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Dark Age Dawning is an apocalyptic romance novel series written by all time bestselling author Ann Aguirre. The author specializes in writing urban fantasy, apocalyptic romance, science fiction, post-apocalyptic dystopian and paranormal romantic suspense novel.

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Order of Dark Age Dawning Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Nightfall ( By: Ellen Connor) 2011 Description / Buy
2 Midnight ( By: Ellen Connor) 2011 Description / Buy
3 Daybreak ( By: Ellen Connor) 2011 Description / Buy
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The series made its triumphal entry into publishing industry after the release of the debut novel in the series Nightfall in 2011. The series consists of three books, (Nightfall, Midnight, and Daybreak) all published in 2011.


Nightfall: Jenna spent most of her childhood moments with her unstable father who always preached about the end of the world. And never in her even wildest dreams did she imagine that her father’s prediction would one day become a reality.

Also never did she figure out that her father would have an advance plan to save her- a plan that involved her kidnapping by an energetic, stoic man who would kidnap her and take her to a cabin in the remote Pacific Northwest.

The “kidnapper” a retired Marine officer named Mason owes more than his life to “prophet,” Jenna father. He is steadfast and skilled ready for the change that’s prophesied. However, Jenna proves too difficult to convince until the collapse of the power grid and the attacks by mutant dogs.

One day, Jenna defies her protector rules and rushes to rescue a group of 5 strangers who are desperately escaping bloodthirsty mutant dogs. With technology failing and the new era of Dark Age closing in, Jenna adopts change too, and supernatural forces forever change her.

For Jenna and Mason survival, they must learn to trust their instinctive passion- the only option that will see the couple through the Harsh winter approaching, the longs nights ahead and the range of new Dark Age.

Midnight: Midnight is the second book in Dark Age Dawning series by Ann Aguirre. It’s been three years since Dark Age had dawned, and for Dr. Chris Welsh a former scientist now turned a bad ass kicker appears to have lost hope in this post-apocalyptic world.

A harrowing loss made him leave his home, and since then he vowed to move from place to place until he found a place known as Valle de Brave- a haven where there is civilization in the amid of the chaos of Dark Age.

He finally gets to Villa de Bravo where soldiers take orders from Rosa Cortez, (a former prostitute) and the last thing that Rosa need is a loner destroying the town’s balance.

Fortunately, she lets Chris stay to the right of her people but the bloodthirsty pack attacks again and again. To save the city, Rosa must collaborate with Chris and battle the pirates and the hellhounds while also fighting fierce passion between them.

Midnight is a story of a woman Rosa who’s her life was at the worst before the Change than after the Change. On the other hand, Chris is a loner devastated and who life is in turmoil.

Daybreak: Daybreak is the third book in Dark Age Dawning series by Ann Aguirre. It has been over ten years since the world went into a slumber and Penelope Sheehan is one of the few people practicing magic for the good of the people during these dark moments of the world. She is determined to infiltrating a notorious organization, and thus she pretends to be an abducted girl until a treacherous beast (Tru Daugherty) disrupts her mission.

Tru Daugherty is a skinwalker, and since his transformation, he has allowed his beast nature to take control over him and thus takes no interest in making the world a better place. He is best described as a creature of impulse and instincts only living to satisfy himself but ignoring his scarred heart. On the other hand, he is the possible person who can help Penelope Sheehan to take down the organization.

The couple, fighting alongside the remainder of the humanity unleashes a fierce passion that makes them risk everything they have at hand for the love they have for each other. However, if they succeed, Penelope and Tru will have the power to brighten the Dark Age for eternity.

In summary, Ann Aguirre has done an exemplary job in scripting down this paranormal romance series, the overall plot of the three novels flows well from one novel to the other as well as from chapter to chapter. The characters are well developed and presented in a story full of twists and turns.

What Is The Next Book in The Dark Age Dawning Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Dark Age Dawning Series. The newest book is Daybreak and was released on December, 6th 2011.


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