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Martha Graham is an American based author, who has been in the writing business for quite some time. Graham has a long list of thriller and suspense novels under her name. Acknowledged on an international scale by the general public and the critics as well, Martha Grimes has managed to develop highly entertaining book series like Andi Oliver and Richard Jury.

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Order of Emma Graham Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Hotel Paradise ( By: Martha Grimes) 1995 Description / Buy
2 Cold Flat Junction ( By: Martha Grimes) 2000 Description / Buy
3 Belle Ruin ( By: Martha Grimes) 2005 Description / Buy
4 Fadeaway Girl ( By: Martha Grimes) 2011 Description / Buy
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One of the book series that Marath Grimes is widely known for is the Emma Graham book series that has been running on for quite some time. It is clear to see why the Emma Graham book series has performed so well since it works on multiple levels as a detective fiction and a character study soaked in ambiance. The Emma Graham series features the eponymous, Emma Graham. Author, Martha Grimes leads the readers down a rich and wide-ranging narrative path.

With more than four books in the series already, the Martha Grimes book series is undoubtedly a book series that manages to lure the readers slowly and keeping them engaged throughout. Throughout the entire series, the character, Emma Graham renders herself well. With outstanding thematic ideas, the series contains a lot of weight to it, using the genres exceedingly well to convey various ideas.

Emma Graham Awards

None of the books in the Emma Graham book series has been nominated for any major literary award.

Emma Graham Books into Movies

None of the books in the Emma Graham book series has been adapted into a feature film.

Emma Graham Best Books

Hotel Paradise: Originally, Ballantine publishers published Hotel Paradise in the year 1995. Hotel Paradise was set to be the first book in the Emma Graham book series. Setting the pace for the books that were to come later on, Hotel Paradise paved the way for a fresh mystery genre thriller, taking the tropes and in the process producing something new and exciting. The novel worked exceedingly well in the establishment of the character Emma Graham as the main character, together with providing her with her very first mystery case.

With the ideas of life in a small town and what this kind of life meant, Grimes managed to create a location that relates to one on a universal scale. By capturing what life in a small town would be like as well as the essence of life in a small town, author Martha Grimes, in turn, managed to bring out the locating as one of the characters in the Emma Graham book series. Seeing the entire world, through the eyes of Emma Graham, the author has managed to offer a perspective from the ground level.

Cold Flat Junction: The second instalment in the Emma Graham book series. In this instalment, Martha Grimes has already made a reputation for herself, with the first instalment and the Richard Jury mystery series. This brilliantly written and slowly paced sequel revisits the 12-year-old sleuth, who is working in a resort that her family owns. This narrative begins a week after the first instalment came to an end, and the author, Martha Grimes chronicles the murder of three people.

After serving more than twenty years, Ben Queen has recently been released out of prison, for the alleged killing of his wife, one Rose Queen. Fern Queen and Ben Queen and Rose’s daughter is found killed, and Ben Queen finds himself as the prime suspect. Emma is more than sure that Ben is not the one who committed the murder. However, she cannot inform the local police because she knows where Ben has been hiding. Emma is also aware that the events, which led to death, had started more than 40 years ago, with the first incidence being the drowning death of one Mary Devereaux, who was under the care of her three aunts.

Skilfully created as an exceedingly smart and independent child who is learning to be a self-aware adult, Emma discovers that she has a talent for self-fulfilling lies, indirect routes and pumping her sources for information. Emma’s meditation can from time to time, make this novel quite a slow read.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Richard Jury” book series by Martha Grimes is an excellent book series. The Old Fox Deceived is the second installment in the Richard Jury book series. In this instalment, Inspector Jury does not find any real answers to the questions that he has for his investigation. The great thing is that Richard Jury is an exceedingly wealthy investigator; thus, he can easily bribe people to get answers.

What Is The Next Book in The Emma Graham Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Emma Graham Series. The newest book is Fadeaway Girl and was released on January, 1st 2011.


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