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Miss Fortune Mystery is a series of cozy mystery novels written by Jana Deleon. The books follow the exploits of a CIA Operative that is forced to adapt to a quiet life in Sinful, Louisiana.

Order of Miss Fortune Mystery Series

1Louisiana Longshot2012Description / Buy
2Lethal Bayou Beauty2013Description / Buy
3Swamp Sniper2013Description / Buy
4Swamp Team 32014Description / Buy
5Gator Bait2014Description / Buy
6Soldiers of Fortune2015Description / Buy
7Hurricane Force2015Description / Buy
8Fortune Hunter2016Description / Buy
9Later Gator2016Description / Buy
10Hook, Line and Blinker2017Description / Buy
11Change of Fortune2018Description / Buy
12Reel of Fortune2018Description / Buy
13Swamp Spook2018Description / Buy
14Fortune Furlough2019Description / Buy
15Cajun Fried Felony2019Description / Buy
16Swamp Santa2019Description / Buy
17Bullets and Beads2020Description / Buy
18Gators and Garters2020Description / Buy
19Fortune Funhouse2021Description / Buy
20Frightfully Fortune2021Description / Buy
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Jana Deleon is a bestselling author who grew up in Louisiana. She has written plenty of stories set in bayous; the result of a childhood spent at a camp on a bayou that her family owned.

Jana still remembers the several hours she spent exploring the bayous of Louisiana and studying its animal and plant life. Jana loves Louisiana; not only the landscape but the culture and the people.

So it comes as little surprise that the Miss Fortune Mystery series is set in Louisiana. The books revolve around Fortune Redding, a woman whose luck runs out when her identity is leaked.

When she is first introduced to readers in Louisiana Longshot, Redding has dedicated the last several years of her life to the CIA. She has slept, eaten, and breathed tactics, strategies, and training.

So she is less than amused when a leak at the Agency exposes her to trouble. Redding went a little overboard the last time she went to the Middle East. She made a litany of enemies.

And as a result, there is a substantial price on her head. To keep her safe, Fortune Redding’s boss forces her to settle down in the little town of Sinful, Louisiana. The situation isn’t expected to be permanent.

Redding is assured that she only needs to stay off the grid for a couple of months while the leak at the CIA is plugged and her identity is secured once more. Posing as a former beauty queen, Redding does what she can to play the role of Sinful, Louisiana’s new librarian.

The Bayou town isn’t without its charm and any other operative would relish the opportunity to take a break from all the dangers that CIA work attracts. But Redding isn’t like most people.

The protagonist has spent so many years undertaking CIA training and pursuing the Agency’s mission that she hasn’t had the time to hone her interpersonal skills. As such, the heroine struggles to find her footing in her new home.

Her situation is further complicated when her new dog discovers a body on her property. Redding is forced to investigate what could be murder if only to divert attention away from her person.

However, her attempts only delay the inevitable. Each new novel in the Miss Fortune Mystery series finds Fortune Redding facing off against a new murder mystery. The more mysteries she solves, the more murders she encounters down the line, the harder it becomes for Redding to keep a low profile.

Redding is joined on her journey by Gertie and Ida, two elderly ladies who know everything there is to know about the town and, thus, prove particularly useful to Redding’s efforts.

There’s also Deputy Sheriff Carter, a man whose personal and professional interest in her, not to mention Redding’s own burgeoning feelings for the handsome detective, threaten to expose her identity.

Best Miss Fortune Mystery Series

The Miss Fortune Mystery books are cozy mysteries to their core, boasting a cast of quirky characters living in a small town and engaging in dangerous but humorous investigative activities, with some of the best novels in the series including:

Gator Bait: Fortune Redding was a CIA Agent. But then her cover was blown and she was forced to hide in the town of Sinful, Louisiana under a false identity. Redding was told to lay low. And she thought she would hate the quiet life of a small town.

But things are actually looking up for the spy. Not only has she made many an incredible friend but she just went on a great date with the town’s handsome deputy sheriff.

When someone threatens Redding’s future by attempting to kill her new boyfriend, the determined lady gathers her friends and immediately launches a manhunt.

Change of Fortune: Sinful, Lousiana’s favorite alligator is out and about, causing havoc in town. Gertie wants to get him under control before someone takes him out. But Fortune Redding is too busy to help her.

Her time in the town is almost up and she isn’t sure that she is ready to pack up and start over somewhere else.

Other Book Series You May Like

Another fun read is the “Ghost-in-Law” Series by Jana Deleon. These books are set in the Bayous of Louisiana and they follow the adventures of a young woman whose mother-in-law is haunting her even as she tries to solve her own murder.

Be sure to check out “The Celtic Witch Mystery” Series by Molly Milligan as well. Bron is a hedge witch living in a sleepy Welsh town. With her supernatural friends in tow, Bron solves crimes of a sinister nature.

What Is The Next Book in The Miss Fortune Mystery Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Miss Fortune Mystery Series. The newest book is Frightfully Fortune and was released on May, 2nd 2021.


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