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Hamish Macbeth is the main character in the “Hamish Macbeth” series of mystery novels written by M. C. Beaton (a pseudonym; her real name is Marion Gibbons, née McChesney). The first novel featuring Hamish Macbeth was released in 1985 and titled “Death of a Gossip”. The thirty-three series feature elements within the mystery, drama, crime-fiction, comedy and thriller genres.

Hamish Macbeth is a police constable in the fictional town of Lochdubh. His character is deemed to be unambitious, lethargic and unenthusiastic. However, during the course of the series, Hamish develops a complexity of character, resisting norms and solving criminal cases along the way. Hamish is depicted as tall and thin with hazel eyes, fiery red hair and long eyelashes.

Order of Hamish Macbeth Series By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green

# Read Title Published Details
1 Death of a Gossip ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1985 Description / Buy
2 Death of a Cad ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1987 Description / Buy
3 Death of an Outsider ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1988 Description / Buy
4 Death of a Perfect Wife ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1989 Description / Buy
5 Death of a Hussy ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1990 Description / Buy
6 Death of a Snob ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1992 Description / Buy
7 Death of a Prankster ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1992 Description / Buy
8 Death of a Glutton / Death of a Greedy Woman ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1993 Description / Buy
9 Death of a Travelling Man ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1993 Description / Buy
10 Death of a Charming Man ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1994 Description / Buy
11 Death of a Nag ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1995 Description / Buy
12 Death of a Macho Man ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1996 Description / Buy
13 Death of a Dentist ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1997 Description / Buy
14 Death of a Scriptwriter ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1998 Description / Buy
15 Death of an Addict ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1999 Description / Buy
16 A Highland Christmas ( By: M.C. Beaton) 1999 Description / Buy
17 Death of a Dustman ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2001 Description / Buy
18 Death of a Celebrity ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2002 Description / Buy
19 Death of a Village ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2003 Description / Buy
20 Death of a Poison Pen ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2004 Description / Buy
21 Death of a Bore ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2005 Description / Buy
22 Death of a Dreamer ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2006 Description / Buy
23 Death of a Maid ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2007 Description / Buy
24 Death of a Gentle Lady ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2008 Description / Buy
25 Death of a Witch ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2009 Description / Buy
26 Death of a Valentine ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2009 Description / Buy
27 Death of a Chimney Sweep / Death of a Sweep ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2011 Description / Buy
28 Death of a Kingfisher ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2012 Description / Buy
29 Death of Yesterday ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2013 Description / Buy
30 Death of a Policeman ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2014 Description / Buy
31 Death of a Liar ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2015 Description / Buy
32 Knock, Knock, You're Dead! ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2016 Description / Buy
33 Death of a Nurse ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2016 Description / Buy
34 Death of a Ghost ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2017 Description / Buy
35 Death of an Honest Man ( By: M.C. Beaton) 2018 Description / Buy
36 Death of a Green-Eyed Monster / Death of a Love (By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green) 2022 Description / Buy
37 Death of a Laird (Short Story) (By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green) 2022 Description / Buy
38 Death of a Traitor (By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green) 2023 Description / Buy
39 Death of a Spy (By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green) 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Hamish Macbeth Short Stories/Novellas By: M.C. Beaton, R.W. Green

# Read Title Published Details
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The first novel in the series, Death of a Gossip, begins with Hamish on the receiving end of sharp-tongued Lady Jane Withers. But with her murder, he’s immediately thrust into the limelight as the town of Lochdubh looks to him to solve the case and apprehend the person responsible for her grisly murder. Hamish must navigate the dangerous terrain of tight-lipped suspects, dead bodies and murder.

As he begins his incredibly thrilling journey, he meets the daughter of a landowner; Priscilla Halburton-Smythe. He finds her pleasing and lovely. In this first series, readers begin to watch a budding romance unfold between the lithe Hamish and the beautiful Priscilla. Together, this duo begins to solve the murder of Lady Withers using unorthodox methods that Hamish has engineered. As Hamish solves the case, he also incurs the wrath of Chief Inspector Blair, a senior detective from the nearby fictional town of Strathbane.


Hamish Macbeth was adapted into a Television series by BBC Scotland. Three seasons were aired, with the first two seasons having six episodes and the last season having eight episodes. Hamish Macbeth was played by Robert Carlyle, who was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for his role in the drama series. The TV Series deviated markedly from the plot of the original Hamish Macbeth books, but also developed an avid fan base that traced the origins of the series back to the book. The drama series was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award under the category of Best Drama Series in 1997.


The first installation of the series, Death of a Gossip, is one of the best books in the series, gathering 5 star ratings among readers. It is a good place to start the series as it allows the reader to acquaint themselves with Hamish Macbeth, the beginning of his love story and the quirky idiosyncrasies that separate him from the rest of other archetypal mystery-crime protagonists.

The second book in the series follows the first book in fast-paced thrill, and has elicited unequivocal love from readers of the mystery and crime-fiction genre. Titled Death of a Cad, it opens with Priscilla, the love of Hamish, who is set to be engaged to another man, Henry Withering. Her parents throw an engagement party at the Trommel Castle and Captain Barlett is in attendance, but he quickly irritates guests with his boorish attitude. He is later found dead and the police quickly surmises that it is an accident. But Hamish decides to dig deeper, much to the annoyance of his archenemy, Chief Inspector Blair and Priscilla’s snobbish father. Eventually, Hamish does prove that it was murder.

The 32nd book in the series, Death of a Ghost, has both an intriguing title and plot. There is a haunted house that has been plaguing neighbours with eerie, spooky sounds. When Hamish and his colleague, Charlie, go to investigate they find nothing out of the ordinary. Till Charlie falls through the floor into the cellar. They find a dead body propped up against the door but when they leave the castle briefly, the corpse disappears too.


The mystery and crime-thriller genre features multiple similar novels from writers like Agatha Christie and Simon Brett. Other mystery titles include the Marion Chesney’s “Agatha Raisin” series, The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries by Emily Brightwell, Room with a Clue by Kate Kingsbury, Dying in the Wood by Francis Brody and many others as well.

Marion Chesney known for her cool mystery cum love novels has also written another mystery laden novel titled Hasty Death which is part of the Edwardian Murder series. Readers who enjoy love stories with a twist of deviousness, blackmail and murder will enjoy this tale of the obstinate Lady Rose Summer who leaves her parents’ home to work as a typist. She soon uncovers a blackmail plot after the death of a friend, and thus begins her quest to solve the murder mystery.

What Is The Next Book in The Hamish Macbeth Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hamish Macbeth Series. The newest book is Death of a Spy and was released on February, 13th 2024.


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  1. Just a note: some publishers list different years. For example, Death of a Prankster, first published in the USA 1988 by St. Martin’s Press (according to Constable & Robinson 2008). Ditto for Death of a Glutton.

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