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David Eddings was a well-established American writer who was widely known for the Elenium and Tamuli book series.

Order of The Elenium Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Diamond Throne ( By: David Eddings) 1989 Description / Buy
2 The Ruby Knight ( By: David Eddings) 1990 Description / Buy
3 The Sapphire Rose ( By: David Eddings) 1991 Description / Buy
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Order of The Tamuli Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Domes of Fire ( By: David Eddings) 1992 Description / Buy
2 The Shining Ones ( By: David Eddings) 1993 Description / Buy
3 The Hidden City ( By: David Eddings) 1994 Description / Buy
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Other book series that David Eddings was known for include The Malloren, The Dreamers and the Belgariad. Eddings was born in the town of Spokane, Washington to Theone Eddings and George Wayne Eddings in the year 1931. After he graduated from Snohomish High School in the year 1949, Eddings worked for a year before he majored in drama, English, and speech in junior high school.

During his junior college years, Eddings showed an early talent for literature and drama, by emerging the winner during the national oratorical contest. He also performed the lead character in a majority of his drama productions. In the year 1954, David Eddings graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Reeds College. At Reeds College, David Eddings wrote a novel for his Thesis before being drafted eventually into the United States Army.

Elenium and Tamuli Awards

Elenium and Tamuli book series has not yet been nominated for any major literary award.

Elenium and Tamuli Books into Movies

None of the books in Elenium and Tamuli book series has been adapted into a screenplay.

Best Elenium and Tamuli Series Books

The Diamond Throne: The Elenium is unique because it is not a coming of age book series. All the characters are not only old but also seasoned as well. The story has numerous subplots and multiple layers as well. The magic system, on the other hand, is exceedingly complex while the religious structure has several subplots and layers. The creatures that author, David Eddings has created are exceedingly interesting, thereby making the book series quite gory and action packed.

As the first installment in the Elenium book series, The Diamond Throne begins with a knight of a Pandion Order, Sparhawk, who arrives home after being in exile for more than ten years. Sparhawk is a middle aged man, who is not only world weary but cynical as well. Furthermore, he is also quite unattractive and extremely far from the day-to-day heroes. Sparhawk is loyal to the knightly order and the crown as well. Nonetheless, he is still a character that the readers will like instantly. Sparhawk has his flaws; he has not only made mistakes in the past, but he also continues to make them.

Sparhawk is loyal to the Knightly order, the crown as well. However, his moral campus, is many at times skewed, and his behaviors, on the other hand, is not that noble. As a steadfast friend, Sparhawk shows kindness to people who are in need. Upon returning from exile, Sparhawk finds out that his queen has just been poisoned and her power has been taken over by the head of the Elenian church, who is exceedingly corrupt. However, Seraphina, a renowned sorceress, has placed the queen in a diamond casing so as to delay the effect of the poison, hoping that Sparhawk, will be able to find the cure in due time.

The Ruby Knight: This picks up from whether the first installment, The Diamond Throne had left off from. If you haven’t read the first installment, The Diamond Throne, then you should read it first because Ruby Knight cannot be read as a standalone novel.

Sparhawk continues with his quest of finding the cure for his queen. While the first novel in the Elenium book series was a mixture of style, the Ruby Knight is more like a road movie. The quests in the Ruby Knight are not only interesting but also quite unpredictable. There are numerous twists in The Ruby Knight that would even keep a seasoned reader guessing.

In this installment, the author David Eddings introduces the readers to four church knights, with each of them having a different temperament. Despite the fact these four characters are always in danger, there is always a sense of fun. With that said, author, David Eddings has done an excellent job of introducing different, believable cultures. The description that Eddings gives of the ever changing landscapes is quite beautiful.

Other Book Series You May Like

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What Is The Next Book in The Elenium Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Elenium Series. The newest book is The Sapphire Rose and was released on January, 1st 1991.


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