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Kit Tolliver is a fictional character, one of the latest and best creations of Lawrence Block in a novel series by the same name (Kit Tolliver series). Kit is described as a gorgeous lady, and she is up for any task as long as it earns her living.

Order of Kit Tolliver Series

1If You Can't Stand the Heat2013Description / Buy
2Rude Awakening2013Description / Buy
3You Can Call Me Lucky2013Description / Buy
4Clean Slate2013Description / Buy
5Waitress Wanted2013Description / Buy
6Jilling (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
7Conjugal Rites2013Description / Buy
8One Kind Favor I Ask of You2013Description / Buy
9Don't Get in the Car2013Description / Buy
10Fun with Brady and Angelica2013Description / Buy
11Zeroing In2013Description / Buy
12Unfinished Business2013Description / Buy
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Kit is for sure a sexually aroused young girl who utilizes her beauty to lure men into sex and eventually kill them, and if she has the chance she also robs them of their valuables. In efforts to keep her identity secret, she goes by different names as she approaches different caliber of men. She also travels across the country to pick up on innocent and unsuspecting people that she can take to bed, rob and kill. She is a creepy character that is true, and every reader will indeed admit that but to be sure Lawrence Block makes her an enticing character that every reader will find it impossible to resist. Her beauty makes her one of the lady that every man would not mind meeting in a bar and having a drink and some romantic chats.

If You cannot Stand the Heat is the first novel in the series by Lawrence Block, it was first published on January 1st, 2013.


These are the best of Kit Tolliver books by Lawrence Block.

Getting Off– just like other professional authors, Lawrence Block has had some of the outstanding writing published under some other pseudonyms. Getting Off was indeed published under pseudonym Jil Emerson. He has had some other novels published under another pseudonym such as Miz E. Getting Off is one Hard Case crime novel that every reader out there doesn’t want to miss out. It is a book themed on sex and violence featuring Kit Tolliver

In this novel, the heroine, Kit has for years survived on luring men into sex and then robbing them. Throughout her “killing career” she discovers that she five of her victims had survived. She realizes that to keep her complete closure she must hunt the survivors and silence them for an eternity before it is too late. Getting Off storyline is based on the Kit man-by-man hunt for her survivors. The twisted variations of this thrilling novel are similar to The Bride Wore Black written by William Irish using pseudonym Cornell Woolrich.

As she begins her quest, she meets with Rita, and the two connect almost instantaneous, and more of their talk is more of sexual with many instances of the use of C-word. Almost too soon, Kit frequently visits lesbian bars in search of compatible hook up. Will Rita become one of her victims? The series is available in various episodes and many of which were published as short stories.

Conjugal Rites– day in day out, Kit Tolliver lifestyle is the same; she hooks up with a guy, goes home with him, has some sex and then kills him. However, in the second installment Rude Awakening (Kit Tolliver #2) she drank more than she could hold and ended blacking out before she could complete her routine job. The following day, during breakfast she had a chance to poison her host vodka drink. Unfortunately, this did not work out for her, and she later finds out that her victim-Peter Fuhrman (one of the men on her kill list of the Ones Who Got Away) is alive and kicking. It took extensive work to establish this and even more, work to locate Peter.

Unfortunately, Peter is locked up in a Maximum security prison. How is she going to exterminate him? Kit must, however, find a way to finish up her mission and kill Peter Fuhrman and keep her complete closure before it is too and the truth about her revealed.


Pulp Modern: Issue Nine by Alec Cizak, Math Bird, Mike Sheedy, Deborah Sheldon, and John Teel, a novel that features hot women, ranging from young girls luring men to their deaths to shape-shifting women in their missions to committing crimes.

C’mon and Do the Apocalypse by Chuck Regan et al. is an anthology series in which seven authors write about the end times during a zombie apocalypse. The novel details the stories of two survivors during what seems to be their last moment on earth, however, nothing will stop them, not even the apocalypse from undertaking their undertakings or even falling in love.

What Is The Next Book in The Kit Tolliver Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Kit Tolliver Series . The newest book is Unfinished Business and was released on December, 5th 2013.

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  1. Imagine if Dexter was a super sexy female who had passionate, kinky sex with her victims before killing them. That, in a nutshell, is what Kit Tolliver is all about and I love it!

    These are essentially short stories that make for nice, easy reads even if the content itself may make some uncomfortable. This is not for kids, but for adults who enjoy something a little more risque in their book consumption. Kit will turn you on and kinda scary you.

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