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Dred Chronicles is a trilogy written by all-time bestselling authors Jax universe, a space prison full of hostile territories, warring factions, and savage retribution where only the strong survive.

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Order of Dred Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Perdition ( By: Ann Aguirre) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Havoc ( By: Ann Aguirre) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Breakout ( By: Ann Aguirre) 2015 Description / Buy
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Ann Aguirre began the publication of the series in 2013 when the debut novel Perdition was published. The second book in Dred Chronicles by Ann Aguirre is Havoc released in 2014, while the last novel was Breakout published in 2015.


These are best three books by Ann Aguirre Perdition and Havoc:

Perdition: Perdition is a space station that holds world’s most dangerous criminals. The people imprisoned in this prison are no minor thief convicted of minor offenses; they are individuals who have been convicted of truly heinous crimes. In this prison, innocence is not a word to be mentioned, even for our heroine Devos.

Life inside is bleak. Dresdemona Devos, popularly referred as Dred Queen is an inmate who controls of one the six perdition territories. Bordered on both sides are would be kings who are ready to challenge her and take away her claim. However, keeping these would- be kings would require her vigilance as well as intensive recruitment of new members so as to replace the fallen ones. If you are in this prison, you got to survive, or otherwise, you die alone.

One of the newest convicts is word Dred Queen Attention. The recruits name is Jael, a mercenary deadly and might be the most dangerous on board the Perdition. His combat skills are the perfect match for Dred only if he does not betray her in the long run. Unfortunately, that is what he does. Winning Jael to collaborate is an uphill task for Dred, but failure to this would be the cause of her downfall.

Havoc: This is the second book in Dred Chronicle series by Ann Aguirre; the series is a dark and gritty Science Fiction featuring violence as the main ingredient. Like the Perdition, Havoc is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a good story worth reading featuring prisoners with strength, determination willing to do anything for survival.

Dred is the queen of Queensland, one of the territories in Perdition, and Jael is her non-human champion. He posses’ superior strength, healing abilities, senses that make him be reckoned. The two companions, Jael and Dred, have a history of violence but however, they are no different than other prisoners in perdition. The people within Dred territory have become one and are governed by rules and a medium of civilization. But one might wonder what the rules are for violent people? The answer is simple; they are set to make sure that the violence is managed, and of the Perdition, the Queensland people they are the sanest people while the other groups are the opposite of sane.

In Havoc, the Perdition is invaded by mercenaries, hired so that they can exterminate the whole population of Perdition so that the Conglomerate can make other uses of the Perdition and to stop spending resources on these criminals.

So, Dred and her non-human bred wage war on the Conglomerate mercenaries and they are not only fighting the mercenaries, but they are also fighting other factions within the borders of perdition. Even though they are out-manned, out-teched, and out-gunned, but however they are smart enough, and they utilize the few resources they have at hand to keep them alive.

The people of Queensland have a brilliant leader, who cares for them. Outwardly, she seems strong but inwardly she is burdened by the leadership roles at hand, but Jael is with her to support her not only at performing her duties but also on a personal level. This alliance is one that never backs down and together they must fight back and win the war and reclaim their territory.

Ann Aguirre has done a splendid job of writing this great trilogy, and not every page of Havoc is all about war, there are some instances where there are celebrations, personal revelations, joking and this helps reveal that the Queenslanders are more than just Guerillas soldiers they are people too.

There are also secondary characters, famous just like Dred and Jael, even though the two account for the minor but significant bit of romance.

The series also feature an excellent story line, with several plot twist which makes the entire series interesting and captivating.


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What Is The Next Book in The Dred Chronicles Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Dred Chronicles Series . The newest book is Breakout and was released on August, 25th 2015.


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