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The “MacKenzie Family” series written by bestselling author Linda Howard (which is the pen name of Linda S. Howington) is a romance suspense series that follows the different members of the MacKenzie family. This means that they are all set in the same universe, and feature the same characters. That being said, they are all stand alone novels.

Order of Mackenzie Family Saga Series

1Mackenzie's Mountain1989Description / Buy
2Mackenzie's Mission1992Description / Buy
3Mackenzie's Pleasure1996Description / Buy
4Mackenzie's Magic (Short Story)1996Description / Buy
5A Game of Chance2000Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Mackenzie Family Saga Series

1Mackenzie's Pleasure1996Description / Buy
2Mackenzie's Mountain1989Description / Buy
3Mackenzie's Mission1992Description / Buy
4Mackenzie's Magic (Short Story)1996Description / Buy
5A Game of Chance2000Description / Buy
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The series began in the year 1989, with the release of “MacKenzie’s Mountain”. It ended in the year 2000, with the release of “A Game of Chance”, which is the fourth book of the series. Each of the books in the series came out after about three to four years of a wait; the shortest wait being between the first and second novels where there was only about three years of a wait.


For those readers looking to get into the “MacKenzie Family” series by Linda Howard, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “MacKenzie’s Mountain”, “MacKenzie’s Mission”, and “MacKenzie’s Pleasure”.

MacKenzie’s Mountain: This is the first novel in the “MacKenzie Family” series and was released in the year 1989. This book stars Mary Elizabeth Potter and Wolf MacKenzie. Mary Elizabeth Potter has appointed herself a spinster and has zero illusions about love. She is just a good teacher and wants to see Wolf Mackenzie’s son return to school. She gets into a heated confrontation with Wolf and knows that both the father and son have altered her life forever.

Wolf is still paying for a crime that someone else committed, and it has put a chip on his shoulder that is about the size of Wyoming. Mary does not see him as being the dangerous half-breed that the town has made him out to be. She sees him as someone who could love, as a decent, honest, and good man. Wolf is not sure either Ruth, Wyoming or he is even ready for his own taming.

MacKenzie’s Mission: This is the second novel in the “MacKenzie Family” series and was released in the year 1992. This book stars Caroline Evans and Colonel Joe “Breed” MacKenzie. Night Wing is a revolutionary test plane and is equipped with a top secret weapons system. It used to be the number one priority of Colonel Joe “Breed” MacKenzie. Caroline Evans, a weapons expert, was his first distraction. She was a stubborn blonde that gave him nothing but the cold shoulder, but giving up is not what helped him become the best there was at what he does.

Then he found out that there was someone on the inside that was doing their best to sabotage Night Wing. It seemed like Caroline was the prime suspect, with her late working hours and the specialized expertise that she had. It makes him have to choose between the devotion he has to his country and the love for his number one suspect.

MacKenzie’s Pleasure: This is the third novel in the “MacKenzie Family” series and was released in the year 1996. This book stars Barrie Lovejoy and Zane MacKenzie. Barrie Lovejoy is need of a savior. She was being held hostage by some terrorist group and they would not tolerate her being silent for a whole lot longer. Instead, they would make her silent forever. He came out of the darkness, all of a sudden. He is grizzled and dangerous, and it was Zane that led her from the terrorists right into his protecting arms.

There is no one better than Zane MacKenzie, who is a Navy Seal. There was never a mission that had gotten the better of him, at least not until this one. It had been textbook saving Barrie, that is except for the night of passion that they shared together. His duty as a husband are just starting, as his life as a soldier ended when she was given back her freedom. He would much sooner die than allow the enemy do any harm to his child’s mother.


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What Is The Next Book in The Mackenzie Family Saga Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mackenzie Family Saga Series. The newest book is A Game of Chance and was released on January, 3rd 2000.

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