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Hope Beach is a series of romantic suspense novels written by Colleen Coble. The author of the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Reef Books and so much more, Colleen has made quite a bit of a name for herself for writing suspense novels with a strong Christian message.

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Order of Hope Beach Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Tidewater Inn ( By: Colleen Coble) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Rosemary Cottage ( By: Colleen Coble) 2013 Description / Buy
3 Seagrass Pier ( By: Colleen Coble) 2014 Description / Buy
4 All Is Bright ( By: Colleen Coble) 2015 Description / Buy
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Her literary efforts have paid off rather handsomely, with the author having sold several million copies of her books.

The Hope Beach series takes readers back to North Carolina, specifically to the Outer Banks. Fans of the Rock Harbor series will recognize that seeing. In fact, Bree and Samson, protagonists of the Rock Harbor series actually appear in Tidewater Inn.

The first book in the series, Tidewater Inn follows the exploits of Libby, a troubled lady who goes to Hope Island to take possession of the inn she inherited from a father she never met.

It doesn’t take her long to realize that Hope Beach is a place of secrets and that danger lurks everywhere.

The Hope Beach series attempts to pass Hope Island off as a sleepy little place with a quaint town and all the peace you could ever want. And the location seems to draw to it those weary individuals looking to start over and forget their demons.

In some cases, no matter how careful they are, Colleen Coble’s heroines eventually drag their problems to Hope Beach. In other cases, they find the trouble already lurking beneath the surface of their new home.

As is typically the case with Colleen, the Hope Beach series places special emphasis on the heroines. They are the driving factor of the story. Whether they are simply moving to Hope Beach or if they were already residents of the island, the author takes readers into their lives at a time when they are in turmoil.

Something has gone wrong and they have landed in the crosshairs of an enemy. And despite the romantic nature of these books, Colleen Coble does not hold back when she writes her villains.

The author injects as much suspense into these novels as any drama. She isn’t afraid to put her heroines’ lives in mortal danger. It is during these vulnerable times that the heroine meets the hero, a strong man, typically a law enforcement agent, who comes alongside and offers to help her unravel the mysteries of her lives.

As the hero and the heroine work the case, they grow close, overcome the barriers around one another’s hearts and eventually fall in love.

Even though her books are normally categorized as Romantic Suspense, Colleen Coble is a Christian author. As such, the Hope Beach series has a strong Christian message. While the author’s heroines initially set out to overcome their personal demons and while they definitely find some solace in the arms of the hero, it isn’t until they get in touch with their faith and learn to lean on God that their lives are powerfully transformed.

Some audiences believe that the Hope Beach books are too preachy and the utilization of God in the story makes them predictable. Other readers have praised Colleen for the subtlety with which they believe she threads the Christian message into the Hope Beach series.

Best Hope Beach Books

The Hope Beach series is a little divisive amongst readers; though the novels still have their ardent followers, with some of the best books in the series including:

Tidewater Inn: Libby went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina because her father had willed her a beautiful old hotel. As a restorer and lover of history, the chance to refurbish the Inn appealed to Libby.

And she also looked forward to meeting the family of the father she never knew. When Libby actually tries to settle into her new home, though, she is met with hostility. Her newfound brother and sister think she is a thief out to take their birthright.

Someone has also seen fit to kidnap her business partner.

Rosemary Cottage: Amy came to Rosemary Cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to mourn for her dead brother. However, she is shocked to learn that his passing might have been the result of foul play.

The Coast Guard won’t listen to her, not even when she shows them the suspicious email she received. Her only hope is Curtis Ireland, a Coast Guard Officer with secrets of his own.

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What Is The Next Book in The Hope Beach Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hope Beach Series. The newest book is All Is Bright and was released on October, 6th 2015.


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