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Flash Gordon is a mainstay of the science fiction and fantasy arena. Even when the brand disappears into obscurity in the wake of new fictional creations and trends, Flash Gordon always surfaces every few years, not only in conversations but also in new forms of media.

Order of Flash Gordon Novels Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Massacre in the 22nd Century ( By: David Hagberg) 1980 Description / Buy
2 War of the Citadels ( By: David Hagberg) 1980 Description / Buy
3 Crisis on Citadel II ( By: David Hagberg) 1980 Description / Buy
4 Forces from the Federation ( By: David Hagberg) 1981 Description / Buy
5 Citadels Under Attack ( By: David Hagberg) 1981 Description / Buy
6 Citadels on Earth ( By: David Hagberg) 1981 Description / Buy
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That is impressive when you realize that Flash Gordon has been around since 1934. Back then, the brand was restricted to a comic strip. Over the years, the character and his stories became full-blown comics, then novels and finally found a place in Hollywood, both as live action movies and television shows.

David Hagberg was charged with producing a line of Flash Gordon novels back in 1980. The novels were a notable departure from the Flash Gordon comics and novels that came before.

In fact, the only familiar aspect of Hagberg’s books was the presence of characters like Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Doctor Hans Zarkov. Other than that, the author was given license to take the series in a whole new direction.

Massacre in the 22nd Century, the first book in Hagberg’s series, finds Gordon, Arden, and Zarkov on a mission to investigate an exploration ship. What starts out as a routine investigation blooms into a life and death journey to save the planet from a millennia-old conflict.

One only needs to glance at this first book to realize that David Hagberg’s work isn’t the Flash Gordon of earlier years. For one thing, the earth from which Flash Gordon hails this time around is far more technologically advanced.

And rather than traversing dimensions to fight a warlord on a distant planet as was always the norm in all the television shows, movies, and comic books, Hagberg’s Gordon spends a lot of time exploring space.

The protagonist initially has his sights set on protecting Earth from immediate threats; threats Flash Gordon keeps stumbling into as a result of his explorative habits. Over time, the threats begin to escalate until Gordon is fighting to save the Universe as a whole.

The Flash Gordon of the David Hagberg novels is a widower. It is suggested that Gordon has struggled to get over the passing of his wife. However, rather than an actual plot thread, Gordon’s status as a widower is only mentioned a few times before being largely forgotten.

Gordon is written to be a superman of sorts. He has an extraordinary level of physical prowess. However, he is also kind, caring, considerate and loyal. Dale is pretty stereotypical of the female characters of old.

She exists to either swoon over Gordon or to have emotional meltdowns. She is also in constant need of rescuing.

Best Flash Gordon Books

The Flash Gordon Novel series has a tendency to divide fans of the original Flash Gordon story, some of whom believe it strays too far from the core of the Flash Gordon concept, with some of the best books in the series including:

Massacre in the 22nd Century: GOODHOPE is an interstellar exploration ship that went missing. When it reappears, a team is assembled to go and investigate it. Colonel Flash Gordon is part of the mission along with Dale Arden and Doctor Hans Zarkov.

Gordon did not know what to expect from GOODHOPE. But he knows it wasn’t a war of Worlds that had lasted millennia and which has not only drawn Gordon and his team into the fray but could also bring the planet Earth to an end.

War of the Citadels: The universe as a whole is in danger. There is an intricate war in play, and if someone doesn’t take action, the conflict could bring the life of the Universe to an end. Flash Gordon doesn’t know what he is in for when the leaders of Earth send him on a rescue mission.

But he doesn’t falter from his purpose when he learns the truth about the threat awaiting him and his companions Dale Arden and Doctor Hans Zarkov. The trio must show great courage if they are to unravel the layers surrounding the worlds at the center of the war.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Predator Space Chronicles” Series by Craig DeLancey is a great series. The Predator Corp is the most feared military Force in the Galaxy, and Amir Tarkos one of the few humans in their ranks. Amir works with his alien partner Bria to execute the impossible missions assigned him by the Predator Corp.

Many fans also enjoy the “Wanderer’s Escape” Series by Simon Goodson. Jess was born a prisoner. He thought he would die a prisoner. Then, at the age of sixteen, a series of unexpected circumstances granted Jess his freedom. With two other prisoners in tow, Jess takes his place on an alien ship and begins to explore a brutal universe ruled by a merciless Empire.

What Is The Next Book in The Flash Gordon Novels Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Flash Gordon Novels Series. The newest book is Citadels on Earth and was released on July, 1st 1981.


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