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Darkness Chosen is a series of novels written by Christina Dodd. The books are categorized as paranormal romance and they follow the exploits of a family of supernatural creatures fighting to break a curse.

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Order of Darkness Chosen Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Scent of Darkness ( By: Christina Dodd) 2007 Description / Buy
2 Touch of Darkness ( By: Christina Dodd) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Into The Shadow ( By: Christina Dodd) 2008 Description / Buy
4 Into the Flame ( By: Christina Dodd) 2008 Description / Buy
5 Wilder Family Halloween ( By: Christina Dodd) 2012 Description / Buy
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The story of Darkness Chosen begins thousands of years in the past. Konstantine is a brutal warrior who wanted power. After wandering the Russian Steppes, he made a decision to sell his soul to the devil. And in return, he would acquire the ability to change his physical form into that of a predator.

In striking this bargain, Konstantine doomed his entire line of descendants. The Wilders are descendants of Konstantine. As such, they all have the power to take the shape of different predatory creatures. They are also doomed to lose their souls to an enemy that seeks to destroy them.

The Darkness Chosen books delve into the lives of the Wilder family as they try to find their place in the world even while overcoming the supernatural enemy that is out to get them.

The Darkness Chosen books have a structure that manifests in almost every single book. You always have an alpha male of a hero, a man working in an inconspicuous field. This man either falls madly for a woman or she falls for him.

The woman learns the true nature of the man, his cursed gift of changing shape. The man is so thoroughly consumed by his desire for the woman that he practically forces himself on her. While the woman initially resists, she eventually gets so aroused by the man’s forceful actions that she gives in and they enjoy a passionate sexual encounter.

Once this sexual encounter ends, the man and the woman struggle to work out the dynamic of their relationship. The man usually comes off as being so forceful and possessive that he scares the woman a little and even causes her to reject him.

But the man will not give up and goes to some serious lengths to prove his love for the woman. She gives in and they begin their relationship, essentially living happily ever after.

This structure repeats throughout most of the books. Fans of Darkness Chosen will attest as much. Jasha Wilder, Rurik Wilder, and Adrik Wilder are all essentially the same sort of person. Admittedly, each brother is haunted by a different set of demons and the journey they must take to overcome those demons is sometimes nuanced, primarily because the different brothers of the Wilder family have their stories told in different settings. But the results are usually the same.

Some fans have criticized the author for writing such possessive alpha male whose initial sexual encounters with the heroines are so forced that one could interpret them as a form of rape.

However, some readers applaud this forcefulness and highlight the fact that, while the heroines are normally reluctant to engage in sex when they first witness the supernatural powers of the heroes, they eventually give into their natural urges and actively participate in the resulting sexual session.

This rebuttal, though, is typically used to criticize Christine Feehan’s heroines who have been accused of being so weak willed that they are willing to let some of these strange men dominate them.

Best Darkness Chosen Books

The Darkness Chosen series isn’t the best-written paranormal/romance collection of novels on the market, but the books succeed because of the unique concepts the author introduces, with some of the best Darkness Chosen Books including:

Touch of Darkness: Rurik Wilder can turn into a bird of prey. To some, this is a wonderful gift. But Rurik knows that the power is rooted in death and destruction. When an opportunity for redemption comes Rurik’s way, he must maneuver past a beautiful writer who is consumed by her desire to get revenge on the supernatural assassins that killed her family.

Into the Shadow: Adrik Wilder isn’t a nice man, and his ability to change into a panther has only encouraged his cruel tendencies. A master of the vices, when Karen Sonnet catches Adrik’s eye, he doesn’t think twice about kidnapping her.

He intends to use her. However, Karen’s spirit forces Adrik to confront his decision to abandon his family and the acts of selfishness he has indulged in for so long.

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Fans also enjoy the “Governess Bride” Series by Christina Dodd. These books tell the stories of governesses who keep falling for ruggedly handsome men several levels above their stations at a time in England when relationships between people from such starkly different classes were frowned upon.

What Is The Next Book in The Darkness Chosen Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Darkness Chosen Series. The newest book is Wilder Family Halloween and was released on August, 5th 2012.


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