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D.I. Sally Parker is the primary protagonist of the D.I. Sally Parker series by M.A. Comley. The books explore the life of one Police officer who is determined to make a difference in her community.

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Order of D.I. Sally Parker Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Wrong Place ( By: M.A. Comley) 2015 Description / Buy
2 No Hiding Place ( By: M.A. Comley) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Cold Case ( By: M.A. Comley) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Deadly Encounter ( By: M.A. Comley) 2017 Description / Buy
5 Lost Innocence ( By: M.A. Comley) 2018 Description / Buy
6 Goodbye My Precious Child ( By: M.A. Comley) 2019 Description / Buy
7 The Missing Wife (By: M.A. Comley) 2022 Description / Buy
8 Truth or Dare ( By: M.A. Comley) 2022 Description / Buy
9 Where Did She Go? (By: M.A. Comley) 2023 Description / Buy
10 Sinner ( By: M.A. Comley) 2023 Description / Buy
11 The Good Die Young (By: M.A. Comley) 2023 Description / Buy
12 Coping Without You (By: M.A. Comley) 2024 Description / Buy
13 Could It Be Him? (By: M.A. Comley) 2024 Description / Buy
14 Frozen in Time (By: M.A. Comley) 2024 Description / Buy

Order of D.I. Sally Parker Short Stories/Novellas By: M.A. Comley, Tara Lyons

# Read Title Published Details
1 Web of Deceit (Short Story) (By: M.A. Comley, Tara Lyons) 2016 Description / Buy
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Readers first meet Sally Parker in Wrong Place, the first novel in the series. A Detective Inspector in the Norfolk Constabulary, Parker has just moved to a new flat when a murder occurs and she is called upon to investigate.

The fact that a naked woman has been found dead in a cemetery is hardly shocking. Murders are nothing new. However, the fact that the killer left plenty of DNA for the police to examine is definitely unexpected.

And when this occurrence repeats, with more women dying and the killer’s DNA making appearances all over the crime scenes, DI Sally is forced to conclude that the community might have a serial killer on their hands.

If she wants to keep the bodies from piling up, the Detective Inspector must insert herself into the mind of her target. What would compel a murderer to leave so much of his DNA behind?

What does he get out of the exposure? More importantly, how are the victims connected?

It doesn’t take Sally long to realize that it will take all the mental and physical strength she can muster to stay ahead of her quarry. She also knows that this complex mystery won’t be her last.

Sally spends the rest of this series putting her mind to the task of catching every bad guy that sees fit to make her community their stomping ground.

For the most part, these novels are the typical suspense thriller fanfare, which is a good thing for people who love the genre.

Every novel in this series features a new antagonist, a killer, a psychopath, a stalker on the prowl. They are killing people and Sally is merely the unfortunate DI that has been charged with catching them.

Readers follow her around as she goes through the routine of typical police work, looking at crime scenes, collecting clues, talking to the kin and kith of the victim, and interviewing suspects.

M.A. Comley, the author goes to great lengths to show how tiresome police work can get. Nothing comes easy for Sally. Some of her cases will take weeks and even months to bear fruit.

When she has a murderer in her sights, Sally doesn’t have the luxury of taking her foot off the gas, not even to deal with personal problems, not when people are dying.

Though, her personal life gets plenty of attention. When readers first meet the heroine, she is still struggling to recover from the consequences of an abusive marriage.

The relationship continues to follow her even after her ex-husband leaves the picture. Some attention is also given to the heroine’s relationship with her superiors, her colleagues, and sidekicks, especially DS Jack Blackman whose humorous lines have endeared him to many readers.

Best D.I. Sally Parker Books

These novels are most commonly praised for their strong, witty, intelligent but also flawed and vulnerable protagonist, with some of the best books in the series including:

Cold Case: DI Sally Parker has been asked to resolve a decade-old case involving a police officer’s wife. The initial investigation did not yield results. But with fresh evidence on the table, Sally believes that her team can finally put the mystery to bed.

When Sally encounters a few unexpected surprises, she grows suspicious of the original investigator.

Meanwhile, on the personal front, Sally will have to fight harder than ever to protect her burgeoning romance with the local pathologist.

Deadly Encounter: Ann Gillan’s husband was charged with her murder. He has spent the last fifteen years in prison. When the officer who dealt with his case falls foul of corruption charges, Sally is asked to give the Anne Gillan case another look.

She must determine the legitimacy of the case’s original findings before her relationship with her future husband crumbles.

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What Is The Next Book in The D.i. Sally Parker Series?

The next book in the The D.i. Sally Parker Series by M.A. Comley is Frozen in Time and will be released on September, 19th 2024.


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