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Detective Investigator Kim Stone is the protagonist in a series written by Angela Marsons. Silent Scream is the first book in D.I Kim Stone series and was published in 2015. The second book in the series is Evil Games published the same year as the debut novel.

Order of D.I. Kim Stone Series

1Silent Scream2015Description / Buy
2Evil Games2015Description / Buy
3Lost Girls2015Description / Buy
4Play Dead2016Description / Buy
5Blood Lines2016Description / Buy
6Dead Souls2017Description / Buy
7Broken Bones2017Description / Buy
8Dying Truth2018Description / Buy
9Fatal Promise2018Description / Buy
10Dead Memories2019Description / Buy
11Child's Play2019Description / Buy
12First Blood2019Description / Buy
13Killing Mind2020Description / Buy
14Deadly Cry2020Description / Buy
15Twisted Lies2021Description / Buy
16Stolen Ones2021Description / Buy
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Marsons discovered that she had the passion for writing when she was still at primary school after she wrote a story about the rocks and the sea. After her partner had persuaded her, she began to participate in short story competitions. Currently, the author has signed to write 16 novels in D.I Kim Stone series, and subsequently, she has secured a print agreement with Bonnier Zaffre Publishing.


These are two best D.I Kim Stone books, Blood Lines (2016) and Play Dead (2016).

Blood Lines: A woman is killed with a single but precise stab to the heart. The woman, a caring social worker at first glance, appears to be a victim of a robbery gone wrong, but for Kim stone, something is totally wrong.

Some moments later, a local drug addict is found dead and with the same identical wound as the first one, and Kim now knows that he is dealing with a serial killer. But without evidence that could link the two victims together, except for the nature of their death Detective Kim knows that this could be her difficult case of her career.

In desperate moves to catch the serial killer, Kim is threatened by a letter that she receives from Dr. Alex Thorne, a sociopath that the detective sent to prison. This time round, Alex is focused on hitting where it hurts most, as well as bring the detective face to face with the person responsible for the death of her little brother.

As death toll increases, Detective Kim and her team begin to unravel a chain of dark secrets that brings them closer to the serial killer. Unfortunately, one of her own could be in danger, and this time she might not be the strong one enough to save them.

Dr. Alexandra Thorne is one of fascinating villain characters of this series. She jostled into Kim life in Evil Games (book 2 of the series) like an atomic bomb, and during that encounter, Detective Kim barely survived.

On the other hand, Kim Stone is a vigorous and smart woman, and she knows that re-engaging with Alexandra will only send her into the abyss. However, Alexandra truly knows that Kim is a daunting foe that she has ever encountered in her entire psychotic psychiatrist career.

Angela Marson has done a great job in Blood Lines, and the best part of it is the characterization. For instance, the author gives the reader into exploring deeper into the detective past, her relationship and the person she is today, and this proves to be a delicious stuff. Even though Kim appears conflicted and lacks social graces, she has a burning desire to perform the right thing and to help those who are in serious need disregard of how this might affect her.

This is a real mastery art of writing that Marson delivers in a unique and creative manner. Her knowledge of psychiatry will indeed blow away your mind, the way Dr. Thorne can bend and blend with other is frightening, as well as the perfected art of killing by the serial killer.

Play Dead: Westerley Research Facility is not a place for the faint-hearted. It’s a research facility that investigates the series of steps of human decomposition, and its occupants are the corpses at different states of decay. But when Kim and her team discover a fresh corpse of a young woman, it appears that a killer on the loose has found the perfect spot to bury his/her crime.

A second girl is attacked, left for the dead and her body filled with soil. This time Detective Kim clearly understands that they are dealing with a serial killer who is set to strike soon, when and who could be next?

The alarm raises, as Tracy Frost, a local reporter disappears. For the detective, the past is the key that will open the door to the killers’ secrets, but will she uncover the whole truth before body counts increases?

D.I Kim Stone series is a must read for every crime/thriller fiction fan. Even though each plot is standalone, it is best if the books are read in order.

What Is The Next Book in The D.i. Kim Stone Series?

The next book in the The D.i. Kim Stone Series by Angela Marsons is Stolen Ones and will be released on November, 11th 2021.


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