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Author David Lynn Golemon writes this series of thrillers about Event Group, which is an super secret team that is led by a major named Jack Collins. Golemon is ex Special Ops, and uses his experience to write these books. It is their mission to uncover some hidden truths about the different legends and myths throughout history. Some famous people and events from history include the UFO incident at Roswell, Czar Nicholas II, and Jack the Ripper.

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Order of Event Group Thriller Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Event ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Legend ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Ancients ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2008 Description / Buy
4 Leviathan ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2009 Description / Buy
5 Primeval ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2010 Description / Buy
6 Legacy ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2011 Description / Buy
7 Ripper ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2012 Description / Buy
8 Carpathian ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2013 Description / Buy
9 Overlord ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2014 Description / Buy
10 The Mountain ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2015 Description / Buy
11 The Traveler ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2016 Description / Buy
12 Beyond the Sea ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2017 Description / Buy
13 Empire of the Dragon ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2018 Description / Buy
14 Season of the Witch ( By: David Lynn Golemon) 2019 Description / Buy
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The series began in the year 2006, with the release of “Event”. Since then, one book a year has been released. The second book, “Legend” was a number one bestseller.


For those readers looking to get into the “Event Group Thriller” series by David Lynn Golemon, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “Event”, “Legend”, and “Ancients”.

Event: This is the first novel in the “Event Group Thriller” series and was released in the year 2006. There is no more secret organization in America than Event Group, it is made up of the most brilliant people the nation has in the fields of military, science, and philosophy. They are led by Major Jack Collins, and have dedicated to finding out the real truth behind different myths and legends that have made their way through the history of the world.

Whether it is underground agencies, UFOs, conspiracy theories, or extraterrestrial life.There is a new as well as unspeakable threat that has been uncovered. the best hope that humanity has to survive is with Collins and his crew.

For this mission, Event Group is confronting a foe of incredible power and strength. To make sure the errors of history are not repeated, Event Group has to form an alliance with an unlikely force. This is so they can stop an even bigger force that is only known by the moniker of the Destroyer of Worlds. An epic battle is just about to get underway in the desert wastelands located out in America’s southwest.

Legend: This is the second novel in the “Event Group Thriller” series and was released in the year 2007. In 1533, Captain Hernando Padilla with his small Spanish fleet was sent by Francisco Pizarro and found a legend that some only would dare to whisper about. He found El Dorado, in a forgotten valley deep in Brazil. It is the biggest gold deposit in all of the world. It has been hidden by all of time. But there was not just gold there.

Both he and his crew awakened some kind of devil that was also hidden in the valley. It is some kind of Amazonian beast that comes up from the biggest body of water to brutally kill anyone that would threaten this secret in the long gone Incas. One of the soldiers was able to survive all of the savagery and tells one priest in Peru. This is a secret that the Vatican only covered up quickly.

Fast forward to present day. A professor named Helen Zachary is looking for the same hidden legend. She is looking for the beast, and ends up disappearing. A letter comes in from one of Zachary’s colleagues and it sends Collins and his crew to track what happened to Zachary.

Ancients: This is the third novel in the “Event Group Thriller” series and was released in the year 2008. Ten millenia before the Roman Empire marched their gigantic legions all over the world, there was one civilization that was dedicated to nothing but the sciences of the sky, earth, and sea. It was known as the City of Light, and they made plans to destroy their uncivilized neighbors by using the planet’s own power. Hell was loosed upon the Earth when the greatest science of this time was used on invading hordes. All of Atlantis was lost in the suicidal storm that was made up of both water and fire.

History is about to repeat itself. The Ancients’ best weapon has been found in the South Pacific, and being comprehended by men that are full of hatred and an evil that everyone thought was gone from all of history. Once more, the black swastika, a symbol of hate, is on the rise. Their goal is to make use of this deadly weapon, one that would make nuclear weapons look like toys in comparison. The world begins to shake under this ancient science’s power. Whole entire cities are destroyed, seas rise, and the earth cracks under this old evil power.

It is up to Event Group to stop this Ancient power. They have to make sure history’s past is not repeated. They must undertake the most dangerous mission of their careers. They have to find the Ancients’ trail and find the hidden key before the new Reich.


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What Is The Next Book in The Event Group Thriller Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Event Group Thriller Series. The newest book is Season of the Witch and was released on August, 23rd 2019.


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