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Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is the lead protagonist of the DS Lucy Black series of novels by Brian McGilloway. Lucy Black made her first appearance in the novel series in the first novel of the series “Little Girl Lost” that McGilloway first published in 2011. The series of novels are best classified as detective crime fiction.

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Order of DS Lucy Black Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Little Girl Lost ( By: Brian McGilloway) 2011 Description / Buy
2 Hurt / Someone You Know ( By: Brian McGilloway) 2013 Description / Buy
3 Preserve The Dead / The Forgotten Ones ( By: Brian McGilloway) 2014 Description / Buy
4 Bad Blood ( By: Brian McGilloway) 2017 Description / Buy
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The DS Lucy Black series is a police procedural featuring the detective sergeant who protects the citizens of an Irish police district alongside her fellow policed officers. Besides being a police officer, she also cares for her senile father, though that never stops her from giving her all towards ensuring that the community she lives in is safe.

“Little Girl Lost” the first novel of the DS Lucy Black series opens to a child found walking in the nearby woodlands with bloodied hands. She is unable or unwilling to talk and even stranger, it is discovered that the blood on her hands is not hers. She only speaks to Detective Sergeant Lucy Black, the officer that had found her wandering the ancient woods. Black is left frustrated when her boss moves her form a high profile kidnapping case. The complications at work only complicate things for Black who has to deal with an increasingly unstable father and a frosty mother.

Struggling to find any relatives of the child she found, she finds clues that could point to the high profile case being connected to dark events in the country’s history. “Little Lost Girl” is an incredible crime thriller that provides great insights into father daughter dynamics, greed and vengeance, greed, and corruption. It is an excellent story that goes to show why McGilloway is one of the most respected crime thriller novelists.


Brian’s debut novel in the series “Little Girl Lost” was the winner of the 2011 McCrea Literary Award by the University of Ulster, in addition to being a No.1 Bestseller in the UK and a New York Times bestseller.


Bad Blood: The fourth novel of the series is the compelling novel full of complicity and hatred. A young man’s body has just been discovered at the local park, his head smashed in and an admission receipt into a gay club the only clue as to his identity. DS Black is assigned the case, and as she dives into the investigations, she can feel the tension between a local hate speech pastor and the local Gay Rights group.

The pastor had a few weeks past advocated that gays be stoned and had so far refused to recant or apologize. Things become even more complicated when a group of neo Nazis starts targeting the local immigrant working class. Throw in local police politics and you have a volatile mix that could erupt at any moment.

The Forgotten One: This is a suspenseful and soulful novel full of gripping tales of lies and secrets. The novel opens to the body of a man in his forties discovered in the river in what is almost immediately apparent, a murder. DS Lucy’s investigations reveal that the man had been embalmed prior to being thrown in the river. Exhausted and confounded, DS Lucy heads home to chew on the case only for her neighbor to knock urgently on her door asking for help. His wife has been the victim of a vicious attack from unknown assailants. Lucy is now pulled in all directions as a range of bizarre crimes are reported across the city.

Hurt: The second novel is an excellent story about protecting the vulnerable. A body of a girl in her mid-teens is discovered in a train and DS Lucy is called in to investigate. The only clues she has to go on are her social media postings and the GPS on her mobile phone. With a new boss watching all her moves, and haunted by her failure to save a child in her last case, she is determined to do things right this time.


Most fans of the DS Lucy Black series also like the “Paula Maguire” series of novels by Claire McGowan. Paula Maguire the lead character in the novel lost her mother in a bizarre unresolved missing person case. She is unable to form personal relationships and channels her energy in resolving complex missing person cases using forensics.

Fans of the series also enjoy the “Katie Maguire” series of novels by Graham Masterton. The series follows Katie Maguire, the daughter of a police inspector who has made a name for herself catching some of Cork’s most elusive killers.

What Is The Next Book in The Ds Lucy Black Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ds Lucy Black Series. The newest book is Bad Blood and was released on July, 25th 2017.


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