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Ghost Exile is a series of action/adventure/fantasy novels written by Jonathan Moeller. The books are a sequel to The Ghosts series and they explore the adventures of Caina Amalas following her exile from the only home she has ever known.

Order of Ghost Exile Series

1Ghost in the Cowl2014Description / Buy
2Ghost in the Maze2014Description / Buy
3Ghost Price (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
4Ghost in the Hunt2014Description / Buy
5Ghost Relics (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
6Ghost Keeper2014Description / Buy
7Ghost Nails2015Description / Buy
8Ghost in the Razor2015Description / Buy
9Ghost Light2015Description / Buy
10Ghost in the Inferno2015Description / Buy
11Ghost Lock2015Description / Buy
12Ghost in the Seal2015Description / Buy
13Ghost in the Throne2015Description / Buy
14Ghost Arts2015Description / Buy
15Ghost Vigil2015Description / Buy
16Ghost in the Pact2016Description / Buy
17Ghost Mimic2016Description / Buy
18Ghost Vessel2016Description / Buy
19Ghost in the Winds2016Description / Buy
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Caina Amalas was first introduced to readers in Child of the Ghosts, the first novel in The Ghosts series. At the time, Caina was just another precocious girl in a fantastical world rife with political strife and magical intrigue.

Caina was smart. She loved to read and she could discern details that escaped most people. But she was cursed with a horrible mother. At first, the woman merely tormented her. But then she took the extra step of betraying her family.

Caina’s father was murdered by a powerful necromancer; he was the lucky one. The necromancer in question took Caina in and tortured her with his evil spells. Most people would have succumbed to the horror.

But Caina was far too stubborn. Her wits and cunning allowed her to escape her captor. But even then, Caina should have been destined for a fameless, unremarkable, poverty-stricken life.

But then she met Halfdan and everything changed. Halfdan was the leader of the ghosts, a group of legendary spies and assassins who served the whims of the Emperor of Nighmar.

The world that Caina inhabited was a harsh, unforgiving place. Crime ran rampant, and the aristocratic members of society acted with impunity. Only through the actions of the ghosts was order maintained.

Only with the blood they shed and the lives they took did the Empire continue to advance. Halfdan noticed Caina because she wasn’t like the other girls of the day. She was strong, fiery and independent, all the qualities they needed in a ghost.

So they took her in, trained her and transformed Caina into a ghost nightfighter, a servant of the empire. Over the course of the first series, Caina fought both mortal and magical foes.

And when it was all said and done, it was only through her actions that the world was saved from sorcerous destruction.

However, by the time readers encounter her once more in Ghost in the Cowl, the first novel in the Ghost Exile series, things have gone horribly wrong. Despite her role in saving the Empire and the world, Caina’s actions actually got her exiled from the land she had begun to call home.

The Ghost Exile series tells her story as she struggles to start over in the City of Istarinmul, all alone, without the comfort of her allies.

Like most places in Jonathan Moeller’s universe, Istarinmul is a dangerous place, and it doesn’t take Caina long to realize that the city will require her considerable skills if it is to survive.

This time, Caina is facing off against Grand Master Callatas, a powerful sorcerer who will stop at nothing to kill Caina because she is the only person in the city that can stop him from accomplishing his evil plan.

Caina must forge new allies, master new skills and maneuver the complexities of love and romance. This is as she comes to terms with the fact that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders once more.

Best Ghost Exile Books

These novels are heavily steeped in action and adventure, and some readers love this approach while others dislike it, with some of the best books in the series including:

Ghost in the Pact: Caina and Grand Master Callatas are at each other’s throats. Caina has the relics of Iramis. Callatas needs the seal of Iramis to work his terrible magic, and he will happily murder Caina to get it.

But both Caina and Callatas must work together if they are to overcome the power of the last of the Great Necromancers.

Ghost in the Winds: Grand Master Callatas is finally victorious. With Caina trapped in an ancient tomb, nothing will keep him from unleashing his Apotheosis.

Now it falls on the shoulders of Kylon to find and rescue Caina before the Red Huntress claims her life.

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What Is The Next Book in The Ghost Exile Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ghost Exile Series. The newest book is Ghost Vessel and was released on August, 22nd 2016.

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