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Inspector Konrad Sejer is the name of a series of crime fiction novels written by a Norwegian writer called Karin Fossum. The books follow the exploits of a calm and collected detective who solves grizzly crimes and murders.

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Order of Inspector Sejer Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 In the Darkness / Eva's Eye ( By: Karin Fossum) 1995 Description / Buy
2 Don't Look Back ( By: Karin Fossum) 1996 Description / Buy
3 He Who Fears the Wolf ( By: Karin Fossum) 1997 Description / Buy
4 When the Devil Holds the Candle ( By: Karin Fossum) 1998 Description / Buy
5 Calling Out for You / The Indian Bride ( By: Karin Fossum) 2000 Description / Buy
6 Black Seconds ( By: Karin Fossum) 2002 Description / Buy
7 The Murder of Harriet Krohn ( By: Karin Fossum) 2004 Description / Buy
8 The Water's Edge ( By: Karin Fossum) 2007 Description / Buy
9 Bad Intentions ( By: Karin Fossum) 2008 Description / Buy
10 The Caller ( By: Karin Fossum) 2009 Description / Buy
11 The Drowned Boy ( By: Karin Fossum) 2013 Description / Buy
12 Hell Fire ( By: Karin Fossum) 2014 Description / Buy
13 The Whisperer ( By: Karin Fossum) 2018 Description / Buy
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Even though she is often lauded as the Queen of Norwegian Crime Fiction, Karin Fossum is quick to underplay her own writing talents. Even after making her debut as a poet in the early 1970s, Karin spent quite a long time working in hospitals and nursing homes.

Though she never stopped writing, it wasn’t until 1995 that the author made her debut in the crime fiction genre, writing In the Darkness, the first novel in the Inspector Konrad Sejer series.

The book explores the brutal murder of a factory worker and a prostitute. Konrad immediately spots a link between both crimes and attempts to find the one missing piece of the puzzle that will explain the motive that drove the killer.

Even though In the darkness was lauded for its unique approach to storytelling, it wasn’t until Don’t Look Back, the sequel to In the Darkness was published that Karin’s star began to shine.

The author has since become a household name, her books having grown so popular that they eventually received English translation, spreading Karin Fossum’s name to international waters.

Inspector Konrad Sejer isn’t like most heroes of noir Norwegian crime fiction. While his peers are often troubled figures, bad-tempered and self-destructive, Konrad Sejer is a calm, polite, self-controlled man.

He drinks and smokes but only at the end of the day and not so much that his judgment is impaired.

The widower uses every opportunity he gets to see his daughter. While he never stops thinking about his cases, they never consume him. Like most crime fiction protagonists, Sejer is driven to succeed by a desire to see justice done.

He has a strong moral code that compels him to respect his leaders and to walk the straight and narrow path. The cases the inspector encounters are typically brutal in nature and they are designed to force the audience to question their understanding of certain moral and social issues.

Karin Fossum frequently tackles subjects like inequality, immigration and sexism. Many of her antagonists are just ordinary people who were pushed too far.

Inspector Konrad Sejer Awards

Karin Fossum has won numerous awards for her Inspector Konrad Sejer series, this including, The Gumshoe Awards, Brage Prize, Rivertonprisen, Bokhandleprisen, and the Glass Key Award for When the Devil Holds the Candle, Elskede Poona, Se deg ikke tilbake, Den som frykter ulven, and Se deg ikke tilbake respectively.

Inspector Konrad Sejer Books into Movies

The Girl by the Lake, an Italian movie from 2007 was based on the Inspector Konrad Sejer novel Don’t Look Back. It was directed by Andrea Molaioli.

Best Inspector Konrad Sejer Books

Karin Fossum is often praised for her strong plots and the fact that her detective is so different from the crime fiction norm, with some of the best novels in her Inspector Sejer series including:

Don’t Look Back: The village at the foot of Kollem Mountain was a beautiful place to live, not only because of the scenery but also because of the peace and quiet, not to mention the friendly neighbors and safe streets.

But then a teenage girl was murdered and her remains were discovered near the lake. Now the peace has been shattered. Everyone supposedly loved the victim. It is up to Inspector Sejer to discover the secrets hiding behind the village’s inviting façade.

When the Devil Holds the Candle: Zipp and Andreas stole a purse from a stroller and didn’t think much of it. They didn’t know that their actions had led to the infant’s death. And they did not hesitate to follow an elderly woman home, with Andreas eventually following her into her house, switchblade drawn.

Now it is up to Inspector Sejer and his partner to resolve the infant’s death and determine how it connects to a local delinquent who disappeared.

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What Is The Next Book in The Inspector Sejer Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Inspector Sejer Series. The newest book is The Whisperer and was released on July, 25th 2018.

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