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Demonsouled is a series of epic fantasy novels written by Jonathan Moeller. The books, which began publication in the early 2010s, follow the exploits of a spiritually tortured knight who takes upon his shoulders the task of bringing peace to the land.

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Order of Demonsouled Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Demonsouled ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Soul of Tyrants ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2011 Description / Buy
3 Soul of Serpents ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2011 Description / Buy
4 Soul of Swords ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2013 Description / Buy
5 Soul of Dragons ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2014 Description / Buy
6 Soul of Sorcery ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2014 Description / Buy
7 Soul of Skulls ( By: Jonathan Moeller) 2014 Description / Buy
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Mazael Cravenlock once called the Grim Marches home. But that was before he was banished. By the time Mazael is first introduced to readers in Demonsouled, the first novel in the Demonsouled series, he has gathered considerable fame as a knight that is as merciless as he is powerful.

But Mazael’s achievements have done little to silence the chaos that rages within his soul, chaos stemming from his demonic father. Mazael knows that there is evil in his soul and he understands that if he isn’t careful, he could succumb to the corruption, becoming the very entities he has fought so hard to free the land from.

Mazael’s considerably complicated life takes an even stranger turn when he returns home to find that the Grim Marches are being strangled by political and magical conflict. Mazael’s brother is determined to wrestle control of the land from a man that many consider to be the rightful lord of their territory.

This is on top of all the danger that his sister keeps courting, not to mention the trouble being stirred up by a cult of snake-worshipping individuals with less than pure intentions.

While Mazael initially sees his role as that of a sword charged with cutting through every enemy that might seek to threaten the people he loves, he is eventually forced to take the mantle of leadership.

The Demonsouled series traces Mazael’s journey to lordship and the challenges he faces in his efforts to rally support for his rule even as he fends off threats of a magical and political nature.

Along the way, Mazael must also come to terms with his origins and the corruption that sits at the heart of his being. This is on top of making peace with the remnants of his family and dealing with the mistakes of his past.

In an era that seems to encourage the publication of epic fantasy novels that run for more than a thousand pages in length, the Demonsouled books have been commended for their rapid pace and small page count. Jonathan Moeller utilizes popular fantasy concepts and creatures such as dragons, demons, and zombies.

Mazael divides audiences. Some readers appreciate his complex personality, the horrible things he has done and the steps he takes to make recompense in the novels. Others seem to think that he starts out as a dark and complex character only to devolve into another cookie cutter fantasy hero.

Best Demonsouled Books

The Demonsouled books are very simple straightforward novels that sometimes harken back to the fantasy fiction of the 80s and 90s, with some of the best books in the series including:

Soul of Skulls: No one ever said that leadership was easy, and Mazael knows that better than most. Now the lord of the Grim Marches, it is up to Mazael to keep his people safe from the undead armies that seek to overrun his kingdom. But Mazael isn’t even sure he can keep his old enemies plotting in the dark at bay.

For Hugh Chalsain, the situation is just as grim. The son of a prince, it is up to Hugh to protect his land from invaders from the sea.

Like Hugh, Malaric is also a son to the Prince of Barellion, though he is a bastard. With the power of Mazael’s son, Malaric will not stop until he brings vengeance upon all those who wronged him.

Soul of Swords: The world is at a precipice. The undead have conquered innumerable castles, and if Mazael does not rise up to the challenge, raise his armies and stop them, the world will crumble.

But simply keeping the undead hordes at bay won’t be enough. To preserve his kingdom and everything he loves, Mazael must identify and stop his father’s nefarious plans.

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What Is The Next Book in The Demonsouled Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Demonsouled Series. The newest book is Soul of Skulls and was released on March, 11th 2014.

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