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Eric Van Lustbader was born and in Greenwich. Lustbader graduated from Columbia College, with a Sociology degree. Before turning into a writer, Lustbader worked as an educationist in the public school system based in New York. He also worked for CBS Records and Elektra Records in the music industry.

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Order of Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Ninja ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1980 Description / Buy
2 The Miko ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1984 Description / Buy
3 White Ninja ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1990 Description / Buy
4 The Kaisho ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1993 Description / Buy
5 Floating City ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1994 Description / Buy
6 Second Skin ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 1995 Description / Buy
7 The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear (Short Story) ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2014 Description / Buy
8 The Oligarch's Daughter (By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2016 Description / Buy
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He has written more than twenty popular novels including the infamous best-selling book, The Ninja, starring Nicholas Linnear, one of the most popular enduring and most revered action heroes of the eighties. The Ninja was adopted by 20th Century Fox and produced into a movie. Lustbader’s books have been translated into a dozen languages all over the world.

Nicholas Linnear Best Books

The Ninja: This is the story of a mixed-race Asian man, Nicholas Linear man caught between his East and West, heritage and the unrelenting sexual attraction for a woman with some psychosomatic issues, which he cannot deal with now. His life has a unique destiny, a purpose that he cannot escape and he is at crossroads with the trappings of the world. His old archrival, unfamiliar to him is on the loose, killing people all over the place.

The novel’s narrative is set in post-Japan war era where it is thriving economically and Americans are eager to learn about the culture. The book magnificently blends in top-secret assassins from Japan known as the Ninjas and the revolving promiscuity, corruption, deceit and slippery ways of New York. It’s also richly and well researched on Japan’s deeply rooted cultural ways and a touch of the Chinese culture and traditions as well. The introduction of these two cultures gives readers a heads up on the role of Ninjas, and what it takes to become a pro ninja warrior. It cleverly explores the ways and prolongation of the ninja.

The Miko: She is incredibly beautiful, exotic and intensely sensual. Miko is a sorcerer who possesses unfathomable powers. She is also a murderer who exploits her evil power to eliminate Nicholas Linnear, the champion of The Ninja. This is one of the best thrillers of all time. It incorporates powerful government spies including the CIA and the KGB interwoven into the emerging technologies of Japan and the supernatural and perilous territory of Ninja warriors.

Nicolas Linnear once again meets a lethal nemesis linked to his past. The mysterious foe is determined to avenge anyone who crossed his path in one way or another. The exciting events in the book occur in Japan as well as the US. Linnear, an expert martial arts soldier lives in two disconcerting worlds, but his roots remain engrained n the traditional ways of the Japanese culture.

In this series, we continue to witness Linnear’s life converging between two contrasting cultures and his struggle to fit in both worlds. Miko presents a new storyline in the second series with many new developing characters. It is partly interrelated to the Ninja story with scattered mentions of the Ninja warrior, Nicholas Linnear. However, it’s not projected as a thriller novel, despite its fighter theme.

Miko is a traditionally trained temple handmaid, with various skills required in the Japanese culture. They also make very good fortunetellers and thus take up an incredibly prestigious role in the society. The Miko described in this novel possess all powers of dark martial arts including the elusive WA (concealing of her spirit).Though based on a fictitious philosophy, the described practices still exist in Japan. A Japanese themed plot would not be complete without torturous sexual and fight scenes, like those seen in movies.

The characters come off as experts in their field, depicting the writer’s attitude of professed perfectionism and a fetish to interact with only the best, and an out of this world sex drive. The sumo master is a deadly fighter mysterious fighting skills, a man born with evil spirits whose purpose is to train other recruits in ark spirits martial arts. He’s also a man of many means and talents, a skilled cop, a sharpshooter, and until now he’s never lost a case.

The book is fast-paced, filled with torturous gripping scenes and sadistic Japanese ways that will have you think twice if you love the Jap martial arts. It seems like a fallacy, only that it’s a fiction book based on real-life events in the Eastern world where Culture and traditions are the way of life for everyone. Linnear has seen both worlds, and now he tries hard to fit in both, without abandoning his roots.

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