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The name Alan Grant refers to a series of mystery novels written by Josephine Tey. The books ushered Tey into the publishing arena, allowing her to take her first steps towards becoming a renowned author best known for her beautiful prose.

Order of Inspector Alan Grant Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Man in the Queue / Killer in the Crowd ( By: Josephine Tey) 1929 Description / Buy
2 A Shilling for Candles ( By: Josephine Tey) 1936 Description / Buy
3 The Franchise Affair ( By: Josephine Tey) 1948 Description / Buy
4 To Love and Be Wise ( By: Josephine Tey) 1950 Description / Buy
5 The Daughter of Time (By: Josephine Tey) 1951 Description / Buy
6 The Singing Sands ( By: Josephine Tey) 1952 Description / Buy
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The series follows the exploits of an Inspector of Scotland Yard who solves crimes in England. The inspector is first introduced to readers in The Man in the Queue, the first novel in the Alan Grant series.

The Woffington Theatre in London elicits excitement when it decides to show the most popular musical comedy in the city. It is in a line leading to one of the Standing sections of the theater that Alan’s first murder happens.

The crowds are so enthusiastic and voluminous as they pour through the doors that no one notices the man with the dagger in his back. But then the crowd begins to thin, the lines pushing into the theater, and the man sinks to the floor, dead.

No one can even begin to fathom how the murderer could have taken a life and slipped away in such a crowded setting. It is at this point that Alan Grant is called upon to make sense of the puzzle.

Each novel in the Alan Grant series technically stands on each own, exploring an independent crime that Alan must resolve. With each new crime comes an opportunity to see Alan work as he collects clues, interviews suspects and unravels conspiracies.

The inspector takes readers back to what many literary experts refer to as the Golden Age of the Detective and Mystery genre. The Alan Grant books started publication in the late 1920s and it shows.

Everything from the vivid descriptions to the language works to bring London in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to life.

Avid readers will take note of some of the politically incorrect ideas at play, from the racism to the misogyny and a litany of other attitudes that, though anathema today, where perfectly acceptable back them.

In fact, some readers have said that they were unable to read the Alan Grant series to completion because of the negative views the protagonist expressed about other cultures and groups of people.

Inspector Alan Grant stands out primarily because he doesn’t stand out. Unlike his peers in the mystery genre, Alan Grant does not have any quirks or idiosyncrasies of significance, other than maybe a special instinct that allows him to separate fact from fiction.

Alan Grant Awards

The Man in the Queue is one of Josephine Tey’s most popular novels. The Alan Grant novel won a Dutton Mystery prize.

Alan Grant Books Into Movies

A number of Alan Grant books have been adapted for radio and television. They include The Man in the Queue (Radio), A Shilling for Candles (Radio), The Franchise Affair (Radio and Television), The Daughter of Time (Radio), and The Singing Sands (Radio and Television).

Best Alan Grant Books

The Alan Grant novels stand out more for Josephine Tey’s beautiful prose than anything else, with some of the best titles in the series including:

The Franchise Affair: Robert Blair is a lawyer whose slow life takes a turn when Marion Sharp and her mother reach out to him. The residents of a rundown old house, Marion, and her mother have been accused of perpetrating a brutal kidnapping.

Marion keeps refuting Miss Betty Kane’s claims but something about the victim’s narration draws the interest of Robert Blair who is determined to solve the case.

To Love and Be Wise: A young photographer has disappeared. And the fact that he was so handsome has complicated the case for Alan Grant because the victim had one too many female admirers. Now the inspector must try and determine whether any one of them had something to do with his disappearance.

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What Is The Next Book in The Inspector Alan Grant Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Inspector Alan Grant Series. The newest book is The Singing Sands and was released on January, 1st 1952.

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