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FBI Thriller is a series of novels written by Catherine Coulter. Catherine Coulter took a liking to Poetry and European history while she was in college. And it wasn’t a surprise when she went on to write numerous novels set in the Victorian Era, not to mention books set in Medieval and Viking times.

Order of FBI Thriller Series

1The Cove1996Description / Buy
2The Maze1997Description / Buy
3The Target1998Description / Buy
4The Edge1999Description / Buy
5Riptide2000Description / Buy
6Hemlock Bay2001Description / Buy
7Eleventh Hour2002Description / Buy
8Blind Side2003Description / Buy
9Blowout2004Description / Buy
10Point Blank2005Description / Buy
11Double Take2007Description / Buy
12TailSpin2008Description / Buy
13KnockOut2009Description / Buy
14Whiplash2010Description / Buy
15Split Second2011Description / Buy
16Backfire2012Description / Buy
17Bombshell2013Description / Buy
18Power Play2014Description / Buy
19Nemesis2015Description / Buy
20Insidious2016Description / Buy
21Enigma2017Description / Buy
22Paradox2018Description / Buy
23Labyrinth2019Description / Buy
24Deadlock2020Description / Buy
25Vortex2021Description / Buy
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The Historical romances, despite their fanbase, never truly gained mainstream attention. It wasn’t until Coulter began writing the FBI Thriller series that she gained the conventional success she sought.

Starting with The Cove in 1992, which follows a woman hiding from her father’s killers in a small town and the FBI agent that attempts to her, Coulter went on to write one FBI Thriller novel a year over the next several years, and each one was met with positive reviews and opinions, though there were a few exceptions.

The FBI Thriller series attempts to give readers a glimpse into the lives of FBI agents, not only the excitement and adventure of their work but the dangers involved. The FBI Thriller books were a drastic departure from Coulter’s body of work when they were first published.

Before that moment, Coulter had garnered a reputation for writing sexy and spicy historical romance novels. The FBI Thriller books tapped into the thriller and suspense genres, featuring more action and adventure than Coulter normally experimented with.

It is worth noting all the complaints the books have received, especially with regards to the romance elements that tends to overrun the mystery in a number of the books. Coulter has also been accused of using very implausible scenarios to drive her plots, showing very little insight into the operations of the FBI, the rules that govern their agents and the restrictions they often have to contend with.

Coulter’s fans tend to overlook these issues, though, instead celebrating the fun and exciting that Coulter delivers.

Best FBI Thriller Books

Even with all the complaints they can sometimes attract, Catherine Coulter’s books have a lot of fans, the best books in the series including the following:

The Edge: FBI Agent Ford MacDougal was the victim of a terrorist car bombing that left him with injuries. He witnessed his sister drive her car off a cliff on purpose.

Ford wakes up in a hospital on the other side of the country and returns to Portland to find that Jilly, his sister, has woken from her coma. Then she vanishes. In his frantic attempt to find her, everyone Ford talks to has a different story about what happened to Jilly.

Ford is almost glad for the distraction when he is asked to investigate the death of an elderly resident, unaware that it might be connected to Jilly’s disappearance.

The characters in this book spend a lot of time wandering around a small town, which is a shame because the book starts with so much promise, then seems to lose its way. Ford, the protagonist, is injured at the start of the episode. However, he rarely struggles to overcome all the physical challenges that arise in the book.

Coulter clearly struggled to determine the motivation of the crime in this book because they keep changing every few chapters. There is a romantic element but it is rather weak and flat.

However, fans will tell you that this book maintains the tension by always keeping the hero, Ford, consistently out of reach of his goal, with answers evading him at every turn and even those victories he acquires eventually slipping away.

Riptide: Becca Matlock has her eyes set on helping the popular New York governor take the upcoming election. The speechwriter is quite shocked to receive a threatening phone call warning her to stop sleeping with the governor.

Becca is at a loss, especially since she isn’t sleeping with the governor. Her pleas for help from the police prove pointless when they stop believing her, even after her stalker kills an innocent person. Becca must look to FBI agents Savich and Sherlock for help.

This book requires knowledge of the previous novels in the series in order to understand. It cannot be read as a standalone story.

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What Is The Next Book in The Fbi Thriller Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Fbi Thriller Series. The newest book is Vortex and was released on August, 10th 2021.


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