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From the Files of Linda Fairstein is a series of novels by Linda Fairstein, one of the foremost legal experts on violent crime against children and women. The first novel in the series was “Killer Charm: The Double Lives Of Psychopaths”, that was first published in 2012. The series of novels are best classified as nonfiction mystery thrillers.

Order of From the Files of Linda Fairstein Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Killer Charm: The Double Lives of Psychopaths 2012 Description / Buy
2 How Serial Rapists Target Their Victims 2012 Description / Buy
3 The Rape Scandal That Puts You At Risk 2012 Description / Buy
4 The Five Most Dangerous Places For Women 2012 Description / Buy
5 The Most Surprising Crime Zone: Your Own Home 2012 Description / Buy
6 Why Some Women Lie About Rape 2012 Description / Buy
7 Killer Charm and Other True Cases 2012 Description / Buy
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As one of the key members of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office sex crimes unit, Fairstein offers insights on locations where women are most likely to get attacked, protecting yourself from violent sex crimes, false rape claims, warning signs of psychopathy, and why some rapists walk free. Told from the perspective of a woman that worked on some of the most harrowing cases of violent sex crimes, these are some of the most riveting mystery crime novels.

The first novel in the series is an exploration of the surprising locations that women may find themselves vulnerable to violent attacks and what they may do to keep themselves safe. Some of these locations are what may be deemed the safest such as in the comfort of your home, riding in a taxi, or leaving work. The most dangerous places where women may be abducted are where they may feel most at ease.

Using her experience as the prosecutor of some of the most high-profile violent crime cases in New York, she explains why and where attacks occur, and how a woman needs to protect herself against such attacks. Delving into the psychology of violent sex crimes, she sets out best practice on how to protect oneself in dangerous situations. The novels demonstrate Linda Fairstein excellent writing and legal skills that have won her several awards over the years.


The Rape Scandal That Puts You At Risk”: The third novel in the series is a harrowing narrative of how law enforcement has allowed many rapists to walk by failing to process the evidence collected. With as many as a quarter of a million rape kits untested and going back as far as the mid-90s, many violent criminals walk the streets posing a risk to women and children. Linda Fairstein explores the injustice of investigations that never involve the victims, by analyzing the story of a Los Angeles woman. Laying down a rallying cry for women in this 40 page essay that was originally published in Cosmopolitan, Fairstein makes a good case for a paradigm shift in how law enforcement handles violent sex crimes.

The Most Surprising Crime Zone: Your Own Home: The fifth novel in the series is a guide on how to protect yourself from violent crime both outside and inside the home. In this novel, Linda Fairstein explains how about 25 percent of all violent sex crimes happen in homes that many women consider safe havens. She analyzes how simple things such as an unlocked door or an open window can lead to opportunistic crimes even in the most safe of neighborhoods. Explaining the nature of opportunistic crimes and what a woman can do to protect herself, she uses examples of real-life cases of home invasions that could have been easily avoided with the right precautions.

How Serial Rapists Target Their Victims: The second novel in the Linda Fairstein Files series of novels shows the disturbing ways rapists determine the most vulnerable victims, and how to ensure you do not become a victim. From the real-life case of the rapist that trawled a high-rise office building in Manhattan to the stalker that haunted the leafy suburbs of Nashville, these rapists strike in what would be deemed comfort zones. They will operate in some in their own comfort zones in some instances, or take advantage of the victims comfort zones where they are most unguarded. Linda breaks down the patterns of sex crime offenders and describes how to keep oneself safe from getting into behavior that may make them a rapist’s target.


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What Is The Next Book in The From The Files Of Linda Fairstein Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The From The Files Of Linda Fairstein Series. The newest book is Why Some Women Lie About Rape and was released on January, 6th 2012.

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