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The Finishing School series is a set of Young Adult Fiction novels by Gail Carriger. The chief protagonist in the novel is Sophronia, the newest recruit into a finishing school for spies. The first novel in the series, Etiquette and Espionage was released in 2013 to widespread popularity.

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Order of Finishing School Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Etiquette & Espionage ( By: Gail Carriger) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Curtsies & Conspiracies ( By: Gail Carriger) 2013 Description / Buy
3 Waistcoats & Weaponry ( By: Gail Carriger) 2014 Description / Buy
4 Manners & Mutiny ( By: Gail Carriger) 2015 Description / Buy
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Sophronia has just joined the finishing school that looks more like a caterpillar-like aircraft suspended on Dartmoor. Set in the Parasolverse created by Gail, the young Sophronia learns the importance of finishing everyone and everything. The training is to teach the utmost in well-dressed espionage, etiquette, smooth efficiency, and the expert use of weapons.

The first novel in the series, Etiquette and Espionage follows fourteen-year-old Sophronia as a freshman in Finishing School. Having been a tomboy more interested in climbing trees and dismantling clocks than learning proper manners, her mother Mrs. Temminnick enrolls her in Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality.

But it is soon apparent to Sophronia that the school may not be all that her mother thought it was. While the young ladies are drilled in aspects of etiquette and how to be ladies in dress and the arts, they also learn about other things. The dark arts of espionage, diversion, and death dealing are a core component of the school curriculum that the parents are not privy to, when enrolling their children in the academy. The rousing fist year tale that follows Sophronia and her new friends is testament to the excellent storytelling skills of Gail Carriger, which have won her many accolades over the years.


The Finishing School series of novels have won many awards over the years. The first novel in the series, Etiquette and Espionage was named YALSA’s 2014 Best Fiction for Young Adults, YALSA’s 2014 Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults, ALA’s 2014 Notable Books for Children. It won the 2014 Prix Elbakin Award, the 2013 Goodreads Choice Award, and the 2015 Sakura Medal in Japan. Besides being Locus and New York Times bestsellers, the novels in the series have also won a variety of awards including Amazon’s Best Sci-Fi Book of the Month, and the 2015 Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Award.


Etiquette & Espionage: The first novel in the series has won many awards and is considered one of the best novels in the Finishing School series. The novel introduces us to the chief protagonist, who joins a finishing school to become a more cultured lady, only to be introduced to the dark world of espionage. The school teaches that there is more to being a lady that having a great curtsy. In a narrative that is full of intrigue and adventure, Carriger writes one of the most delightful introductions to a steampunk meets supernatural world, which would have any teen on the edge of their seat.

Manner and Mutiny: The fourth novel in the Finishing School series sees Sophronia get bored with Mademoiselle Geraldine School’s lessons, given the absence of her sootie soap. She is more concerned with thwarting the intentions of the wicked Picklemen, though the administration routinely ignores her appeals to deal with the dastardly characters. With a large-scale plot in the making, Sophronia is the only one who can save London, her school, and her friends from total disaster. But who can she trust? Would it be Lord Akeldama the Stylish vampire or Dewan the Royal werewolf?

Waistcoats and Weaponry: Another excellent novel in the series is the third novel, Waistcoats and Weaponry. Now in the second year of her studies, Sophronia is an expert in subtle weaponry. When she and her friends have to become stowaways on a train while returning their werewolf classmate back to his home in Scotland, she wears a steel-bladed fan under her dress just in case. However, in a suspiciously empty train Sophronia stumbles across a sinister plot that is certain to leave London in chaos.


Fans of the Finishing School series of novels love the “Magnificent Devices” series by Shelley Adina. The young adult fiction novels feature Lady Claire Trevelyan who has the mind, soul, and heart of a Wit but was born a Blood, resulting in her being torn between two of the most vicious of enemies. Finishing School fans liked the “Bannon and Clare” series of novels by Lilith Saintcrow. These novels feature Emma Bannon and Archibald Clare, two old friends with magical powers, who track down sorcerers and witches who wreak havoc in London.

What Is The Next Book in The Finishing School Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Finishing School Series. The newest book is Manners & Mutiny and was released on November, 3rd 2015.

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