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The name Emma Lord refers to a series of cozy mystery novels written by Mary Daheim. Emma Lord is also the name of the series’ protagonist.

Order of Emma Lord Series

1The Alpine Advocate1992Description / Buy
2The Alpine Betrayal1993Description / Buy
3The Alpine Christmas1993Description / Buy
4The Alpine Decoy1994Description / Buy
5The Alpine Escape1995Description / Buy
6The Alpine Fury1995Description / Buy
7The Alpine Gamble1996Description / Buy
8The Alpine Hero1996Description / Buy
9The Alpine Icon1997Description / Buy
10The Alpine Journey1998Description / Buy
11The Alpine Kindred1998Description / Buy
12The Alpine Legacy1999Description / Buy
13The Alpine Menace2000Description / Buy
14The Alpine Nemesis2001Description / Buy
15The Alpine Obituary2002Description / Buy
16The Alpine Pursuit2004Description / Buy
17The Alpine Quilt2005Description / Buy
18The Alpine Recluse2006Description / Buy
19The Alpine Scandal2007Description / Buy
20The Alpine Traitor2008Description / Buy
21The Alpine Uproar2009Description / Buy
22The Alpine Vengeance2010Description / Buy
23The Alpine Winter2011Description / Buy
24The Alpine Xanadu2013Description / Buy
25The Alpine Yeoman2014Description / Buy
26The Alpine Zen2015Description / Buy
27Alpha Alpine2017Description / Buy
28Bitter Alpine2020Description / Buy
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Emma Lord is first introduced to readers in The Alpine Advocate, the first novel in the series.

Emma runs the Alpine Advocate, a newspaper in a small town in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. And as editor, it has taken her a year, but she has finally come to terms with life in her new home.

However, things are hardly rosy. The paper isn’t doing great, and if Emma wants to give it some new life, she must break a story, something big.

Emma gets her wish when the son of an old, wealthy man dies. And when the reporter decides to investigate the murder, she has no idea that she is about to elicit the ire of a deadly enemy.

The Emma Lord series is spent following Emma around as she follows up on suspicious stories, explores mysteries and unravels difficult cases.

Emma Lord isn’t like other cozy mystery heroes and heroines. Unlike many of her peers in the genre, Emma’s sleuthing activities actually make sense.

She isn’t just another hapless individual stumbling through crime scenes and putting the skills of her disparate career to the task of solving murders. As a reporter, it is Emma’s job to snoop around other people’s business.

As such, she has an easier time slipping her sleuthing hat on and forcing her way into the lives of the victims, suspects, and witnesses of crimes.

It is worth pointing out the fact that, as with most cozy mystery novels, the Emma Lord books spend a lot of time delving into the minutiae of the heroine’s life.

Emma’s existence is primarily occupied by three things. You have her newspaper for which she is always risking life and limb, especially when she catches wind of a worthwhile story.

Then there’s her son Adam who keeps her on her toes. Emma is determined to raise him the best way she can. But she keeps fighting with Adam’s father for his attention. Emma also has a brother that flits in and out of her life.

Thirdly, you have the heroine’s relationship with Milo Dodge. Milo is the Sheriff of their small town.

The two are repeatedly thrown into situations where they must depend on one another to crack a case. Milo and Emma are also lovers. But their relationship is so casual that Emma doesn’t know what to make of it.

The Emma Lord series is a little slow. The author always takes quite a bit of time setting up all the pieces of her story.

Best Emma Lord Books

The Emma Lord novels are typical cozy mystery fanfare featuring a strong lead, exciting supporting characters, and simple but amusing mysteries, with some of the best books in the series including:

The Alpine Gamble: A real estate developer wants to build a luxury spa near Alpine. Some people think it’s a great idea. They believe the project will create the sorts of jobs that the town sorely needs.

However, opponents are not convinced. They fear that the spa will attract the wrong crowd to Alpine, people that are all too glitzy and sleazy.

The situation has split Emma Lord’s readers right down the middle. And just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, a murder shocks the community.

Now Emma is determined to solve the crime. She is joined by Sheriff Milo Dodge and her colleague Vida Runkel.

The Alpine Nemesis: Things got a little exciting two months ago when a snowboarder vanished. But life in Alpine has settled into a dull rut, as it often does.

Just when Emma is coming to terms with the fact that she will have little choice but to fill her paper with stories of graduations and local chickenpox outbreaks, a family feud flares up, leading to three deaths.

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What Is The Next Book in The Emma Lord Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Emma Lord Series. The newest book is Bitter Alpine and was released on February, 1st 2020.


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