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John Paul Keller is a fictional character created by Lawrence Block in a novel series by the same name (John Keller series). Throughout the book series, Keller is a trained hitman/assassin who receives his assignment through a mission assignment contact called Dot based in White Plains. Originally Keller resides in New York but later shifts to New Orleans where he changes his name to Nicholas Edward. His assignments take him to various cities in the US, where he envisions himself about the future and how he is going to settle down once retired and live a life of fantasies that he has always dreamed. Apart from his numerous assignments, Keller has a passion for stamp collection as described vividly by the author and most of the time he is seen collecting non- US stamps printed before 1940.

Order of John Keller Series

1Hit Man1998Description / Buy
2Hit List2000Description / Buy
3Hit Parade2006Description / Buy
4Hit and Run2008Description / Buy
5Keller in Dallas2009Description / Buy
6Hit Me2012Description / Buy
7Keller's Adjustment2012Description / Buy
8Keller on the Spot2013Description / Buy
9Keller's Therapy (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
10Keller's Horoscope2013Description / Buy
11Keller's Fedora (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
12Keller's Homecoming (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
13Keller's Designated Hitter (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
14Keller the Dogkiller (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
15Keller in Des Moines (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
16Quotidian Keller (Short Story)2017Description / Buy
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Keller is described as a decent guy who has a passion for dogs and lives in a luxurious apartment. Apart from stamp collection, he loves undertaking other meaningful activities such as solving crossword puzzles, watching television and purchasing gifts for his girlfriend whenever on a mission. The greater part of the series focuses on the off-duty Keller, describes his fantasies, and the things he likes in life. The latest novels such as Hit List describe Keller as not just a hit man but something much special, a character that even the readers will fall in love with due to his decent way of life.

John Keller series by Lawrence Block publication began in 1998 when the first book on the show Hit Man was released. The novel has been reprinted over 20 times since it was initially published.


The all time award winning author has been won and also nominated for various awards such as Anthony, Shamus, and Edgar Awards. Looking for David was nominated for Edgar Awards in 1999 under Best Short Story category. Kellers Therapy won the 1994 Grand Master Award for the Best Short Story. During the Crime Thriller Awards in 2009, Hit List one of the John Keller novels was nominated for The CWA Gold Dagger.


These are the best book in the series and the first on the list is

Hit List is the latest book in the series from the author. The story arc begins with the description of John Keller life. He kills people, and lives in a medium size apartment in New York, he also loves going on a date, watching and frequently visits astrologers. The readers are informed that whenever he is out of the city, he is out on a mission to killing a person.

Something has gone terribly wrong for John Keller, during his tasks, as he travels from city to city, he leaves death trail. He soon discovers that he is being marked for death and targeted for murder. Keller must do whatever it takes even if it means dodging his assassination assignments to deal with the mysterious assailant and also to handle the situation when he discovers that his ex-lover might have found about his “Hitman missions.”

Hitman is the first book in the John Keller series by Lawrence Block. The book introduces the readers to the way of the life of John Keller and the person who gives him his assignments. Also, the readers are made aware that Keller’s assignments lead him to different cities and it is revealed that he does his task exemplary.

Things go wrong the moment he lets a person into his life, and his job begins to interfere with his closely guarded life. Keller, therefore, has to find a way to balance his secret job life and how he relates with his folks.


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What Is The Next Book in The John Keller Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The John Keller Series. The newest book is Quotidian Keller and was released on July, 1st 2017.

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