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Christina Dodd never met her father. He had died before she was born. As the youngest child in her family of three sisters, Christina grew up in a loving atmosphere where her mom devoted time to read to her kids every day. Christina went to college in Boise, Idaho. After graduating, she worked in an engineering firm, where she helped design a sawmill. Dodd carried on her love for books into her working years and would read romantic novels whenever she found the time during her lunch breaks.

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Order of The Chosen Ones Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Storm of Visions ( By: Christina Dodd) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Storm of Shadows ( By: Christina Dodd) 2009 Description / Buy
3 Chains of Ice ( By: Christina Dodd) 2010 Description / Buy
4 Chains of Fire ( By: Christina Dodd) 2010 Description / Buy
5 Wilder ( By: Christina Dodd) 2012 Description / Buy
6 Stone Angel ( By: Christina Dodd) 2012 Description / Buy
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She got married early and had her first child in 1980, and found time to write her first book during this period. When family life took centre-stage in her life, Christina plunged into writing romantic books. Dodd published three books within five years of trying her hand at writing. Her published book Candle in the Window sold thousands of copies and received positive reviews from critics. Her first editor severely cut the love scenes in Dodd’s manuscripts but when she moved to Avon publishers, the new editor chose not to meddle with the love scenes.

The first book she wrote with Avon, A Well Pleasured Lady, included uncut romance scenes written in raw, unedited frankness. In 2003, Christina released her first modern-day romance novel. Christina Dodd and her family currently reside in Washington.

Chosen Ones Awards

Romance Writers of America for Candle in the Window RITA Award

Romance Writers of America for the Candle in the Window Golden Heart Award

1999 RITA Award, A Well Favored Gentleman

Chosen Ones Books into Movies

None of the books in the Chosen Ones have been adapted into a screenplay.

Best The Chosen Ones Books

Storm of Visions: The First series in Christina’s back-to-back series from the New York Times bestselling novelist Christina Dodd delivers a stimulating new mystic romance that introduces to her readers The 7, a secret cult established to combat evil in all its deadly forms. In the Storms of Visions, Twins are born in a relatively new world. One represents light, and the other, darkness. The two identical siblings hold special powers, and they gather other people with special powers to combat good and evil.

As they roam the earth as unique creatures, war is about to begin … Jacqueline Vargha did not embrace her unique gift. Caleb D’Angelo has slithered into her life, though she seems so oblivious to him, he forces himself on her as a lover, and demands that she accepts his love. Jacqueline doesn’t want any of this, and they fight over it. Vargha must do something about her night visions and the dangerous imposed lover. She must choose her destiny wisely.

Other Books Series You May Like

The “Scent of Darkness” series also by Christina Dodd is another great one. Ann is a glorified secretary in a wine company. Jasha owns a thriving wine producing company the owner of a successful wine making company. The storyline builds on Ann’s infatuation with her boss, Jasha. She drives to his house to try to seduce him. Did it work? … Meanwhile, Ann sees what she shouldn’t have in the first place, Josh changing from a wolf to man, the ghastly sight terrifies poor Ann, and she hastily runs off scared to death. Jasha chases after her, subdues her and mercilessly devours her, right there in the woods. Ann is a virgin and got incredibly frantic about the whole ordeal.

The following incidents after the rape ordeal in the woods will make you seethe with anger. Ann defends the sexual offender when he receives a bashing from his father. What is this? Jasha does not deserve her mercy. Ann’s character depicts submissiveness based on Jasha’s weird love towards her. Jasha displays a lack of maturity and an unusual aloofness coupled with lousy lust towards Ann. The book contains numerous detailed sexual scenes, not quite substantial, as a typical regency romance novel would deliver.

Jasha grew up in a warm, loving environment. He wasn’t supposed to behave the way he did towards Ann, but in the end, the two got married. It was a sad affair because Ann completely understood her place, and Jasha’s coldness towards her, but she still defends him despite the ill-treatment he shows her. What a twisted tale! Jasha does not hide his unrelenting hostility towards Ann, yet she loves him dearly. She knows that their marriage is a bond based on duty and not love. She got herself a raw deal, Jasha was supposed to be romantic, and warm but he came out quite the opposite.

What Is The Next Book in The Chosen Ones Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Chosen Ones Series. The newest book is Stone Angel and was released on June, 23rd 2012.

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