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In the literary world, there have been so many imitators; however, it is only Jacky Collins who has the ability to tell the readers what really goes on within the fastest lanes. From the bedrooms of Beverly Hills, all the way to the raunchy prowls within the streets; from the scintillating rock concerts and parties to the mansions and stretching limos of the power brokers, Collins accounts the real-truth from deep within.

Order of Lucky Santangelo Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Chances ( By: Jackie Collins) 1981 Description / Buy
2 Lucky ( By: Jackie Collins) 1985 Description / Buy
3 Lady Boss ( By: Jackie Collins) 1990 Description / Buy
4 Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge ( By: Jackie Collins) 1996 Description / Buy
5 Dangerous Kiss ( By: Jackie Collins) 1999 Description / Buy
6 Drop Dead Beautiful ( By: Jackie Collins) 2007 Description / Buy
7 Poor Little Bitch Girl ( By: Jackie Collins) 2010 Description / Buy
8 Goddess of Vengeance ( By: Jackie Collins) 2011 Description / Buy
9 Confessions of a Wild Child ( By: Jackie Collins) 2013 Description / Buy
10 The Santangelos ( By: Jackie Collins) 2014 Description / Buy
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Director Louis Malle referred to Jacky Collins as a raunchy moralist, while Vanity Magazine, on the other hand, referred to her as Hollywood’s Marcel Proust. As a best-selling author, Jacky Collins has managed to sell more than 500 million copies in forty plus countries. Furthermore, Jacky Collins has more than thirty New-York Times bestselling novels under her name. Collins is widely known for giving the reader’s insider’s knowledge of Hollywood as well as the glamorous lives of the rich and famous.

In the year 2015, Jackie Collins passed away due to breast cancer. Jackie Collins had managed to keep her illness from the readers and most of her friends. However, before her demise, Jackie Collins came out in the open and said that she believed in the afterlife.

Lucky Santagelo Awards

Despite the fact that none of the Lucky Santangelo books were nominated for any major literary awards, they still performed extremely well, selling more than 500 million copies.

Lucky Santangelo Books into Movies

The Lucky Santangelo series has been adapted into a feature mini-series under the name Lucky Chances.

Best Lucky Santangelo Books

Chances: The first installment in the Lucky Santagelo book series by prolific author Jacky Collins. As expected, Lucky is filled with lots of crudely written sex; however, this is not what readers may refer to as a sex novel.

Chances is a good old family saga, which is a fair read within the first half of the novel and highly entertaining as the narrative continues. Author Jackie Collins begins the narrative with a neat teaser, as almost half of the characters are caught in the midst of the 1977, New York City blackout. One of these characters is a gorgeous brunette, Lucky Santangelo. Lucky Santangelo is the daughter of a tax-evading tycoon who is returning to the country with the hopes of reclaiming his empire. Other noticeable characters in Chances include Lucky’s homosexual brother, Dario, Carrie their matron, who is heading to meet a blackmailer.

From this point onwards, Chances becomes a flashback, with the readers being taken first to 1920 circa. Author, Jackie Collins makes use of alternating short chapters between two families, whose paths cross from time to time. Gino eventually grows up into an extremely tough and sexy New York kid, and it does not take long before he ends up in jail.

While in jail, Gino manages to save the life of one Costa and in the process manages to make a lifelong friend. Eventually, Gino becomes a bootlegger’s legman before becoming a bootlegger on his own, thanks to Enzio’s assistance. Briefly, Gino turns saintly because of the pure love that he has towards Lenora, Costa’s sister. However, Lenora ends up betraying him, and he ends up marrying Cindy. When Gino cheats on Cindy, he ensures that she is killed and thus he ends up dabbling with Clementine, a socialite.

Clementine, being deep within the crime orchestrates some killing for her senator husband, who happens to be a homosexual. As this happens, little Carrie is transformed into a teenage whore by her loving grandmother. Furthermore, Carrie is also raped by her someone she trusted, her uncle and eventually turned by her pimp into a drug addict. After being hospitalized, Carrie works briefly as a showgirl.

However, Carrie’s brief stint as a showgirl eventually comes to a screeching halt, when she gets pregnant and eventually gives birth to baby Stephen. After recuperating, Carrie returns to prostitution with a rather classy vigor. However, it does not take long before baby Stephens is kidnapped and then rescued by thugs who work for Enzio. She eventually gets married to a renowned producer, Bernie, who apart from concealing her past, also gives her a new identity.

Goddess of Vengeance: The eighth installment of the Lucky Santangelo book series. The book begins as Lucky Santangelo is convening her family at the keys, her extremely lavish hotel located in Las Vegas. The main reason why Lucky has invited her family members is mainly that it is Max’s 18th birthday. Her son, Bobby who happens to be an extremely successful nightclub impresario, and also the heir to the fortune that was left behind by their father, which entailed a Greek shipping magnate wonders whether he should introduce his girlfriend, Denver, who works as a prosecuting attorney to his family. As expected, the family reunion is more of a setup for an author, Jackie Collins seamy subplots, which have eventually become her trademark. Author, Jackie Collins excels at portraying anti-heroes that her aficionados love to hate.

Lady Boss: The third installment in the Lucky Santangelo book series. Lucky has already found her soul mate and the love for her life in Lennie Golden, actor and comedian. Apart from being extremely different, both of them are extremely stubborn headed and in turn, ends up causing them to bump heads from time to time. However, the love that each of these two characters has for one another surpasses all their differences. Initially, no one had imagined that Lucky would have found love again including the readers. After three marriages down the line, Lucky has finally managed to have things go her way. Thus, like any loving wife, Lucky tries to do everything she can to ensure that her husband is happy.

When Laggie complains and lags about the goings that are currently happening in Panther Studio’s his workplace, Lucky decides to get rid of his frustrations by purchasing the studio, so that both of them can be able to control the studio. However, Lucky knows that nothing she has wanted in life has come easily. Before Lucky could take control of the Panther Studio, she goes undercover with the aim of exposing the employees who are not getting the job done at Panther Studio.

This is where the adventure begins in the narrative. As Lucky goes undercover, Lennie is unaware of what is truly happening. Lucky has to ensure that she covers up for her doings mainly because she wants to surprise her with the details of her findings, when her plan proves to be a success. However, Lucky’s plan brings a strain in her relationship, something that Lucky had not prepared for.

What Is The Next Book in The Lucky Santangelo Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Lucky Santangelo Series. The newest book is The Santangelos and was released on October, 9th 2014.

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