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Hawk & Fisher is series of fantasy fiction novels by renowned British author Simon R. Green. The first novel featuring the lead characters Fisher and Hawk was the 1990 published “Hawk & Fisher”, which was first published in 1990.

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Order of Hawk & Fisher Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Hawk & Fisher / No Haven for the Guilty ( By: Simon R. Green) 1990 Description / Buy
2 Winner Takes All / Devil Take the Hindmost ( By: Simon R. Green) 1991 Description / Buy
3 The God Killer ( By: Simon R. Green) 1991 Description / Buy
4 Wolf in the Fold / Vengeance for a Lonely Man ( By: Simon R. Green) 1991 Description / Buy
5 Guard Against Dishonor ( By: Simon R. Green) 1991 Description / Buy
6 The Bones of Haven / Two Kings in Haven ( By: Simon R. Green) 1992 Description / Buy
7 Haven of Lost Souls (By: Simon R. Green) 1999 Description / Buy
8 Beyond the Blue Moon ( By: Simon R. Green) 2000 Description / Buy
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The series of novels follows the adventures of the lead character Hawk and Fisher that are members of the City Guard. Similar to the metropolitan police forces of many modern cities, the City Guard operates in a city that combines Industrial Revolution, Renaissance, and Medieval aspects. The series is set in Haven, a corrupt city-state where the only clean people are the City Guards.

“Hawk & Fisher” the first novel in the series opens to Isobel and Hawk Fisher, two City Guardsmen on their way to a slum. The powers that be have pulled the two from a child prostitution case and reassigned them to a missing woman case, believed to be a vampire kidnapping. It is not long before they recover the missing woman and report back asking for their next assignment. With their first case completed to everyone’s satisfaction, they are tasked with guarding a pro reformist Councilman. The Councilor is whiling his time at Sorcerer’s Gaunt’s house party, where some of the most prominent people in the city are in attendance.

For the two expert Council Guards this seems like a routine job until the unthinkable happens. While the guests are otherwise engaged, Gaunt works a spell that isolates the house and a murder is committed right under their noses. The novel is a well-written urban fantasy narrative that shows why Simon R. Green is one of the foremost fantasy and science fiction authors.


Hawk & Fisher: The first novel in the series is one of the most popular novels in the series. Introducing our battle hardened crime fighters Hawn and Fisher in what seems like a constant urban war, the novel is a classic of hard-core streets rules. Hawk dominates the streets with a broadsword, while his wife Fisher works it with the skillful use of a deadly dagger.

Set in the murderous and dark town of Haven, the novel’s is full of thieves, demons, and spell casters. It is a place where anyone with money can buy literally anything except for justice. With the quintessential elements of urban fantasy, the novel is sure to leave any thriller fan in thrall.

Once in a Blue Moon: The second novel in the series is another explosive novel in the Hawk and Fisher series. Fisher and Hawk had made a name for themselves and have now retired to run the Hero Academy training crime fighters. They soon learn that it is impossible to kill or retire a legend, as their children become the victims of a rare kidnapping putting them back in action.

An old enemy of theirs they had known as Demon Prince has taken Jack and Jillian, and is now challenging the old legends to one final battle. Highly suspicious of the Demon’s intentions, they head back to Forest Kingdom where they intend to have the once in a blue moon duel that could end their lives.

Beyond the Blue Moon: This is another riveting novel in the Hawk & Fisher series of novels. Princess Julia and Prince Rupert had been the saviors of the Forest Kingdom one and a half decades ago. They had become the heroes of the kingdom, but had decided to leave to become crime busters in the corruption and crime-ridden city of Haven.

They have no desire to ever return or be reminded of their former lives. But the Blue Moon tends to rise again and again to mock the saying. The Forest Kingdom is once again under threat and needs its heroes. Instead of Julia and Rupert, what they will get is the hardened team of Fisher and Hawk.


Many of the Hawk & Fisher fans are also fans of the “Windrose Chronicles” by Barbara Humbly. The series of novels follow the adventures of Antryg Windrose, a man whose mind is possessed by the Dark Mage, which gives him extraordinary magical powers.

Hawk & Fisher fans also love the “Eddie LaCrosse” Series of novels by Alex Bledsoe. Eddie Lacrosse is an expert private detective and word sword jockey who has the talent for detection and discretion in a fantasy world full of deceit and mystery.

What Is The Next Book in The Hawk & Fisher Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hawk & Fisher Series. The newest book is Beyond the Blue Moon and was released on January, 1st 2000.


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