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The name Inspector Hemingway refers to a series of mystery novels written by Georgette Heyer. Georgette Heyer was a pretty popular novelist who kicked her career off in the 1920s.

Order of Inspector Hemingway Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 No Wind of Blame ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1939 Description / Buy
2 Envious Casca ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1941 Description / Buy
3 Duplicate Death ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1951 Description / Buy
4 Detection Unlimited ( By: Georgette Heyer) 1953 Description / Buy
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Born in 1902 and eventually marrying George Ronald Rougier, Georgette’s first book began as a story produced for her younger brother before she turned it into The Black Moth.

Georgette Heyer is famous for a couple of reasons. First, she was a very private author. This wasn’t the case in the beginning. But then, over time, Georgette Heyer realized that publicity was not necessary for her books to sell. So she withdrew from public scrutiny.

Second, George is said to have established the historical romance genre. In fact, the Regency romance subgenre is also imputed to her. The author garnered a reputation for the incredible detail she injected into her work.

Considering her background, it came as a bit of a surprise when she eventually branched out into the mystery and thriller genres. A point came when Georgette was writing as many thrillers as romance novels.

The Inspector Hemingway series was born in that second half of the author’s career when she finally decided to cement her place in the mystery, thriller and suspense genres. The inspector Hemingway books are considered by most to be relatively ordinary mystery novels.

No Wind of Blame, the first book in the series, finds Inspector Hemingway called in to investigate Wally Carter, the victim of a seemingly impossible murder. Hemingway must wade through a litany of suspects to find the truth.

The Inspector Hemingway books typically take place in some small village. When a murder occurs, the circumstances are usually so peculiar that the local authorities are forced to call upon Scotland Yard for assistance.

Hemingway is one of Scotland Yard’s best detectives. His intelligence is only matched by his humor. Georgette Heyer’s victims are usually unlikable people and it isn’t that hard to figure out why.

The author spends a lot of time building up her characters and exploring their lives before they are ultimately murdered. In fact, that is one of the complaints most commonly aimed at Georgette. She takes too long to get to the murder.

Though, the author’s fans will say that they appreciate Georgette’s determination to let her readers get to know her murder victim and his or her potential murderers. By the time Hemingway comes onto the scene, readers usually know who all the potential suspects will be and their motives.

Georgette gives her readers all the clues they need to solve the murder alongside Hemingway. Though, she has a tendency to wait until the last one or two chapters to reveal the killer, at which point the conclusion to the story feels abrupt.

Best Inspector Hemingway Books

The Inspector Hemingway series is a light and entertaining take on the British detective genre, with some of the best books in this series including:

No Wind of Blame: The Carter family is a little dysfunctional. Ermyntrude Carter is wealthy. Wally Carter is her second husband and he takes advantage of her fortune. Ermyntrude sometimes forgives his proclivities because she is too busy building her social status.

When Wally is shot, few people claim to mourn his passing. And the murder is so complex that the locals have no choice but to call upon Scotland Yard for help. Inspector Hemingway is sent in to assist on the case.

Hemingway learns that Wally wasn’t the most likable individual. This leaves him with a litany of suspects that he must sift through to find the real killer.

Envious Casca: It is Christmas and Inspector Hemingway is out to catch a killer. Nathaniel Herriard is a grumpy old man that lives with his brother Joseph and his wife. One assumes that Joseph had the best intentions when he organized a gathering at Lexham Manor.

The six holiday guests in attendance expected a good time. Instead, all they got was murder. Nathanial is dead and one of them killed him. Now Hemingway from Scotland Yard is asking questions.

He knows one of them entered a locked room and stabbed Nathaniel in the back. He won’t rest until he finds the culprit.

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What Is The Next Book in The Inspector Hemingway Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Inspector Hemingway Series. The newest book is Detection Unlimited and was released on January, 1st 1953.

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