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The third child in a family of six, Orson Scott Card is an American novelist, columnist, critic and public speaker. Despite the fact that he writes different genres, Orson Card Scott is widely known for a majority of his forensics fiction. Scott is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Hugo Awards and the Nebula Awards for his works, the Speaker for the Dead and Ender’s Game.

Order of Ender Saga Series

1Ender's Game1985Description / Buy
2Speaker for the Dead1986Description / Buy
3Xenocide1991Description / Buy
4Children of the Mind1996Description / Buy
5Ender's Shadow1998Description / Buy
6Shadow of the Hegemon2000Description / Buy
7First Meetings in Ender's Universe2002Description / Buy
8Shadow Puppets2002Description / Buy
9Shadow of the Giant2005Description / Buy
10A War of Gifts (Short Story)2007Description / Buy
11Ender in Exile2008Description / Buy
12Shadows in Flight2011Description / Buy
13Earth Unaware2012Description / Buy
14Earth Afire2013Description / Buy
15Earth Awakens2014Description / Buy
16The Swarm2016Description / Buy
17The Hive2019Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Ender Saga Series

1Earth Unaware2012Description / Buy
2Earth Afire2013Description / Buy
3Earth Awakens2014Description / Buy
4The Swarm2016Description / Buy
5The Hive2019Description / Buy
6Ender's Game1985Description / Buy
7Ender's Shadow1998Description / Buy
8A War of Gifts (Short Story)2007Description / Buy
9Children of the Mind1996Description / Buy
10Shadow of the Hegemon2000Description / Buy
11Shadow Puppets2002Description / Buy
12Shadow of the Giant2005Description / Buy
13Ender in Exile2008Description / Buy
14Shadows in Flight2011Description / Buy
15First Meetings in Ender's Universe2002Description / Buy
16Speaker for the Dead1986Description / Buy
17Xenocide1991Description / Buy
18Children of the Mind1996Description / Buy

Order of Ender's Shadow Series


Order of Ender Saga Graphic Novels By: Aaron Johnston, Orson Scott Card, Mike Carey, Christopher Yost

1Ender's Game, Volume 1: Battle School2009Description / Buy
2Ender's Shadow (Short Story)2009Description / Buy
3Ender's Game2009Description / Buy
4Ender's Game, Volume 2: Command School2010Description / Buy

Order of Ender Saga Collections

1First Meetings (Short Story)2002Description / Buy
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Order of Ender's Shadow Series

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Orson Scott Card has also penned down novels suing different pseudonyms such as Byron Walley, Dinah Kirkham, Noam P. Pellume and P.Q Gump. During an interview, Orson Scott Card was quoted saying that he was trying to establish a separate identity in the market, thus that is the main reason why he has been using several pseudonyms. At the moment, Orson Scott Card is currently writing and co-producing a film that is based on his novels and also doubles up as an English professor at the Southern Virginia University.

Orson Scott began his writing career as a poet when he was still a student at Birmingham Young University. Once he returned from his LDS Mission from Brazil, Scott established a Repertory Theatre Company in Utah, which produced plays in outdoor amphitheaters.

Ender Saga Series Best Books

The Ender’s Saga is undoubtedly one of the best books that Orson Scott Card has ever written. The book series was first featured in Analog magazine The Ender’s Game is the first installment in the Ender Saga book series, while the second book in the series is titled Speaker for the Dead. The Ender’s Saga series revolves around one Ender Wiggin, who has just been made the commander of a Dragon Army, an institution that has been instituted to turn young children into commanders. The commanders are then expected to fight against an alien race that has been attacking earth.

The narratives in the Ender’s Saga are all about succeeding from heroism and life struggles. Due to the popularity of the first installment in the Ender Saga book series, the book has been adapted into a feature film, and Orson Scott Card fans will get the chance of viewing this Hollywood film that features Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford, and Asa Butterfield. The author, Orson Scott Card has used a seemingly threatening science fiction setting; a near-future earth that has been threatened by an invasive alien species that are in possession of superior technology.

The story revolves around an exceedingly young boy, who has been drafted into a military training program at 6. This all-consuming military program that the young boy has been inducted into aims at forging a new generation of army commanders from gifted children, with the sole purpose of breaking this child at any cost. The trainers will only stop once they find someone who cannot be broken anymore.

Ender’s Game: In Ender’s Saga, the author introduces the readers to Ender Wiggin, an exceedingly young boy, who has just been sent to Battle School, a training academy, that is located above earth’s orbit. The Battle School was specifically engineered to train soldiers who are expected to fight against a population of alien’s in the future. Ender joins the Battle School with the hopes of being promoted into the rather difficult training scheme. For Ender Wiggins, the training proved to be a little bit difficult than he had expected. At the school, Ender is given a special teacher, who was going to assist him to become a commander. Ender’s Game was published in the year 1985.

The book emerged from a short story that was published in the Analogue Science Fiction and Fact in the year 1977. In this book, the readers meet with so many characters including Ender’s family; his sister Valentine and his exceedingly mean brother, Peter. Along the way, we also meet with other characters such as Bonzo, Petra, Bean, Alai, Crazy Tom, Carn Carby and Hot Soup.

Apart from being determined, Ender is also extremely brave. The other characters at Battle School behave differently; there are those who are unfriendly, and there are others, who are friendly. Together, these characters create an exceedingly interesting relationship. With that said, author, Orson Scott Card has an exceedingly interesting narrative style. Author, Card has placed numerous descriptions where appropriate and narrates from time to time in an exceedingly exciting manner.

Other Books Series You May Like

The “Mither Mages” series is another highly entertaining read by the critically acclaimed author, Orson Scott Card. The Lost Gate is the first installment in the Mither Mages book series by Orson Scott Card. In this installment, author Orson Scott Card introduces the readers to Danny North, a boy who from childhood, knew that his family was quite different from other families. The Lost Gate provides a rather delightful explanation of gods, werewolves, ghosts and other supernatural and mythical creatures.

What Is The Next Book in The Ender Saga Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ender Saga Series. The newest book is The Hive and was released on June, 12th 2019.


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