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Mercedes Thompson is a series of urban fantasy novels that Patricia Briggs started writing in the mid-2000s. The books tell the story of a talented mechanic who has the ability to take the form of a coyote.

Order of Mercedes Thompson Series

1Moon Called2006Description / Buy
2Blood Bound2007Description / Buy
3Iron Kissed2008Description / Buy
4Bone Crossed2009Description / Buy
5Silver Borne2010Description / Buy
6River Marked2011Description / Buy
7Frost Burned2013Description / Buy
8Night Broken2014Description / Buy
9Fire Touched2016Description / Buy
10Silence Fallen2017Description / Buy
11Storm Cursed2019Description / Buy
12Smoke Bitten2020Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Thompson Graphic Novels

1Homecoming2009Description / Buy
2Moon Called, Volume 12010Description / Buy
3Moon Called, Volume 2 (Short Story)2010Description / Buy
4Hopcross Jilly2015Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Thompson Collections

1Shifting Shadows2014Description / Buy
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When Mercy Thompson is first introduced to readers in Moon Called, the first novel in the series, she doesn’t seem so different from the average mechanic in the Tri-Cities area of Washington.

But it doesn’t take readers long to realize that things are not quite right with Mercy’s world. For one thing, she can turn into a Coyote. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, her neighbor, Adam, is a werewolf, and she has had plenty of dealings with vampires.

For Mercy, the supernatural is nothing new. And when she encounters a teenage boy looking for work, the fact that he smells like a werewolf doesn’t scare her. Of course, when she finally decides to take him in, against her better judgment, she has no idea that the people running the lab from which he escaped have every intention of hunting him down.

Fortunately for Mercy, she has a lot of friends in high places, including the local alpha and even Bran, the alpha of all werewolves in North America.

The supernatural elements of the Mercy Thompson books are a secret, operating underneath the facade of ordinary life. Mercy’s powers come from her father. The man was a Native American bull rider whose body hosted a Native American coyote god.

Joe’s relationship with Mercy’s mother, a white woman, only lasted a few months before he died in an accident. The woman did what she could to care for Mercy in the months that followed.

However, when she discovered Mercy’s abilities, she decided to give her to the friends of an uncle who, she knew, had werewolf connections. In the process, Mercy met Bran and joined his pack.

For the most part, Mercy lives an ordinary life. She has a home and a place of employment. She has even tolerated a few relationships in the past.

But if it were up to her, Mercy would fly under the radar, using her coyote powers only when it was convenient for her. But life rarely permits Mercy any such peace. She keeps stumbling into trouble.

A lot of times, people will seek her out because she has the power to sense magic and to see ghosts. Mercy is also immune to some forms of magic and that fact alone keeps dragging her into conflicts between werewolves, vampires, and fae that she would rather avoid.

Mercedes Thompson Awards

Bone Crossed won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in 2009.

Best Mercedes Thompson Books

These novels spend a lot of time exploring their heroine’s conflicting feelings for Adam, the local alpha, and Samuel, the son of Bran and the first man Mercy fell for as a teenager, with some of the best books in the series including:

Blood Hound: Life in the 21st Century should be easier. After all, with the age of superstition having been buried, no one burns or lynches witches in the streets anymore. But for Mercedes Thompson, life is still quite violent.

Her ability to transform into a coyote keeps drawing her into situations she would rather avoid. This time, she owes a favor and she has agreed to pay it off by providing protection for Stefan, a vampire who needs to deliver a message to another vampire.

But the vampire in question isn’t like anything or anyone Mercy has ever seen.

Bone Crossed: As a shape-shifter who can become a coyote, Mercy is always working to keep the peace between humans and the supernatural. But now she is the one who needs protecting.

Mercy killed a member of Marsilia’s clan. Marsilia is the local vampire queen and now she wants Mercy’s head. But since Mercy is part of a werewolf pack, Marsilia’s war with the shapeshifter is about to get a whole lot bigger.

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What Is The Next Book in The Mercedes Thompson Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mercedes Thompson Series. The newest book is Smoke Bitten and was released on March, 10th 2020.

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