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The name Dusky MacMorgan refers to a series of novels written by Randy Wayne White. It is also the name of the primary protagonist. The books were initially released under White’s pseudonym, Randy Stryker.

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Order of Dusky MacMorgan Series Randy Striker

# Read Title Published Details
1 Key West Connection ( By: Randy Striker) 1981 Description / Buy
2 The Deep Six ( By: Randy Striker) 1981 Description / Buy
3 Cuban Death-Lift ( By: Randy Striker) 1981 Description / Buy
4 The Deadlier Sex ( By: Randy Striker) 1981 Description / Buy
5 Assassin's Shadow ( By: Randy Striker) 1981 Description / Buy
6 Everglades Assault ( By: Randy Striker) 1982 Description / Buy
7 Grand Cayman Slam ( By: Randy Striker) 1982 Description / Buy
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Key West Connection, the first book in the Dusky MacMorgan series, was actually White’s first fictional novel. The book found Dusky spending his days lazing about in his boat only to encounter drug runners with a thirst for blood who quickly butcher a family.

Unfortunately for these thugs, Dusky is no ordinary fisherman and he is determined to make the hooligans pay for their crimes; however, following their trail only leads Dusky into trouble, especially when he learns that a corrupt Senator might be involved.

Randy Wayne White’s protagonist is an ex-Navy SEAL. Randy survived literal hell in Vietnam and has since found peace working as a fisherman. Dusky is written to be a very happy man, and a lucky one.

Besides surviving the war, Dusky has a great family. His wife is beautiful and his sons are amazing. And that isn’t even taking into account his best friend, a man with whom he has found new life away from the war.

Dusky should have everything a man could possibly want. However, he cannot seem to escape trouble and often becomes involved with violent criminals who he must either terminate or bring to justice whenever they encroach upon his life and the lives of those around him.

Fortunately for Dusky, he is a highly skilled operative whose intelligence and access to weaponry make him a deadly foe for anyone foolish enough to cause trouble in his vicinity.

Randy is a bit like Dusky. The author also found solace on the water when he worked as a fishing guide. And while he is hardly the deadly specialist that Dusky is, Randy is definitely an adventurer.

The author has a great love for traveling, and he isn’t afraid to take chances. And while he isn’t exactly a thrill junkie, Randy definitely lives a far more exciting life than most.

The author loves writing about dangerous male protagonists who use their skills to resolve injustices that might have otherwise eluded the law. In fact, it could be argued that Randy’s protagonists are all based on the same blueprint, with Randy using each new series of novels to evolve his hero into something more palatable.

Best Dusky MacMorgan Books

If you have never read the Dusky MacMorgan books before, the following books should avail you with an accurate idea of what you can expect:

The Deep Six: Dusky MacMorgan encounters an eccentric who vanishes soon afterward. It is assumed that he probably fell to the vicious jaws of a shark. However, Dusky isn’t so certain. Before he disappeared, the eccentric had shared with Dusky a chain he was certain would unlock a treasure hidden beneath the sea.

Dusky doesn’t believe it is a coincidence that he disappeared so soon afterward. It soon becomes apparent that there are forces out there, predators that will stop at nothing to keep Dusky away from the treasure.

This book features a lot of vivid descriptions. Key West acts as the perfect setting for the story, with Randy Wayne White’s writing abilities bringing the beaches and islands to life.

Dusky is back in action, this time driven to seek vengeance for the death of his friend. This novel, the second in the series, further emphasizes Dusky’s abilities as a soldier.

Everglades Assault: The Yarboroughs might have deep roots in Florida but someone out there isn’t afraid to send them packing from their swampland. Luckily for the beautiful April Yarborough, she has Dusky MacMorgan to rely on.

April uses Dusky’s relationship with her father to elicit his help. And Dusky isn’t afraid to contend with the deadly foes that have begun invading the swamp.

This book really endeavors to explore the true face of Florida, a face that is different from the commercial images inundating the media.

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What Is The Next Book in The Dusky Macmorgan Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Dusky Macmorgan Series. The newest book is Grand Cayman Slam and was released on May, 1st 1982.


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