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Ann B. Ross is an author, who is popularly known for the Miss Julia book series. The Miss Julia book series has over 20 books. After Ann B. Ross completed her high school education, she became a literature don at the North Carolina University.

Order of Miss Julia Series

1Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind1990Description / Buy
2Miss Julia Takes Over2001Description / Buy
3Miss Julia Throws a Wedding2002Description / Buy
4Miss Julia Hits the Road2003Description / Buy
5Miss Julia Meets Her Match2004Description / Buy
6Miss Julia's School of Beauty2005Description / Buy
7Miss Julia Stands Her Ground2006Description / Buy
8Miss Julia Strikes Back2007Description / Buy
9Miss Julia Paints the Town2008Description / Buy
10Miss Julia Delivers the Goods2009Description / Buy
11Miss Julia Renews Her Vows2010Description / Buy
12Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle2011Description / Buy
13Miss Julia to the Rescue2012Description / Buy
14Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble2013Description / Buy
15Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover2014Description / Buy
16Miss Julia Lays Down the Law2015Description / Buy
17Miss Julia Inherits a Mess2016Description / Buy
18Miss Julia Weathers the Storm2017Description / Buy
19Miss Julia Raises the Roof2018Description / Buy
20Miss Julia Takes the Wheel2019Description / Buy
21Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two2020Description / Buy
22Miss Julia Happily Ever After2021Description / Buy

Order of Miss Julia Short Stories/Novellas

1Miss Julia's Gift (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
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Best Miss Julia Books

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: The first installment in the Miss Julia book series. In Miss Julia Speaks her Mind, author Ann B. Ross introduces the readers to Miss Julia, a newly wealthy widow. When Miss Julia’s husband suddenly dies, her sterile marriage on multiple levels ends and in the process a life that Julia had never imagined begins.

Considering the fact that Miss Julia has for so many years lived a stereotypical, dependent, Southern Carolina woman’s life, Miss Julia is in the process transformed into a sassy, strong woman by comical and dramatic events that are beyond Julia’s control. Throughout the narrative, Miss Julia speaks her mind, offers witty and wry piercing observations about life, hypocrisy and human nature. After the death of her husband, Miss Julia finds herself extremely wealthy.

Thus, she has to learn and unlearn various things such as writing her checkbooks and balancing her checks. The newly acquired wealth, in turn, means that she is not only pressured but also emotionally assaulted by various individuals including her local pastor. All these individuals were seeking Miss Julia’s wealth in the name of welfare. Miss Julia also sustains her friend and housekeeper Lillian as well as lawyers Sam and Elizabeth.

One evening, a young woman drops by her doorstep and demands that Miss Julia should take care of her son as she attends a beautician course. It is at this point that Miss Julia comes to the realization that the nights her husband did not return home were spent on another woman’s bed. Due to the fact that Miss Julia’s husband failed to take care of the son, the woman had no option but to fend for herself.

It does not take long before all hell breaks loose when all the people in her life lie, kidnap, manipulate and do much more all in the hopes of finding a way to get a piece of the wealth-and fortune which had been left behind by her husband. In the process, Miss Julia can awaken to her independence, honesty, competence as well as the idea that love overcomes friendship and love overcome racial, religious and social barriers.

After an extremely intense diet of mysteries and thrillers, Miss Julia Speaks her Mind was quiet refreshing. The mystery is centered on money. However, the narrative is all about the extremely crazy and strange lengths that people are willing to go to get money irrespective of the moral cost involved.

Miss Julia Takes Over: Miss Julia Takes Over is the second installment in the Miss Julia book series. In Miss Julia Takes Over Hazel Marie has been missing for quite some time and brother Varn is planning openly to take Little Lloyd. Because the local police do not prove to be resourceful, Miss Julia decides to hire a Private Investigator, J. D Dickens to locate Hazel Marie.

Ever since he became a private investigator, J.D Pickens has never found a client such as Miss Julia. Apart from insisting that she knows the next move, Miss Julia also decides to accompany Dickens everywhere that he goes and in the process drags little Lloyd along with them. With that said, will Dickens be able to locate Hazel Marie despite Miss Julia’s ever-presence? With that said, Miss Julia Take Over is filled with action and dialogue. Miss Julia is an extremely strong protagonist who as the narrative progresses changes her perspectives from time to time.

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What Is The Next Book in The Miss Julia Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Miss Julia Series. The newest book is Miss Julia Happily Ever After and was released on April, 6th 2021.


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  1. What a fantastic read these books are. Miss Julia is a classic Southern lady right down to her Christian roots. Her middle age is not only a big part of her character, but one of her strengths. As a middle aged lady myself, there isn’t too many women I’d rather spend time with than Miss Julia. She just gets it! Bravo, Ms. Ross on a great series.

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