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The Emperor is an internationally critically acclaimed historical book series by renowned British author, Conn Iggulden. The Emperor Book series revolves around the life of Gaius Julius Caesar, a general and Roman Statesman. The books in the Emperor Book series were published between the years 2003 and 2013. The Emperor book series was well received by critics and the general public.

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Order of Emperor Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Gates of Rome ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2002 Description / Buy
2 The Death of Kings ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2004 Description / Buy
3 The Field of Swords ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2005 Description / Buy
4 The Gods of War ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2006 Description / Buy
5 The Blood of Gods ( By: Conn Iggulden) 2013 Description / Buy
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However, the series still drew various reactions from critics who claimed that the author changed historical facts to create a thrilling narrative. In all the books in the Emperor book series, Conn Iggulden has noted this fact at the end of every novel. One of the major changes Conn Iggulden has made is the main plot that features Brutus and Caesar, growing up together during their childhood years. In reality, Brutus was fifteen years younger than Caesar, who sometimes was rumored to be his son.

This, in turn, gives the book series some complexities that are much similar to the thriller, 1900, where two boys who were raised together were shaped by their differences, thereby resulting in diverging destinies. Apart from Brutus and Caesar, other notable historical characters include Cornelius Sula, Gaius Marius, Cinna Cornelia, Crassus and many others.

Emperor Awards

The books in the emperor book series are yet to be nominated for any major literary award.

Emperor Books into Movies

The Emperor Book series has been adapted into a movie trilogy that was directed by renowned director Burr Steers. The first movie, the Emperor, has been based on the first two books in the series.

Emperor Best Books

The Gates of Rome: The story revolves around the life of two boys, Gaius, the son of an exceedingly wealthy senator and Marcus, the mischevious son of a prostitute, who is brought up as Gaius’s brother. He is also taught the art of war, alongside Gaius. However, it does not take long before Gaius’s father passes away and the two boys are suddenly thrust into adulthood. The boys have no choice but to relocated to Rome, a place where Gaius’s uncle was vying with one Sulla, to take control of the entire republic.

Upon turning 14, Marcus is admitted to the Fourth Macedonian Legion, with the hopes of earning his fortune. Gaius’s, on the other hand, chooses to remain by his uncle’s side. The author, Conn Iggulden makes use of boyhood pranks, to put to the test the reader’s patience. Halfway through the novel, the pace of the story picks up. The Gates of Rome is filled with frequent fight scenes, that range from full-scale battles to individual battles. The cartoon like abilities of these characters eventually bounces back after several stitches.

As the story continues, it becomes apparently clear that Conn Iggulden has a rather solid grounding when it comes to Roman history, attitude and anachronisms in speech. Towards the end, a major twist eventually reveals that the two main characters are two of the best known Roman history figures. However, any reader with some knowledge about this period may have already figured out the identity of these two characters. With that said, The Gates of Rome is a highly entertaining book, that is not only fast paced but also gives a holistic view of Roman life.

The Death of Kings: This is the second installment in the Emperor book series. This installment begins with Julius Caesar, an outcast of Rome, commences his military-career as an officer, who is aboard the ships that are patrolling the North African coast. Furthermore, The Death of Kings also trails the early career of Brutus, Caesar’s closet friend, who in this book finds himself battling in Greece.

Some of the most amazing adventures follow involving these two characters as they try to gain fighting experience. Despite the fact that these two characters become well respected and excellent soldiers, Brutus appears to be highly gifted with the sword while Caesar on the other hand with the brains. When these two characters finally meet once again, the two have already attained enough seniority and experience to control an army in the recapture of Rome from Spartacus, who is in charge of an army from the North.

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What Is The Next Book in The Emperor Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Emperor Series. The newest book is The Blood of Gods and was released on January, 1st 2013.


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