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The name Faith Fairchild refers to a series of cozy mystery novels written by Katherine Hall Page. The books follow the exploits of a preacher’s wife who solves crimes.

Order of Faith Fairchild Series

1The Body in the Belfry1990Description / Buy
2The Body in the Kelp1990Description / Buy
3The Body in the Bouillon1991Description / Buy
4The Body in the Vestibule1992Description / Buy
5The Body in the Cast1993Description / Buy
6The Body in the Basement1994Description / Buy
7The Body in the Bog / The Body in the Marsh1996Description / Buy
8The Body in the Fjord1997Description / Buy
9The Body in the Bookcase1998Description / Buy
10The Body in the Big Apple1999Description / Buy
11The Body in the Moonlight2001Description / Buy
12The Body in the Bonfire2002Description / Buy
13The Body in the Lighthouse2003Description / Buy
14The Body in the Attic2004Description / Buy
15The Body in the Snowdrift2005Description / Buy
16The Body in the Ivy2006Description / Buy
17The Body in the Gallery2008Description / Buy
18The Body in the Sleigh2009Description / Buy
19The Body in the Gazebo2011Description / Buy
20The Body in the Boudoir2012Description / Buy
21The Body in the Piazza2013Description / Buy
22The Body in the Birches2015Description / Buy
23The Body in the Wardrobe2016Description / Buy
24The Body in the Casket2017Description / Buy
25The Body in the Wake2019Description / Buy
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Faith Fairchild isn’t like most women in Alford, Massachusetts. Before coming to the small Parish, Faith was a socialite in New York. She came from privilege and enjoyed the benefits of the trust fund that her grandmother had left her.

For a time, Faith was a caterer. Her successful business saw her mingle with the rich and famous of New York. She was beautiful, wealthy and she led the sort of life that most people envied.

But then Tom Fairchild came into the picture. The preacher swept Faith off her feet. And to everyone’s shock, Faith actually agreed to marry him. If that wasn’t surprising enough, when Tom decided to move to his Parish in Alford, Faith also agreed to follow him.

That meant giving up her glamorous life, putting her business on hold and leaving her friends and family behind. Faith’s commitment to her marriage was such that she willingly made the sacrifices necessary to start a family with the man she loved.

By the time readers meet her in The Body in the Belfry, the first novel in the series, Faith Fairchild does not regret her decision. She is a happy wife and mother. However, part of her is quite bored.

Her life in New York was active. She was consistently busy, always on the go. And unfortunately, Massachusetts couldn’t be more different from New York. Faith’s small town is quiet and peaceful, and it hasn’t exactly given Faith much to do.

Her fortunes change when a beautiful girl with a controversial reputation is found dead in a church. The police immediately identify the victim’s boyfriend as the prime suspect. However, neither Faith nor her husband is convinced by the conclusion.

So the socialite throws her amateur sleuthing hat on and investigates the murder. The case gives Faith a taste of the excitement she used to elicit from her life in New York and it isn’t long before she is buried under an endless string of crimes and murders, each of which she puts her mind to the task of solving.

The Faith Fairchild series follows the heroine around as she comes to terms with her new role as preacher’s wife and part-time sleuth. Each installment in the series finds Faith stumbling upon a new murder that she then attempts to solve.

A lot of focus is placed on Faith’s attempts at fitting into her new community and finding a purpose outside of her role as the preacher’s wife.

Faith Fairchild Awards

The Body in the Bonfire and The Body in the Lighthouse were Finalists for the Agatha Award and the Mary Higgins Clark Award in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The Body in the Snowdrift won the Agatha Award in 2005.

Best Faith Fairchild Books

The Fairchild novels tell relatively standard cozy mystery stories featuring an unconventional amateur detective surrounded by a cast of quirky characters, with some of the best titles in the series including:

The Body in the Bonfire: Faith Fairchild, a small town preacher’s wife, might be a great cook but she had no interest in teaching others to cook. But then she learned that an African-American student was being racially bullied and immediately joined the staff at Mansfield academy.

She hoped to put a stop to the abuse. She was instead assaulted by a wave of lies, secrets, and intrigue. When human remains are found in a campus bonfire, Faith makes it her mission to get to the bottom of Mansfield’s secrets.

The Body in the Lighthouse: When Faith and her family flee to a scenic Maine island, they hope to find a moment of peace. But things are far from peaceful. There’s an aggressive developer on the prowl, causing all manner of tensions to rise.

When Faith finds a body near the lighthouse, she decides to find the killer before the volatile emotions she has encountered reach a boiling point.

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Another great book series is the “Cat Latimer” Series by Lynn Cahoon. Cat Latimer is a former professor who runs an Inn in the same house she inherited from her carousing ex-husband. When she isn’t managing writers’ retreats, the author can be found solving crimes and murders, sometimes in the company of her uncle, a police chief.

What Is The Next Book in The Faith Fairchild Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Faith Fairchild Series. The newest book is The Body in the Wake and was released on May, 7th 2019.

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