famous city. However, things do not go to plan, as you might expected. The perfect storm of terrible events occur when there is an accident at the Thames Barrier, and at the same time there is a momentous storm and a tidal surge taking place. All three combine cause the barrier to fail, and the city of London is in peril as the streets start to flood. With chaos on the streets, the communications networks down, and people panicking all around him, Ben must try and keep his head and get across this massive city to find his mother. However, what Ben doesn’t know is that two terrorists are also on the same path as he is, and they are on a collision course.

With the success of Flash Flood, the first book in Chris Ryan’s Code Red series, a second book was always on the cards. The second book in the Code Red series, Wildfire, was published in 2007, and is set in Australia, as Ben is on a trip with his mother. Ryan followed up Wildfire in the same year with the book Outbreak. In 2008, Chris Ryan published two more books in his Code Red series, the first being Vortex and the second one Twister.

In 2009, the final book in Chris Ryan’s Code Red series, Battleground, was published. In Battleground, Ben Tracy is now 14 years of age, and he is in Pakistan, again with his mother, who has shown Ben the world thanks to his environmental activism. However, when Ben’s mother heads into Afghanistan, leaving Ben behind, things start to go wrong. Along with his friend Aarya, Ben is kidnapped, and the two friends find themselves involved in a Taliban plot to destroy major strongholds in southern Afghanistan, which would put thousands of innocent lives in danger. Ben and Aarya must do what they can to stop this attack from taking place, and help bring the kidnappers to justice.

Code Red Awards

Man of letters Chris Ryan was among the 2012 nominees for the Grampian Children’s Book Award courtesy of his 2010 book entitled Agent 21; incidentally, the said series is the first one in the Agent 21 Series.
Code Red Books into Movies

A section of Chris Ryan’s bibliography has film adaptations. For instance, Ryan’s 2010 book entitled Strike Back—this is the first one in the Strike Back series—was made into a TV series also named Strike Back. The ongoing TV series initially aired May 2010. The following English, Australian, and American actors starred in the TV series: Richard Crispin Armitage, Sullivan Stapleton, and Philip C. Winchester have appeared as main character John Porter at one time or another during the series.

The 1995 book titled The One That Got Away, which chronicles Chris Ryan’s near-death escape during the tail-end of his illustrious military service, inspired a 1996 TV movie which retained the title. Paul McGrann starred, acting as the then military man Chris Ryan.

Best Code Red Books

These are the three best books in the Code Red series.

Flash Flood: The first is called Flash Flood, discussed above.

Wildfire: This is the second book in the Code Red series. Ben Tracey accompanies his mother to Australia, a hot and dry drought-laden region that is shocked to the core by a sudden, unexpected wildfire. Amid huge tongues of fire, Ben has to rescue his mother who is held up in the blazing bushfire using a microlight that he is not adept at flying.

Outbreak: Originally published in 2007, this is the third book in the serialized Code Red. Hereby, Tracey accompanies his father to Congo, a country grappling with a bizarre and deadly virus; Tracey is racing against time to ensure the virus is contained.

Other Books Series You May Like

Readers who liked the Code Red series also liked these book series. The first is called “John Stratton” series, penned by Duncan Falconer. Protagonist John Stratton serves in the Special Boat Service unit of the Royal Navy. The second is called “S.T.OR.M.” series, a quintet authored by E.L. Young. S.T.O.R.M. refers to a global crime fighting-oriented organization. The third is “Death Force” series, a quintet authored by Matt Lynn. It is all about a team of battle-hardened mercenaries conducting black operations ranging from Middle East to war-ravaged African regions to the unforgiving Arctic region.

Code Red FAQs

Q: Who writes the Code Red series of books?

A: The Code Red series of books are written by British author Chris Ryan, who is an ex-SAS operative.

Q: What is the first book in the Code Red series?

A: The first book in Chris Ryan’s Code Red series is Flash Flood, which was published in 2006.

What Is The Next Book in The Code Red Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Code Red Series. The newest book is Battleground and was released on January, 2nd 2009.

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