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Christina Dodd is an American bestselling author of paranormal, historical romance, and romantic suspense fiction. A voracious reader since her childhood, she decided to quit her job at an engineering firm in 1980, to concentrate on her writing career. By 1990, she had three romance novels to her name but was constantly rejected by publishers. It was not until 1991, that she finally had her third manuscript Candle in the Wind published – she has been writing ever since.

Order of My First/Medieval Series

1Candle in the Window 1991Description / Buy
2Castles in the Air 1993Description / Buy

Order of Knight Series

1Once a Knight 1996Description / Buy
2A Knight to Remember 1996Description / Buy

Order of Well Pleasured Series

1A Well Pleasured Lady 1997Description / Buy
2A Well Favored Gentleman 1998Description / Buy

Order of Princess Series

1The Runaway Princess 1999Description / Buy
2Someday My Prince 1999Description / Buy

Order of Governess Brides Series

1That Scandalous Evening 1998Description / Buy
2Rules of Surrender 2000Description / Buy
3Rules of Engagement 2000Description / Buy
4Rules of Attraction 2001Description / Buy
5In My Wildest Dreams 2001Description / Buy
6Lost in Your Arms 2002Description / Buy
7My Favorite Bride 2002Description / Buy
8My Fair Temptress 2005Description / Buy
9In Bed with the Duke 2010Description / Buy
10Taken by the Prince 2011Description / Buy
11A Pirate's Wife for Me 2015Description / Buy

Order of Once Upon A Pillow Series

1Once Upon a Pillow 2002Description / Buy
2Kidnapped 2013Description / Buy

Order of Lost Texas Heart Series

1Just the Way You Are 2003Description / Buy
2Almost Like Being in Love 2004Description / Buy
3Close to You 2005Description / Buy
4Gabriel's Gift 2014Description / Buy

Order of Switching Places Series

1Scandalous Again 2003Description / Buy
2One Kiss From You 2003Description / Buy

Order of Lost Princesses Series

1Some Enchanted Evening 2004Description / Buy
2The Barefoot Princess 2006Description / Buy
3The Prince Kidnaps a Bride 2006Description / Buy

Order of The Chosen Ones Series

1Storm of Visions 2009Description / Buy
2Storm of Shadows 2009Description / Buy
3Chains of Ice 2010Description / Buy
4Chains of Fire 2010Description / Buy
5Wilder 2012Description / Buy
6Stone Angel 2012Description / Buy

Order of Darkness Chosen Series

1Scent of Darkness 2007Description / Buy
2Touch of Darkness 2007Description / Buy
3Into The Shadow 2008Description / Buy
4Into the Flame 2008Description / Buy
5Wilder Family Halloween 2012Description / Buy

Order of Fortune Hunter Series

1Trouble in High Heels 2006Description / Buy
2Tongue In Chic 2007Description / Buy
3Thigh High 2008Description / Buy
4Danger in a Red Dress 2009Description / Buy

Order of Scarlet Deception Series

1Secrets of Bella Terra 2011Description / Buy
2Revenge at Bella Terra 2011Description / Buy
3Betrayal 2012Description / Buy

Order of Virtue Falls Series

1The Listener 2014Description / Buy
2Virtue Falls 2014Description / Buy
3Obsession Falls 2015Description / Buy
4Love Never Dies 2016Description / Buy
5Because I'm Watching 2016Description / Buy
6The Watcher (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
7The Woman Who Couldn't Scream 2017Description / Buy

Order of Virtue Falls Collections

1A Dark and Stormy Night 2016Description / Buy

Order of Cape Charade Series

1Dead Girl Running 2018Description / Buy
2Hard to Kill 2018Description / Buy
3What Doesn't Kill Her 2019Description / Buy
4Families and Other Enemies 2019Description / Buy
5Strangers She Knows 2019Description / Buy
6Hidden Truths 2019Description / Buy

Order of Murder In Alaska Series

1Wrong Alibi 2020Description / Buy

Order of Christina Dodd Standalone Novels

1Treasure of the Sun 1991Description / Buy
2Priceless 1992Description / Buy
3Lady in Black 1993Description / Buy
4The Greatest Lover in All England 1994Description / Buy
5Outrageous 1994Description / Buy
6Move Heaven and Earth 1995Description / Buy
7Right Motive 2020Description / Buy

