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Moeller Jonathan is his legal name. Jonathan Moeller is his pen name and he is to be a big name when it comes to writing some of the best books covering the genres of fantasy, science fiction and science fantasy and also books which talk about elves and alternate history. He is quite young and is around thirty three years old having been born in the year 1982. Within this short period he has been able to win the admiration and respect of thousands of fans across the country and also in many other countries of the world. He started his writing career quite early in his life. His first booked named Bugs in The Wall was published in the year 2005 and since then he must have written a whopping fifty books. This certainly is a great achievement to say the least.

Order of Bone Quest Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Bone Orcs 2016
2 The Skull Trees 2016
3 The Dagger Jaws 2016

Order of Cloak Games Series

# Read Title Published
1 Thief Trap 2015
2 Frost Fever 2015
3 Rebel Fist 2015
4 Wraith Wolf 2016
5 Shadow Jump 2016

Order of Demonsouled Series

# Read Title Published
1 Demonsouled 2005
2 Soul of Tyrants 2011
3 Soul of Serpents 2011
4 Soul of Swords 2013
5 Soul of Dragons 2014
6 Soul of Sorcery 2014
7 Soul of Skulls 2014

Order of Frostborn Series

Order of Ghost Exile Series

# Read Title Published
1 Ghost in the Cowl 2014
2 Ghost in the Maze 2014
3 Ghost in the Hunt 2014
4 Ghost Keeper 2014
5 Ghost in the Razor 2015
6 Ghost Nails 2015
7 Ghost Light 2015
8 Ghost in the Inferno 2015
9 Ghost Lock 2015
10 Ghost in the Seal 2015
11 Ghost in the Throne 2015
12 Ghost Arts 2015
13 Ghost Vigil 2015
14 Ghost in the Pact 2016
15 Ghost Mimic 2016
16 Ghost in the Winds 2016
17 Ghost Vessel 2016

Order of Jonathan Moeller Non-Fiction Books

Order of Jonathan Moeller Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Worlds to Conquer 2008
2 Share the Pain 2011

Order of Mask of the Demonsouled Series

# Read Title Published
1 Mask of Swords 2014
2 Mask of Dragons 2016
3 Mask of Spells 2016

Order of Otherworlds Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Devil's Agent 2011
2 Blood Artists 2013
3 The King of Tears Unnumbered 2013
4 Threefold Gift 2013
5 Driven 2013
6 Mirrored Knight 2013
7 Tournament of Thieves 2013
8 Dragons' Wrath 2013
9 Inexorable 2013
10 Knights' Quest 2013
11 Bound to the Eye 2013

Order of Tales of the Frostborn Series

Order of The Ghosts Series

Order of Third Soul Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Testing 2011
2 The Assassins 2011
3 The Blood Shaman 2011
4 The High Demon 2011
5 The Burning Child 2012
6 The Outlaw Adept 2013
7 The Black Paladin 2013
8 The Tomb of Baligant 2013

Order of Tower of Endless Worlds Series

Order of World of the Demonsouled Series

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He was born in Chicago, Illinois and as mentioned earlier he was born in the year 1982. After completing his education he got into the field of writing at a reasonably young age. He has over the years become famous for his individual and unique style of writing. Further he also is famous for writing the best of novels, short stories, collections, standalone novels and of course books in various series.

Apart from standalone novels and other such special works, Jonathan has writing several books in the Demonsouled Series, Third Soul Series, Order Of Ghosts Series, Order of Otherworlds Series, Tower of Endless Worlds Series, Demonsouled Novella Series, Frostborn Series, Tales Of Frostborn Series, Ghost Exile Series, Mask of the Demonsouled Series, and Cloak of Games Series. Hence when one looks at the books in the retail stores, it is quite evident that he has written a surprisingly large number of books within this short period. We will have a look at a few of his books because it would simply be impossible to review all the books penned by him over the past many years.

Jonathan Moeller Awards

Though on his own Jonathan may not have won any awards his books have been critically acclaimed by many reviewers and other print and media publications. A movie by the name your Oui Oui was based on a work of Jonathan and it was made into a movie. The shoot happened in 2015 under the direction of Derek and this movie won him an award as the 2016 Emerging Cinematographer Award. The credit, at least a significant part of it, should go to Jonathan because the entire plot was based on a book penned by him.

Jonathan Moeller Books Into Movie

As mentioned above the book Use Your Oui Oui was made into a book and was directed by Derek. It was made as a small scale budget film but it came in for lot of critical acclaim. The reason for this could be attributed to the story line which was shot well by Derek, his friend.

Best Jonathan Moeller Books

As mentioned above, there are almost 50 books which have been written by Jonathan and therefore it would be virtually impossible to look at each and every one of them. However, we will try and have a look at two such books which have been best sellers in their own right and have won the trust and confidence of his readers and critics alike.

Child of the Ghosts: This book is a story about a woman who is fighting an age old evil practice in a world that is dominated by male chauvinists. This certainly is a good read for those who believe in fighting injustice and evil by partnering with the extra terrestrial creatures. The book is about a character named Caina Amalas. Her life is literally torn into shred by murder and sorcery. Hence she decides that the only way she can fight the insurmountable odds against her by joining the Ghosts. These are nothing but the assassins and spies of the Emperor of Nighmar. By becoming a part of these extra terrestrial creatures, she learns and masters the art of assassination, stealth and infiltration. She certainly is seemingly in a position of strength. Is she really in a strong position? There are reasons to doubt the same because even this new found skills and techniques may not be able to save her from dangers from quarters and people who are equally smart and intelligent if not more. It certainly is a highly mesmerizing and captivating book to say the least. This is because the evil that had destroyed her world it out to exterminate and destroy the entire world too. She therefore has her job cut out and is treading a dangerous path.

Soul of Tyrants: This is a critically acclaimed book in the series Demonsouled. It is a plot that has Mazael as the main character around whom everything is woven. Mazael is the Lord Of Castle Cravenlock. He has a demonic power which however is subdued and it rests in his soul. However, it comes with a lot of problem for him and he is paying a heavy price for it. However, peace still continues to be a mirage in the desert. His former overlord has some dirty plans up his sleeve. He is ready to engage in a war of pride. Then there is corrupt order of militant knights and their objective is to scheme and be ready for a bloody and brutal conquest. They are known as the serpent people and they and their followers are moving all out to plan a terrible vengeance on Mazea and his lovely sister. He certainly is facing foes that could be much more deadly and powerful than he could have ever imagined. He has many obstacles to overcome because Mazael is the only child of the Old Demon with special strengths and powers. Read on to find out more as Mazea wages a grim battle. It is doubtful whether even his best talents will be of help to overcome a seemingly hopeless and lost situation. It is a fast paced and extremely interesting book which will keep the reader hooked to it till the end.