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“Hinky Chicago” is a series of paranormal, dark fantasy and romantic comedy written by American author Jennifer Stevenson. The first novel of the “Hinky Chicago” series was “The Hinky Brass Bed” that was first published in 2008. The series of novels are best classified as magical realist romantic comedies.

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Order of Hinky Chicago / Jewel Heiss Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Hinky Brass Bed / The Brass Bed ( By: Jennifer Stevenson) 2008 Description / Buy
2 The Hinky Velvet Chair / The Velvet Chair ( By: Jennifer Stevenson) 2008 Description / Buy
3 The Hinky Bearskin Rug / The Bearskin Rug ( By: Jennifer Stevenson) 2008 Description / Buy
4 A Hinky Taste of You ( By: Jennifer Stevenson) 2011 Description / Buy
5 The Hinky Genie Lamp ( By: Jennifer Stevenson) 2013 Description / Buy
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Jewel Heiss the lead protagonist of the Hinky Chicago series works for the Department of Consumer Services in Chicago. She is in threesome with Clay her partner and Randy a sex demon. The three often go out on mission to try to rein in paranormal or human creatures who are misusing magical powers and upsetting the natural order of things. Over the course of the novels, Jewel gets to understand herself and her two partners even better even, though she tends to still have double standards.

In “The Hinky Brass Bed” the first novel of the series, Jewel Heiss is assigned the task of heading up the magic cases department by Ed Neccio her boss. Ed Neccio always goes rampaging mad when magic gets on the news and trusts that Jewel will ensure it does not. However, Ed has bigger problems, he believes that his wife’s tale of seeing a therapist is simply a cover for having a lover she sees on the side. Jewel goes on to investigate the said therapist Clay Dawes who provides a sex therapy course that involves a strange brass bed.

Jewel went in convinced the man was nothing but a huge scam, only to have the best sex of her life as an undercover client. It turns out that the brass bed was cursed by an English bed and has been haunted for more than two centuries. The excellence of the storytelling just goes on to show why Jennifer is one of the most respected feminist speculative fiction authors today.


The Hinky Genie Lamp: The fourth novel of the Hinky Chicago series of novels is one of the most beloved of the series. At the rink, it is all Hinky Pinky as Jewel the lead investigator of the Hinky Squad goes undercover in a quest for pink smog that is rumored to originate from a roller derby rink. Randy her sex demon thinks that she should not be wearing roller skates and fishnets and vows to take her to therapy.

Meanwhile, Clay Dawes the former con artist and junior partner to Jewel is caught up in a sex marathon with the sex goddess when he wants to play roller derby and needs to be hunting down a genie. The worst thing is that he has a lot of secrets that his rival Randy could reveal at any time, ruining his relationship with Jewel.

The Bearskin Rug: The third novel in the series is an incredible funny as hell, surprising, smart, ass, tender, sexy and paranormal story. Jewel loves to live with Randy her sex demon who keeps her up at night, but also needs someone afraid of commitment, which is where Clay Dawes the commitment phobic fraud cop comes in. Something mischievous and bizarre is going on at the film studio and Jewel wants to find out just what.

Randy sees the case as the perfect outlet to showcase his special talents and helps Clay and Jewel in trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing. But the more time they spend together, the more Jewel cannot make a decision who she wants more between Randy and Clay, leaving her sleeping alone.

The Brass Bed: The first novel of the series is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing with its introduction to the quirky lead characters. Combining the magical, mischievous and sexy, the novel makes for some great narratives full of twists and turns right from the first page to the last.


Many fans of the Hinky Chicago series of novels also love the “Code Name: Danger” series of novels by Merlin Lovelace. These are romantic suspense novels about a lead character totally given to his mission who suddenly finds his head irresistibly turned by a beautiful forbidden woman.

Hinky Chicago fans are also fans of the “Shadow Destroyers” series by Sydney Somers. These are paranormal normal about paranormal hunters and their complicated romantic lives that typically involve explosive sexual encounters with women or men they should have no business dating or spending the night with.

What Is The Next Book in The Hinky Chicago / Jewel Heiss Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hinky Chicago / Jewel Heiss Series. The newest book is The Hinky Genie Lamp and was released on September, 25th 2013.


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