Order of Christina Dodd Short Stories/Novellas

1The Smuggler's Captive Bride 2004Description / Buy
2Wild Texas Rose 2012Description / Buy
3Last Night 2013Description / Buy

Christina Dodd Anthologies

1 Tall, Dark, and Dangerous1994Description / Buy
2 Scottish Brides1999Description / Buy
3 My Scandalous Bride1999Description / Buy
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Since the publication of the first novel, Dodd has become quite the prolific writer writing over 70 titles. Her most known works include the series, Darkness Chosen, Governess Brides, The Chosen Ones, Fortune Hunter, Lost Princesses, Lost Hearts, Fairchild Family, Virtue Falls, Scarlet Deception, Switching Places, Medieval, Princess and Knight. Most of the novels are historical romances with a Regency Period setting and feature an impoverished yet determined woman, who fights against all odds to control her destiny. The novels have been translated into more than twelve languages, and have been featured on the Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and New York Times bestseller lists.


Christina Dodd has been nominated and won some of the most prestigious awards in the romance genre. Candle in the Window her first novel won the Romance Writers of America RITA Award, the highest accolade for a romance writer. Candles in the Window also won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. A Well Pleasured Lady was in the Library Journal Top 5 Romances of 1997, while A Well Favored Gentleman was a finalist for the 1999 Romance Writers of America (RITA) Award. Dodd has also had the honor of appearing as a clue in a November 2005 issue of the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle.


Into The Shadow: The third novel of the Darkness Chosen series is the personification of heartlessness and brutality by a warrior, who promised his soul and that of his descendants to the devil. Adrik Wilder is a cruel, sleek panther with a dark soul. He has given his soul and that of his descendants to the devil in a return for special powers, which allow him to live a life of wickedness with no consequence. Abandoning his family, he kidnaps Karen Sonnet a strong-willed woman whom he intends to use for his selfish purposes. But Karen has a passion and spirit that will not allow her to succumb to the family’s fate. She believes that if she searches long enough, she might just find the answer to the family curse. But when a new evil threatens the family Adrik is forced to choose between saving Karen or redeeming his soul and exacting revenge on his enemies.

Because I’m Watching: The third novel of the Virtue Falls series is an explosive romance story of two kindred spirits coming together. Jacob Denisov is a war veteran living alone in a small, bleak house. Haunted by the horrors of the past, he is starving himself and waiting until he can find the courage to end his life. Everything changes when Madeline Hewitson his neighbor ploughs through his house with a car, breaking his house and blasting his life wide open. Mad Maddie as she is known, is not your ordinary next-door neighbor. She is accused of murdering her lover, the survivor of a college massacre, and is tormented and haunted by ghosts that no one else sees. Having to reconstruct his house Jacob is forced to spend time outside, where he gets a chance to watch the enigmatic Maddie. Recognizing a kindred spirit, he starts to wonder if Madeline is truly mad or is it that she is caught up in labyrinth of madness and murder, redemption and guilt, compassion and revenge.

Wilder: The fifth novel of the Chosen Ones series is the ultimate in Christina Dodd explosive paranormal excitement. Aleksandr Wilder abandoned his vow to the devil and for that; he was tormented, tortured, but finally transformed into a good man. He is now on the frontlines of the fight against the forces of evil, while still fighting to become a normal man again. Meanwhile Charisma Fangorn, the Chosen One has been fighting the ultimate evil one for the past seven years, a quest that has made her a strong and tough warrior. Numb even to her own instincts, she is oblivious to the presence of a monster crawling the tunnels beneath the city streets. It is only through pure luck that Aleksandr appears on the scene to find Charisma overwhelmed by the monster and rescues her. While he cares for her, he wonders if a woman so exceptional could ever love a monster such as him.

When Does The Next Christina Dodd book come out?

Christina Dodd doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Wrong Alibi and was released on December, 29th 2020. It is the newest book in the Murder In Alaska Series.

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