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Conn Igulden is a renowned historical fiction writer, widely known for the Gates of Rome book series. Born in the year, 1971, to an Irish mother and an English father, Conn Iggulden was admitted to St. Martins School before he was eventually transferred to Merchant Taylor’s School. Iggulden English was to be later refined at the world-renowned University of London. For more than seven years, Conn Iggulden served as an English teacher at one of the local schools, Haydon School.

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Order of Conn Iggulden Non-Fiction

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Dangerous Book for Boys (By: Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Dangerous Book for Boys Yearbook ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2007 Description / Buy
3 The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Do ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2007 Description / Buy
4 The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Know (By: Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden) 2008 Description / Buy
5 The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Wonders of the World ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2008 Description / Buy
6 The Dangerous Kit for Boys: How to Get There (By: Conn Iggulden) 2008 Description / Buy
7 The Dangerous Book for Boys Kit: Nature Fun (By: Conn Iggulden) 2008 Description / Buy
8 The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Facts, Figures and Fun (By: Conn Iggulden) 2008 Description / Buy
9 The Dangerous Book of Heroes ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2009 Description / Buy
10 The Double Dangerous Book for Boys ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2019 Description / Buy
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During the time Iggulden served at Hayden School, he became the head of the English department at the school. Later on, he had to leave his teaching career and penned down his debut novel, The Gates of Rome. Currently, Conn Igulden resides in Hertfordshire, England.

Conn Iggulden is a married and a father of four. Apart from penning historical fiction, Iggulden has also written numerous short novels and poems. Iggulden’s mother is of Irish descent and ever since Conn Igulden was young, she always narrated exciting historical events to Conn Igulden.

Dangerous Books for Boys Best Books

Dangerous Books for Boys: The first book covers numerous boyhood skills that are deemed essential. Some of the topics covered in the Dangerous Books for Boys include how to effectively deal with girls, who are brothers, how to build an outstanding tree house, how to correctly tie knots and how to locate north.

The author, Conn Iggulden has done a brilliant task of stimulating some kind of curiosity to the readers, thereby wanting the readers to learn a little bit more. Furthermore, author Conn Igulden also gives the readers a sense of adventure. There is also a mix of materials, including rules of rugby and chase, heroic people, tricks, magic and many others. Before reading the Dangerous Books for Boys, it is important to note that the material found within the pages, can be a little bit subjective mainly because author Conn Iggulden has mainly included what he feels with be important to the next generation, so that various traditions do not die.

Nonetheless, if you are a reader who loves to take opinions a little bit lightly, then you will definitely enjoy this novel. In England, Dangerous Book for Boys was a bestseller. For those who reside in the United States, there is a Dangerous Book for Boys version that was specifically published for them. Some of the noticeable changes in the United States version include the substitution of Patron Saints of Britain with the Declaration of Independence. With that said, the Dangerous Books for Boys is filled with some old fashion, get out of the house and dirty ideas.

The novel, Dangerous Book for Boys was well received. Nonetheless, numerous reviewers criticized the novel, especially because they believed the book might encourage the young readers to injure themselves. Nonetheless, author Conn Iggulden has provided a liability warning, just below the novel. There are those critics who have praised the novel, Dangerous Books for Boys for its PlayStation culture.

In the year 2007, During the Galaxy Books Awards, Dangerous Books for Boys was selected as the Book of the Year. The novel, Dangerous Books for Boys has also emerged the winner during various industry awards such as Stora Enso Design as well as the production awards during the British Book Industry.

According to the author, boys are in each and every way extremely different from girls. Due to the fact that boys are genetically different from girls, they are not only supposed to be raised differently but also treated in a different way. Despite the fact that boys are much similar to dirt clods and bugs, they do require tales of courage, honor, adventure and loyalty. Apart from being extremely competitive, boys are also aggressive and quite physical.

Boys love blowing up stuff and can be compared to systems that are cut and dried and also extremely clear. Many at times, boys prefer straight forward thinking. This is indeed one of the main reasons why boys invented mathematics, railroads, and science. Basically, this is a shameless celebration of the boy child and boyhoodness.

Some of the gems that boys will find beneficial include, the importance of a swiss knife, magnifying glass; how to correctly shoot, cook and skin a rabbit and eventually turning its skin; detailed information on artillery, different types of battles and the strategies which ensured that these battles were won, skipping stones across a pond and good grammar. With that said, the Dangerous Books for Boys is absolutely refreshing. Despite the fact that the Dangerous Book for Boys is aimed at boys, it is still a keen look into manhood and also the type of men that boys need to become.

Dangerous Books for Boys; Year Book: This is the second installment in the Dangerous Book for Boys book series. Just like the first installment, Dangerous Books for Boys is packed with seasoned activities, historical facts and filled with spaces where the readers, will be able to note their activities and adventures. Furthermore, Dangerous Book for Boys; Year Book, will definitely keep both boys and men busy from January, all the way to December since it has been filled with seasonal activities. The book has also been filled with outstanding historical facts that the readers can use to impress their friends.

Some of the historical facts in Dangerous Books for Boys include, the date when the last land speed record was broken. Author, Conn Iggulden has gone ahead and given out fascinating facts. With that said, Dangerous Books for Boys; Year Book has been penned down with all the wit and verve that readers of the Dangerous Books for Boys; Year Book have definitely come to love.

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What Is The Next Book in The Conn Iggulden Non-fiction?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Conn Iggulden Non-fiction. The newest book is The Double Dangerous Book for Boys and was released on October, 17th 2019.


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